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  1. Chelsea beat them yes. But City will hit them with something different and Pep just wins finals
  2. Can't see either Chelsea or Madrid beating City in the final. So they can finally join Europe's elite.
  3. It's the one from The Game Collection I think. Which states it has Aftermath
  4. I've got the vanilla version of this on Switch and I am really enjoying it in single player. If I were to buy Ultimate seperately would it just add the DLC, etc to my copy of MK11(digital)? Or would it treat it as a new game? Can Get MK11 Ultimate for around £20
  5. Sony PS Plus and PS Now to Merge Microsoft Dishonoured 3 Game Pass Ultimate App for Smart TVs FH5 Nintendo Mario Strikers Game Boy Collection (or GB Mini) Wario Ware Switch Persona 5 GTA 5 / China Wars 2
  6. Would have made for a better outcome.
  7. Don't focus on the minority and lose focus of the aim of the protest that was peaceful in the large majority. Yes condemn those few, but never let it be the overall story that distracts. We've seen this play by the media before. Especially when it comes to football fans.
  8. United fans loving Carragher and solidarity across the M62. This is a milestone.
  9. Sky really selling the narrative that it was a violent. Don't let them sell that story and demonise your fans.
  10. Get Jamie and Gary in charge of football!
  11. Souness is the worst. He has learned nothing.
  12. Fuck off Souness you Sun selling cunt. Don't demonise the fans. You've learned nothing cunt
  13. Football becomes a sport again and not a money making exercise.
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