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  1. https://www.ign.com/articles/efootball-pes-2022-free-to-play-renamed-release-date
  2. Speaking of GDQ, I love when they specifically move the camera to avoid slowdown on N64 games like Blast Corps and Starfox. Also the opposite in Breath of the Wild when they look towards the towns when flying across the map to increase their speed.
  3. HD haptics are listed on the spec sheet.
  4. Oh no we're going to start talking about nits aren't we.
  5. Oh man, I hope scalpers get absolutely lumbered with a massive pile of these that they can't shift.
  6. Most importantly is this looks like confirmation that the box includes an AC adapter and you don't have to buy one separately.
  7. People just expected a few more of the problems and minor inconveniences the switch has had for 4 years to get ironed out, when the existing screen is totally fine.
  8. I might actually get one if it lets me play handheld without having to look at the reflection of my stupid fucking face.
  9. Its F2P. Seems it has purchasable costumes and season passes.
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