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  1. I'm free this morning or this afternoon if you can squeeze this in?
  2. Wont be about after 8 tonight but can try over the weekend?
  3. #71 G.Higuain 34.68 0.180 #115 I. Gündoğan 23.76 0.090
  4. Tottenham (Joffy) 1-0 Boca Juniors (Keith's Dad) Lukaku (7) A game that was dominated in parts by Boca but a rare Lukaku goal early on settled it. If Tevez had his scoring boots on, would have been a completely different story! Cheers for the game Keith's Dad!
  5. I can be about from 7.30ish? I'm not about either on Friday
  6. Okay, I'll jump on Steam shortly so just send me a message.
  7. Anyone Around tonight to play? Will be free till about 8.30ish
  8. Only taken me a week to post this up.... Tottenham 0 Stoke 2 Totti (35) Vardy (70) Poor display from Spurs and got done by the deadly duo with a goal in each half. Cheers for the game and the catch up and tips after! Player Stats
  9. Blame my representatives. They sorted it out...
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