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  1. That'll be a Hinox I think. Hugely intimidating on first sight but they're big, slow, bumbling softies really. Doesn't take too much to take them down I always feel a bit guilty when I come across them, seems like they just want to relax and knock some Zzz's out in their little forests, doing no harm to anyone.
  2. Thanks @ZOKwill look into that Not sure Googling "stunning and spanking" is the best way to research this though. I do have the lovely hardback game guide for this, so maybe I'd be better off starting there.
  3. And in what is now a combined 200+ hours of BOTW, I'm still too scared to take on a Lynel.
  4. I sold my switch shortly after spending 100+ hours with this. Didn't finish it though, didn't even get any of the divine beasts done but I was extremely skint and needed some cash. It was a wrench. Fast forward 6 years and I traded in my Oculus 2 to buy an OLED Switch and a copy of BOTW once the release for the new one was announced. I'm straight back in love with it again. What a game. 6 years is enough of a gap that I've forgotten very much of what I'd seen before and 100+ hours into it again for the second time, it is still the very best game I've ever played. Really looking forward to the next one
  5. This is a bad start to a post if you're going to use literally a lot in it. Either you don't know what literally means or you have massive hands.
  6. Shit scared of heights here, dunno why I tried to watch this really but I can at least say my balls crawled into my stomach as soon as the tower was revealed. A definite NOPE from me
  7. multi

    The Man Utd Thread

    Newcastle lad here, I hope you don't mind me dropping in to your thread as I don't think we have a Newcastle topic, or one I want to resurrect. That was a great game, congratulations to you all though, 6 years is a LONG time A bit gutted Newcastle didn't get a goal to give the fans there something to jump around about. Hope we can both do it again next season, with a different outcome 🤞
  8. Yes, totally agree. Outshines every other performance except maybe Alan Partridge as Tony Wilson. Edit - It's on Prime btw, in case anyone's been a bit tardy like me and not watched it yet.
  9. 24 Hour Party People (2002) 5/5 Cannot believe I've let 21 years elapse before watching this. Fantastic documentary* about Tony Wilson, Factory Records, The Hacienda and all the wonderful bands associated with that time and place. And a who's who of future British acting talent (and also Keith Allen) and some great little insignificant cameos. Fucking outstanding. There was an article about it in the guardian a few weeks ago which reminded me I hadn't got round to watching it https://www.theguardian.com/culture/2023/feb/06/how-we-made-24-hour-party-people-steve-coogan-michael-winterbottom?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Other * 😉
  10. I can't believe the death of Burt Bacharach has only received 3 greens (four now). Absolute songwriting genius. Responsible for so many earworms.
  11. Boxing up my quest 2 tomorrow to trade in against the switch I should never have got rid of to play the next Zelda and all the Advance Wars shit. Fuck Yoooooooou Meta.
  12. Probably 3rd because they're hard to beat. Stats suggest Palace also failed to beat them.
  13. Vesper is coming to Netflix this weekend* For some reason it's name has been changed/extended to Vesper Seeds. *obviously this is because I bought the digi version from Amazon Prime only a couple of weeks ago 😐
  14. Jack Grealish man, has admirable calfs, lovely hair and plays fewer bass chords than Miguel Almiron
  15. Are the semi's over two legs, or just one game at a neutral ground?
  16. Correct, that was fucking great. A pretty desolate world the directors built there with some very grim scenes Excellent work on what I've read was a pretty limited budget. Glad I bought it as it really deserves a second watch 4/5
  17. Excellent news @Mikes I bought Vesper on Amazon prime last week cos I had it on my watchlist and it was on offer for something like £1.99 (cant remember exactly, but it was cheap) Gonna put it on now.
  18. I'm only up to the end of S3 so far but I will keep on watching just for Kelly Reilly, what a bitch/angel in every scene she's in. Stealing the show 100%
  19. 2nd season of Reservation Dogs has finally turned up.
  20. multi


    Bit fucked off about 1899 getting shit canned. Really enjoyed it, then the making of thing they've put up made it look like it was locked in for at least another run. As much as I love a load of Netflix stuff, some of their renewal and cancellation choices are baffling
  21. Another Round (now on netflix) 4/5 Really good, starts funny gets grim. 4 disillusioned and bored teachers in a Danish school decide to follow the recommendation of a Norwegian philosopher who thinks that humans are 0.05% below the ideal alcohol level for a happy and fulfilling life without added alcohol. So they decide it would be a good idea to get pissed up at work and that turns out as you'd expect it to (or does it?) Contains Mads Mikkelsen. Need I add more? Easily amongst the best films I've watched this year. Cried a lot in the last 10-15 mins of it.
  22. Got to say I'm very impressed with the way Amazon are doing their football coverage now. Not the games themselves as the coverage is pretty standard, but the after game coverage with interviews at their table pitch side and all the different camera angles is quite impressive. Getting the main players (not literally, managers too) to pick up the mics and come and answer proper questions from former professionals has been mightily impressive over the Christmas fixtures. Don't know if this is a thing Amazon have done deliberately but I like it. Hopefully, Sky and the BBC will take notice. If they keep this up, someone will be doing a full on live mic drop soon.
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