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  1. Yeah that's great. Just helps it become more seamless. Still early days too
  2. If anyone can get Burnout Crash working on Steam Deck I will find some way to reward you. Only available on RPCS3 as far as I can tell and I can't get it running. Crashes to a black screen as soon as it loads.
  3. Shame thanks. Yeah that list doesn't always ring true. Burnout Crash just flatout refuses to load despite being playable according to that
  4. Just done Dragon's Crown in RPCS3 and now I am tempted by the SSX reboot. I take it no one else has given that one a try and can tell me if it runs well?
  5. I was talking about down the line. Not this year by the way. I should have been clearer
  6. Should have asked I saved the files for anyone that needs them
  7. The thing about Steam Deck and why it has changed things up more than we realise. I have a 2000+ library ready to go on this. If/when we get a Steam Deck 2 then they library carries over automatically. On top of the 2000 ish games I have on Steam I can also play the hundreds more I have collected over the years via Amazon, Epic, GOG and Itch. Plus being open because it is a PC at the end of the day. I can even play the stuff companies like Nintendo no longer want me to play. I'll say it again. The game has changed this year and Valve have played a blinder. They aren't doing this because they like me and want to be my friend. They know now is the time to strike and eat into the market share consoles have dominated the years now. This is as big a seismic event as "$199" when Sony saw Thier opportunity. It could be a lot of hyperbole from me, but I believe the Steam machines, link, controller, were all part of R&D to get to this point. With the Switch itself showing where the market wanted to go
  8. Siri will be in the Steam Deck thread. Don't bother them with trivial matters.
  9. I can't see in 3D so personally I have no issues with it being dropped. I've not played a 3D game that can't be enjoyed with the effect turned off.
  10. If we are doing this. Steam Deck RG353VS Modded 2DS (wedge) Modded 3DS XL Modded Vita Sold my 351M as needed some funds. I do want the RP3+ but Droix currently want £200 for it, which is way over the odds it feels. When eventually I can afford it I will also get a couple of the older systems. 351M (again) Miyoo Mini v2 etc I love all these devices and want a collection
  11. Tough tie that but at least it's at home.
  12. No worries at all. Offer open any time
  13. I've got the files you need to swap to stop it looking for a cd. I needed those even for my Steam copy. So hit me up and I'll send them to you if needed
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