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  1. Edwards having an off day with Wilson sale. Expected a bit more Willing to be there are some nice future add-ons
  2. Team17 Debbie Bestwick founded and is CEO
  3. That's brilliant. Please do keep us updated on her progress. Would be inspiration for Edith in coming years
  4. I know Valve claim they haven't found a game this cannot run. I am now dreaming of portable Flight Simulator. I'd need to get an upgraded SSD from my 64gb
  5. It's going to be an Indie machine for me more than anything.
  6. This has prompted me and @Trebleto look at representation on the podcast. So put out a tweet asking for potential third host on the show May I ask a favour and have some retweets/shares of this tweet please? or even if you know anyone who could be up for this.
  7. That puts Activision Blizzard in with Ubi on the I refuse to cover them or buy the games list. Sickening
  8. Been a few times as the kids like it and choose it when we can do a treat. I find their burgers are bang average. I generally get their 'little' burgers, as that is plenty and cheaper. Fries are good though.
  9. Will be talking about it on the podcast we arfe recording on Thursday. (out at the weekend). I like it, I thought I'd really struggle with the time mechanics, but it works really well. There is no massively long scenes of just reading line after line of text. It tries its best to keep you moving, which I really appreciate and it looks lovelyu. A very accessible JRPG coming from someone who usually struggles with them.
  10. @Adrock agree and also we won't even know those players yet. Getting the likes of Mane, Salah and Firmino weren't flukes and none of them were considered best in the world at the time. Mane probably the most complete but all low profile compared to the rivals signings.
  11. They've not run any plans by this thread so I am guessing nothing is happening. In all seriousness, we will pick up players as long as they fit the mold. The plan is always to try and bring someone through. Trent, Jones over the past couple years. Elliot this season hopefully. I think the plan was for Brewster and Wilson to also make that step but they both failed to take chance. We'll pick up someone still in the summer. They won't be the biggest superstar but instead another Salah, Firmino, Coutinho, Gini, Robertson, etc. One who will become the right player for the right position at the right time. Flavour of the moment had rarely worked out for us.
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