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  1. That looks really nice adding it to my post surgery list of games to catch up on
  2. For the record I was just having a quick little giggle with Carlos bye skatebird is a little bit disappointing from why I wanted it to be however I am enjoying it enough that I think it's good for a quick 5-minute pick up and play I'll be talking about it in the podcast hopefully this week if my surgery goes well today but it's a it's just my load games where it's not as all four was a lot of people making out but it's not as great as some of the many of the early expectations were expecting it to be so yeah but it has a cute bird and that bird thinks they're people and does skateboarding that's enough but yeah no it's you know it's average game I would say I spoke about that not on last lot on this most recent podcast but the week before I spoke about average games and I think they're good to have I think I've only sometimes we get a lot of hyperbole when it comes to discussing games if I forgot to be absolutely exceptional or complete and utter dog sites and to be honest I think skateboard falls in the middle somewhere ok that's why I don't score games I refuse to score games because I don't know what I would score it because it is enjoyable to me but not as great as I would have hoped but yeah definitely not as bad as what some people are saying
  3. I got the email to I've done the sign up but I've not had the follow-up one to actually claim the hardware itself yet hopefully fairly soon so I can then cancel yet
  4. Based on the comments here I think I'm probably going to love skatebird it's not meant to be a serious skateboarding game and I'm expecting from it really I'm expecting something quirky for 5-minutes at a time I don't know but it still looks right up my alley something I can just switch off from and enjoy not care about being good at so to speak but this is a beauty of game pass it allows people to try out these things and not like them and for those that do great those that don't move on I suppose and some other depressed from myself because I'm trying to work out a way to stop talking so yeah that would be me stopping talking now
  5. bradigor

    Tiny games

    The ramp is a perfect example of this that is just you escape folder and very small light diorama areas to skating it cost about 4 quid on steam. It's what I would call a proper takeaway coffee game cost the same play llllllllfor about 10 minutes and yeah just have great great fun with it
  6. This really hits hard I think I've replied in the other threads in off topic of put it on Twitter a huge part of my formative years in gaming Atari may have been my very first console but the spectrum was when I really got into it as well it really took over I try to learn basic and played so many good games on that system and the tape Deck loading will always stick with me remind me of sir Clive gutted
  7. If they might this I pocket card jockey clone I'd be all over it
  8. First thing I do. Shame we are losing more teams official names too though
  9. You'll need to if you want to play as Man United this year
  10. Love the look of that. Bring it on.
  11. Great news with Humble
  12. Aren't all three you mention in cloud?
  13. Nope not yet. Hoping too in the next two weeks as my visions clears a bit again until the next setback
  14. @Pockets I'm a near 40 year old overly stressed depressoon sufferer with ADHD and a keen gender. Onboarding odd vital to me. I can be easily distracted and lose focus. It is why I love Indies so much. Most I play are instantly assignee and/or short enough to keep me engaged. Not sure what my point is actually. Please ignore me
  15. Not at all. I like that we all have subjective opinions, just surprised how I am in the minority with many, that I see as just really enjoyable. I likely didn't express that well and for that I apologise.
  16. Sorry for any grammatical errors or with capitalisation I'm using voice to text because my vision is so poor
  17. The ascent is far from a Duffer. I actually found it a superb day but I'm also went into it without expecting a full on masterpiece so when I played it was special. I honestly think some people go into games especially indie games expecting groundbreaking masterpieces and that is a shame where they are just enjoyable games and that should be enough. I don't know maybe it's just me but apart from the medium I've liked most of the so-called letdown from the past few months so I don't know
  18. @Mr Do 71 sweet, thanks. Will be great to unwind at times
  19. Is TSW on cloud too? Can't remember which one I have installed on Steam.
  20. I get a 1-2 hour window most days at the moment when my vision allows me to see wellish Will be spending that on Quake tomorrow
  21. QIIIA on Dreamcast still gives me warm memories. All over these
  22. Extreme and Infinity Gene would be a perfect bundle
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