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  1. Kid icArus Wii Suck Young Blood Exit Music (For A Game) Thinking About Wii U Pokemon GO To Sleep Ring Fitter Happier Melatonintendo Ice Climbering Up The Walls A Punch-Out At A Wedding
  2. So is the consensus that this mode is worth the trade-offs, like pedestrian density and stuff? Have played everything PS5 in 60 up to now.
  3. Nintendo should put in Hylian as a language option like Monster Hunter language or simlish.
  4. For a company that does well financially they do leave a lot of money on the table. Why aren't there 50 different joycon colours? Why can't I pay good money for a ROM of Thousand-Year Door? So their attitude does stop me from buying their stuff just not in the way OP means.
  5. What?! That's the best boss in the game!
  6. You can search using voice though, even quicker than motion sensor typing!
  7. Just in case mdn2 hasn't seen.
  8. I know you need to trade a boss soul weapon with the crow to get a ring if you didn't choose it as the starting gift. I think the other ring(s) can also be found as pickups elsewhere.
  9. We must just be wired totally differently because I spent way longer than I needed to going back to fight the spinny blade cunts for fun.
  10. The bow would be especially good in Rise with joycon gyro aiming like BOTW.
  11. Insect Glaive is so much fun in this, a pogo-helicopter-slingshot machine that rarely has to touch the ground. Now with an invincible healing backflip. Aaaand now I've gone and reinstalled MHW.
  12. Sorry I don't know the answer, just had to point out I'm not even as far as you and my save file says 80 hours.
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