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  1. I'd second this. Very, very funny at times, great fantasy premise and it goes in directions I'd never have guessed it would.
  2. Not sure if we're allowed savory bicscuits (aka crackers)but these Carr's jobs are outstanding, especially buttered with sliced cheese and a pickled onion on top (mustard and black pepper optional)
  3. 12 years or so ago I was big into photography, posted a lot on here about it (look for Deepblue in the photography thread around 2007-2008 if you actually want to see some), managed to get some published in various mags and pages, sold a few on Alamy and at market and even managed a months solo exhibition, all on the back of starting out with no knowledge and a Sony KS500i camera phone on a local photographers forum/page (now defunct) I was convinced I'd found something I could do and be (not majorly but happily) successful at. Something happened though and I stopped trying.
  4. I'm the same but with Lidl's version -Chocolate Oaties, lovely to dunk in a cup of tea (or a glass of nice cold milk). Great value at about 30p a packet. Their plain, (as in no choc coating) Oaties are very nice also. But do clog up the teeth with oatflakes a bit. I prefer both of these to the much more expensive McVities versions.
  5. I'm currently rubbish at this but I'm going to enjoy trying to improve. I've added/friend requested @sir stiff_one and @therearerules Anyone else feel free to add multiClunk
  6. Ja, I'm getting a mix of German and French notifications, so I'm using it as a way to brush up on my European language skills. Haven't noticed any of the other stuff yet, non.
  7. "Former teammates and friends, such as James Corden, are also expected to contribute" Nope.
  8. multi

    Xbox Game Pass

    I've had issues this evening with gamepass too, each game I try to launch has been going to a "getting your game ready" screen followed by a message about checking my network (which is running fine as Ive also been downloading stuff at the same time). Left it for now to watch some Netflix instead, via Xbox, which is also working just fine.
  9. Panic ye not @Steven, I'm still on the case.
  10. Yes it is pretty shallow, but remember it's also open at the back, so if your amp was just an inch or two oversize it could still be accomodated.
  11. Ooh, bit of a co-incidence but I got one of those on Saturday. It's quite nice. Even my wife likes it and she's normally very difficult to keep happy. Still need to sort out some of the cabling though but very happy with our purchase. I should add though, that I am a total flatpack ninja when it comes to assembly of this shit, but this one was quite a challenge to be honest, lots of opportunities to fuck it up if you don't read the instructions properly.
  12. Hannah Reid of London Grammar constantly amazes me with her beautiful voice. She is a stunning singer. Probably their most well known song is Strong though... Maybe a bit mainstream for Rllmuk though
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