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  1. Not enough dirty Saudi money to the officials yet.
  2. Mo using the glitch to guarantee a goal again. His own personal goal of the season competition
  3. I've just been sent the trilogy for switch to review. Will report back when I get round to it.
  4. Pretty much everything I get is luckily through review codes now, with the odd bit of trading. I've not bought a full price title for myself or kids outside of birthdays for quite sometime now.
  5. Had this since the Early Access day one. Time to jump back in.
  6. Yeah got the demo downloaded so will try that. £45 is a lot of money and a high barrier of entry.
  7. Tetris Effect! With regards to AAA, I am out, the are barely games any more with the odd exception.
  8. Does anyone know of a good air traffic control game? One that stimulates the actual terminals and such used by ATC
  9. Nah, just turned 40, newly partially blind and just as enamoured with it as ever.
  10. Both the excellent Ori games
  11. Haha. I'm playing visually impaired at the moment too. Just keep at it, this is the best version fully learning due to all the additional modes. Most of all though, just enjoy it and get lost in the experience. Will be talking about this version in the podcast recording today so will post that here at the weekend
  12. My main issue with scoring is I can't get away from MP tactics. So think I will just play the SP for a while.
  13. bradigor

    Disco Elysium

    Great thanks
  14. bradigor

    Disco Elysium

    Is the switch version fully voice acted? Just wondering as it will make it easier for me to play with vision issues
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