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  1. R0b

    Alt account.

  2. Matt

    omg mate you are legend

  3. Manky

    Helpless & lost

    Can I ask why you think I shouldn't send it to her? I do love her & miss her so much
  4. Is anybody else finding this episode slightly.. boring?
  5. Manky

    Helpless & lost

    Also I'm thinking of posting it to her. Not sure how much of a good idea it is to be honest but as she's completely ignoring me there seems little to lose.
  6. Manky

    Helpless & lost

    I guess you're right, I am not really writing it for an audience but felt the need to post it here for some reason. I have done some more which I may add here if anybody is interested?
  7. Manky

    Helpless & lost

    The start of something special March 14th 2007, the day before her 18th birthday. Also the day I asked her out. She said yes. I was over the moon. I think I already knew that this was the girl for me, that I wanted to love her, protect her, make her happy, make her feel safe & cared for, the girl I wanted to share everything with. I was starting to realise that I have never felt this way about somebody before, despite the fact I lived with my ex & had happy memories, these feelings were not ever there with her. They were with 24 Girl. Of course there is the new relationship feeling you
  8. Manky

    Helpless & lost

    Surprise Surprise, there are complications Prior to this I had been given many warnings about 24 Girl, people would tell me to stay away from her, that she treats blokes like shit, uses them & just generally is not a good person to get in a relationship with. I realise now that those people were right in a way- the past month she has really worked her hardest to make me feel like the biggest waste of space on the universe. She seems to take pleasure from my pain, & somehow acts as if I intentionally set out to hurt her & she's getting revenge. I have never felt so bad in my life- y
  9. Manky

    Helpless & lost

    Restrain yourself, Manky The words of that text amounted to 'I want your T-shirt, 24 Girl' but still it took about 15 tries before I got it right. Never in my life has something as simple as a text had so much thought put into it yet end up exactly the same as my first draft. It was simple & to the point, I wanted her (T-Shirt). Pressing send was hard, mainly because I knew I probably shouldn't be doing this.. she is 17 for god's sake. But I did it. The next 10 minutes felt like 10 hours, my watch seemed to be ticking along backwards and just when I realised maybe I had gone a bit far &
  10. Manky

    Helpless & lost

    Hiya everybody, just want to see what you guys think of this. I've recently been through the toughest split of my life, & about an hour ago decided to put down in words how I felt. Well it kinda came out in a diary/book form, & I want somebody to read it to know weather I should go on. I've never written anything before so don't expect anything amazing, but all I want to know is weather I should keep writing more or not. Please be honest! Helpless & Lost By Manky Prologue You know when you think you have loved someone but it turns out that's not true? Only one thing in the world c
  11. Manky

    Xbox 3

    I'll probably get slammed for this.. but a proper media aspect, which can play any file going. Pipe dreams, I know
  12. Wow, stunning. What a great show!
  13. Thankyou for posting that, most interesting post Ive read in the discussion folder this year
  14. Just watched it, I don't mean disrespect to any of you guys but I found it really boring (so much so I fell asleep for a few minutes) & ego stroking for, in reality, what appeared to be some real losers. I don't like thinking that or saying those words (being a huge geek myself) but the people in this, nearly all came across as pathetic. Billy Mitchell was also just like David Brent!
  15. Huh.. is it over? Only 10 episodes?
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