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  1. Additionally, if you can add everyone who's playing as friends, there's a table option in the leaderboards that shows everyone in the group. Your next ghost will be the next driver up on the leaderboard. It's great
  2. Oh FFS @Meatball, GTFO will you! To any newcomers, Meatball spoils every race by being just that little bit quicker than everyone else! Lovely lad though.
  3. multiClunk - 1:04.132 The thing I'd forgotten about this and how good it is, is that if you can get everyone who's playing added as a friend, you go up against their ghosts live and see exactly where you are losing time.
  4. Added as friends those of you who I hadn't already got from the olden days, @MattyP @TehStu @davejm I'm multiClunk
  5. So good to have this stuff back again @Boozy The Clown, thanks mate But my god, I AM RUSTY! Not played seriously in such a long time multiClunk - 1:04.973 Not my favourite car or my favourite track by a long chalk, but I am so looking forward to trying to shave milliseconds off each lap.
  6. You could cleanse your pallet with a bit of Raising Arizona!
  7. In all this talk of how excellent Miller's Crossing is (and it is) I hope my other recommendation isn't being overlooked! The Thin Red Line is one of Terence Malick's best and is my own personal favourite (not that I've seen all his films yet!)
  8. I'm currently running a 6 month O2 free thing, as I'm not really a huge Star Wars/Marvel/Pixar fan (although I have enjoyed most of the marvel stuff I've seen, and the Mandalorian of course). We're also a child free zone, so probably not really in the target audience for D+ So I wasn't really surprised to find not that much of interest. However, I'll see your Grosse Point Blank and raise you a Miller's Crossing and The Thin Red Line. Apart from those 2 and maybe some of the National Geographic docs and 30x30 sports stuff I'll probably let it slide when my 6 months is u
  9. Ooh, what service you watching Joker on @cassidy I've been meaning to catch up with it? Think I've seen the Nicholas Cage film, is he an ambulance driver?
  10. The last controller I had fail on me was about 40 years ago, an Atari 2600 one like this Maybe I've just been lucky, but every other one through OG PlayStation, Dreamcast, various Xbox and Nintendo machines has lasted as long as I've had the console. Including both Microsoft Elites, s lightgun and a HOTAS for Elite. Worst that has befell me is the rubber grip coming loose on my original Elite (which I'm gonna fix and sell on if anyone is interested in one?)
  11. Zero Zero Zero is on Nowtv in the UK and is easily the best thing I've watched this year (Along with Adam Curtis' new series on iPlayer). It's from the writer of the truly excellent Gomorrah. @Bazjam made a thread for it, read that for more info.
  12. Really enjoying this, just starting ep.6 now. I've found it pretty well structured, albeit with a bit of jumping between topics, but he always manages to cycle back around to a point or story that was raised previously. There are also loads of interesting individual stories in there too. For instance the life of Michael de Freitas, was fascinating. I'd never heard of him before (although I had heard of his boss, Rachman). I found myself letting out a little gasp when his tale ended with the announcement that "he was hanged". I think it was that I got to see him in his life before,
  13. Finished this the other day. Definitely maintains the high quality and tension all the way to the end. A good, satisfying conclusion too. Definitely the best thing I've seen in a long while. So, so good. When the credits rolled on the final episode, I looked at the "watch next" suggestions and was surprised to see "L'Immortale" among them (next to Gomorrah obvs). I knew this was a standalone movie about the backstory of Ciro from Gomorrah, but didn't realise it was available on Sky Atlantic. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna watch this (more Gomorrah? yes please!) B
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