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  1. Ah c'mon @ZOK. Is this really the hill you're gonna stake your claim on? Mr Inbetween is the best thing I've watched this last year. Everyone who's watched it seems to love it. One scene. You're gonna let one scene sully it for you. No way man.
  2. Ah well, that's fucking shit then. Thanks though @pinholestar for letting me know. No Happy New Year to Kojima for that though, the useless blert.
  3. I've just redownloaded this tonight after getting a hankering to restart it after catching up in here. But, and I hope it's just me being a dumbass here, I can only continue my game from years ago. I don't want that as I've forgotten the controls, the story and the missions I'd already done. How in the name of fuck do I start a new game? And Happy New Year to you all too
  4. Ahh, that was great. They went to the cat and dog shelter at the end of our road. Gazza didn't look well mind.
  5. multi


    I watched it last night and enjoyed it very much while I was actually watching it, but once it ended and I thought about it for a bit it left me feeling quite melancholy and a little down. I think it was mainly because of the hopelessness of the situation (in the film's world) and how it managed to portray (to me at least) the absolute destruction that such a catastrophic event would cause. Literally the end of everything. I felt quite sad.
  6. I had to Google dimmies after so many mentions of them in the series. And now I know what they're made of, I want some even more.
  7. I finished Season 3 last night. And now I'm almost distraught that there's no more. Great 3 seasons, none outstayed their welcome, maintained the quality throughout. Some fantastic characters and a smart script in every episode. One of the best unexpected gems I've watched in ages. It's so easy to watch and there's so much crammed into each 30 min episode that I'm almost certainly gonna watch it all again pretty soon.
  8. HBO stuff normally ends up on Sky/NowTV in the UK doesn't it?
  9. Probably nothing for me this year. We don't have kids anyway and after all that's really who Christmas is for (kids and retailers, I suppose?) My wife's mother died last week so Christmas will be pretty low key this year for us. Her funeral will be the 18th December. Add to that I'm scheduled to be working 23rd, 24th and 25th this year, so there'll be little opportunity for communal Christmas viewing. Not even sure we'll get a tree up this year However we are going away for the weekend tomorrow with friends, to a rented cottage up in Northumberland which we do in a different location every year (apart from last year, obvs) So hopefully that'll be a nice distraction from our current reality so maybe we'll get to watch something festive then. Sorry for the downer reply to what is a happy subject. I didn't start my reply meaning to be such a miserable fucker.
  10. Yeah, I'd never heard of Mr. Inbetween until I read about it in here, so thanks all for that. It's absolutely brilliant. Brutal AF in places but it's also had me howling with laughter too. Getting close to the end of S2 but I think there's a season 3 to watch also. One of those rare things that you don't want to come to the end of.
  11. American Animals was one of my favourite films of the year it came out (2018?) Outstanding movie.
  12. Ooh I've just started that book, is it good? And I've also just subscribed to Mubi too, so I'll add Maeve to my ever lengthening watchlist. Thanks!
  13. Saving loop seems to also by triggered by purchasing upgrades, as I found out to my annoyance last night when I was thoroughly enjoying doing the Emerald circuit TTs. Switched it off in the huff.
  14. You have had () exactly the same lap time as me in the C class league, yet I'm 2 places ahead of you on the leaderboard? Odd. I wonder if it's because you have 1 of the assists on (ABS)?
  15. Or you can pick one up at auction if you're rich or a madman.
  16. Same here. Just got in from work, hoping to have nice cold beer and make a start on the new TT stuff from @Boozy The Clown but no, patch hasn't downloaded. So now I've got to wait an hour while it does so. D'you think it could be something to do with quick resume being active that has prevented it from remote downloading?
  17. Guessing you didn't sell many SUV's today?
  18. It's still a pretty poor game though. The idea and setting of it are solid but everything is poorly implemented. Should have been great but it's not even average (obvs in my opinion, ymmv). And I paid actual money to play it when it came out. I was hoping for a Simon Stålenhag type of experience but it's not that, at all.
  19. Deliah's fell asleep. Bless.
  20. Yeah, against 10 men they should have been bossing this but they've been poor, especially once they get the ball close to Newcastle's box/goal.
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