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  1. Joolsy says: It sucks ivory keys. But I'd probably have him on the show for ratings. Woo!
  2. Jools  Holland


    Knows it baby. Yeah.
  3. Yeah! But! Arcade Fire! Look, they've Napolean Dynamiteeeeheeee in the band and everything:
  4. Hey you pasty faced kids! Long time no plug from me. Did you miss my buns of steel? Marvellous! Here's on tonights show, woohoo! The Arcade Fire Win Butler and Regine Chassagne formed The Arcade Fire in Montreal, Canada, but originally hail from Texas and Haiti. The pair married in 2003 and released their debut album, 'Funeral', earlier this year. Comparisons with Flaming Lips and Talking Heads ensured rave reviews. Foo Fighters Foo Fighters are led by happy go lucky ex-Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl. He switched to guitar and vocals when he formed the band in 1994. When 'One By One' came out in 2002 many hailed it as the album of the year. A new double album is due in June. Black Eyed Peas The LA rap crew have been together since the late 90s but they didn't reach star status until 2003 when "Where Is The Love" and then "Shut Up" hit the charts. A brand new album 'Monkey Business' comes out in late May. Black Eyed Peas profile and pics. Mariza Officially the saviour of 'Fado' (Portugal's answer to the Blues), Mariza returns to Later... bringing with her more songs highlighting how she's brought this traditional form of music into the 21st century. Hard Fi West London's Hard Fi are the product of their suburban environment; the sound of four twenty-somethings on the minimum wage in love and in debt. Their next single "Hard To Beat" is expected to chart in the top 20. So basically, just pop in and out so you don't miss any of Arcade Fire but you get to see most of the Buffy film on BBC One. Woo! Hugs x, Joolsy
  5. They're on the fucking DVD you insensitive twat.
  6. Here you fucking are: http://www.bbc.co.uk/later/show/coolbritannia.shtml Watch it or I'll have no money to buy booze! Yar! Buy the DVD or I'll have no money to buy hangover cures: http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B...5032737-1937204 Now where's the fucking Bells! I got a lifetime supply under the piano.
  7. Toots and the Maytals Toots Hibbert is one of the great voices of Jamaica and Toots and the Maytals are the true architects of reggae music. Formed in 1962, they will be performing classic songs from their impressive back catalogue. Jet Melbourne four piece Jet describe themselves as "everything that is raw, primitive, direct and loose about rock music". They'll be performing songs from their debut album "Get Born". Charlie Musselwhite Few blues artists have lived the life as much as Charlie Musselwhite. He's one of the greatest living harmonica players and was the inspiration behind Elwood in the legendary Blues Brothers film. Eric Bibb Born in New York but now based in Sweden, blues guitarist Eric Bibb is the son of 1960s folk singer Leon Bibb and is at the fore front of the current country blues revival. Bebel Gilberto Brazilian bossa nova songstress Bebel Gilberto is the daughter of Joao Gilberto (one of the founding fathers of bossa nova) and the Brazilian singer Miucha. Bebel will be performing songs from her current album, 'Tanto Tempo'. Hope Of The States Hope Of The States hail from Chichester and will be treating us to songs from their debut album 'The Last Riot' which features layer upon layer of magnificent, swirling guitars. Tom Baxter Tom Baxter is a fantastic singer songwriter raised in Suffolk & Cornwall who has been compared to Jeff Buckley and Nick Drake. His wonderful debut EP was released in May. That's tonights show kids! But don't forget, you can coooooooool down this summer with my new DVD, 'Cool Brittania', featuring the biggest, brightest and bestest home grown talent! See you tonight kids! 11:35 BBC2!
  8. Faithless Britain's premiere dance outfit are back! Rollo & Sister Bliss return with what they're calling the best album they've ever made. 'No Roots' is released in June. Graham Coxon Blur's ex-guitarist has just released his fifth and possibly his best solo album; 'Happiness In Magazines' which confirms his status as one of the UK's finest singer songwriters. Bobby Womack The Atlantic Soul legend started off playing guitar with Sam Cooke & Wilson Pickett, played on Sly Stone's 'There's A Riot Going On' and is best mates with the Rolling Stones. But he was never in Womack & Womack... The Bad Plus This pop and rock-influenced jazz trio from the Midwest have been making music for many years but didn't get around to releasing their debut album until 2001. The Killers The Killers, who hail from Las Vegas, are to set to unleash their debut album, 'Hot Fuss', in June. The lucky few who've already heard it say they'll never think about music in the same way again! Ojos de Brujo Ojos de Brujo are a Barcelona based musical collective. Their name means "Eyes of the Wizard" and their sound has been described as 'Flamenco hip-hop' - incorporating Catalan rumba, reggae, rock & dance music. So kids, things are certainly heating up in this series...I hope you can all get down and boogie on BBc2 tonight.
  9. Ash It might be ten years since Ash first started making waves but in 2004 they've returned looking more youthful and energised than ever. They've just releasd a fantastic new record, called Meltdown. PJ Harvey Dorset's PJ Harvey was the first artist to be nominated three times for the Mercury Music Prize, which she won for her last album in 2001. She releases her eagerly awaited new album 'Uh Huh Her' later this month. Kanye West Hip hop has a new saviour, and that man is Kanye! His album 'College Drop Out' has crossed over to the mainstream and he's living proof that qualifications don't maketh the man - and that great hip hop can come out of the Windy City. John Martyn John Martyn began his innovative and expansive career at the age of 17 and became the first white solo artist to signed to Island Records. Recovering from a recent bout of illness the 55 year old is back touring with a new album titled 'On The Cobbles'. Amp Fiddler Joseph 'Amp' Fiddler has played his unique groovy soul music with artists such as Jamiroqui, George Clinton and Was Not Was. He'll be performing tracks from his debut album, 'Waltz of a Ghetto Fly'. Tinariwen Tinariwen began as a group of Malian teenage refugees who met at a military training in camp in Libya, where they heard rock, blues & soul for the first time. Their music has been described as "desert blues" and they will be playing songs from their new CD 'Amassakoul'. That's TONIGHT at 11:35! BBC2! Be there, or be watching that lame C4 program! Yeah baby! Wickedly yours, Joolsy
  10. Excellent taste as usual 'McNeillR'! They're on my show tonight! Yowza.
  11. Jools  Holland


    I do have the main maestro Morrissey on my show tonight! Marvellous it will indeed be.
  12. Morrissey 2004 looks set to be a triumphant year for Morrissey. The former Smiths front man has just released his first album in seven years to rave reviews and in June he's curating the prestigious Meltdown festival. Beta Band The Beta Band make extroadinary music that combines everything from lo-fi dubs, bizarre samples to staightforward rock sounds. Their superb new album 'Heroes To Zeros' is out now. The Ordinary Boys Hailing from Worthing on the South coast The Ordinary Boys have clearly been listening to the likes of The Smiths & The Jam in their youth. One of 2004's hottest tips, they release their debut album later this summer. Junior Murvin Jamaican Junior Murvin has been making music since the early 70s but it was his "Police And Thieves" '76 hit that shot him to fame and inspired Lee "Scratch" Perry amongst many others. Glenn Tilbrook Glenn Tilbrook was one of the founder members of Squeeze (along with Jools!). Together with Chris Difford, Tilbrook earned a reputation as one of the UK's finest songwriters and had several top 10 hits. He releases his second solo album next month. Pietra Montecorvino Pietra Montecorvino was born in Naples, Italy in 1962 but she didn't release her first album until she was nearly 30. A remarkable singer and performer; she's won awards and staged her own show 'A Neapolitan Tango'. Johnny Clarke Johnny Clarke was born in Jamaica in 1955. After winning a talent contest he released several records and by the mid 70s he was the most exciting singer in Jamaica. He's made consistently good records ever since. That's the line up tonight kids, and it's easily the best yet! Ignore that twat Ross and his Franz Ferdinand. We had them on months ago! Remember: 11.35pm, BBC 2 TONIGHT! Check check check it out babaaay, Joolsy
  13. Alanis Morissette 'Jagged Little Pill' made Alanis Morissette a household name throughout the world. Nine years and 40 million albums later Alanis is about to release her fourth album, 'So-Called Chaos'. Alicia Keys Alicia Keys has been hailed as one of the world's most innovative soul stars. Her second album, 'The Diary Of Alicia Keys', released last year, confirmed her status as a wonderful singer and songwriter. Snow Patrol Thanks to the smash hit "Run" Snow Patrol have at last got the recognition they deserve. The band, who come from from Belfast but were formed in Dundee, have been touted as this year's Coldplay. Robert Randolph & The Family Band 24 year old Robert Randolph started performing for church services before forming The Family Band. They perform a powerful mix of blues and rock which impressed Eric Clapton so much that he asked them to support him on his recent UK tour. Rufus Wainwright Rufus Wainwright is the son of singer-songwriters Loudon Wainwright III and Kate McGarrigle. He's a remarkable lyricist and innovative musician who releases his fourth album, 'Want One', later this month. Devendra Banhart Born in Texas and raised in Venezuela & California, 21 year old Devendra Banhart has already led a colourful life. His debut album is a wonderul mixture of blues and acoustic folk and has drawn comparisons to Syd Barrett & Nick Drake. 11:35pm, BBC2 Don't forget about old Mozza on that twat Ross' show! I bet it'll fucking clash with my show. Sorry, been hitting the Bells a bit too hard this week kids Have fun, Joolsy
  14. Oh yeah! That's right! Uh huh! Marvellous! Get this you super people, tonight's Later is our 150th Edition! I have to leg it into my oxegen tent before the show, so I'll make this quick! Norah Jones Norah Jones has taken the world by storm with her two albums 'Come Away With Me' & 'Feels Like Home' which successfully blend a mixture of country and jazz influences. 18 million people can't be wrong! The Scissor Sisters Fabulously over the top New York five piece band who'll be playing songs from their sensational debut album. Basement Jaxx Brit award winners Basement Jaxx have done a great deal to revitalize the UK dance over the last few years and on their last album 'Kish Kash' they even embrace punk & bhangra! David Byrne Since disbanding the incredibly successful Talking Heads in 1988 David Byrne has concentrated on various world music projects and recently released his excellent new album 'Grown Backwards' Howard Tate The extroadinary Howard Tate has been proclaimed as one of the masters of 60s soul. He made only a couple of albums before disappearing for three decades, becoming a homeless drug addict before his miraculous return in 2001. ------------ So tune in, and I'll see you again next week crazy kids! Wicked! Have some SUPER fun, Joolsy
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