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  1. Narrator: He bought it for a fourth time.
  2. Good luck. Enjoyed reading over the past few years.
  3. Henderson using his time to do some good.
  4. Second Chance sounds like a dark version of being Al in Quantum Leap. Intrigued by that one.
  5. Have my second room set up Now, I am wondering if it is possible to make a Dexter kill room in my basement when I get that.
  6. Christ, few things I'd want there. Who do I need to blow for some eShop credit?
  7. That works really well, great for seeing if it is worth fishing anywhere when I go on. Bookmarked
  8. Productive day today. Managed to get all my house plots in place and ready for new villagers. Another bridges and some new specimens of bugs.
  9. If Mabel is going to follow me like that. Then next time I am going in with a hoodie.
  10. I played and reviewed it http://www.mentalhealthgaming.com/one-step-from-eden-review/ I really like it, but I found it very difficult to get into initially, but when it clicks, it is really good.
  11. Guys, take a step back from this please before it descends into something not worth it.
  12. Barely had time to play this today and I feel sad. Was going to do an island hop tonight, but might just potter around my own.
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