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  1. This channel is amazing! And I tried the onions on Friday, they're very tasty
  2. They have changed something. It works. Where's my wallet?
  3. Unfortunately, having now tried, I can't do this. I use the mobile app for parental controls etc, and this means that the time has to be set automatically. Ah well, less money thrown at Capcom's direction, I guess
  4. Thank you, I will try that!
  5. Why even bother with VAR?To be honest from the first look I thought it was a penalty.. It looked a penalty without the replays. The replays show that it wasn't one. Fair enough. But why would you let the ref run to the screen, having him not even look at it and then decide that it's still a pen when it isn't???
  6. I can't buy anything :-) Well 1943 and Ghost's n Goblins for free. But it doesn't show me anything else. Lucky me.
  7. I hate this. Sooner or later I'm going to buy this, because I love retro games, mainly due to nostalgia. I very rarely play them. I'll play the whole compilation for about 12 minutes. I'll then put it away and never take it out again (or load it, in this case). Repeat when the next similar collection comes out.
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