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  1. Do you have a link to the DMD you have for yours (or able to zip and share?)
  2. Arsenal. Arsenal FC We are by far the greatest team the world has ever seen. It's all I hear from them. I don't really recall hearing those poverty and Hillsborough chants from them in the past either. Maybe the odd few fans but not en masse like some other fanbases
  3. That was rather easy in the end. Is Ben White still laughing?
  4. LiVARpool or something. You could see he was on without lines
  5. Fuck me Arsenal fans, sing something else.
  6. @Omizzay- Dumb question. I assume updating a table is as simple of popping the new files from the zip in place of the old ones? Also, have you updsated from JPs Ghostbuster's Slimer 2.10 to 3.01? I can't get my UltaDMD and Pup to work in the new version
  7. I could have gone with Monster Monpiece, but I only played that for review. Brilliant game... questionable aesthetics, to say the least. Oh and a specific mechanic that I swear put me on a register of some sort.
  8. Demon Gaze. Enjoyed the game, but not one I'd like to explain to family
  9. I've started using this as a resource for table updates. https://virtual-pinball-spreadsheet.web.app/ Still struggling a bit with a single screen desktop layout when it comes to pupPacks especially. I sort of want my table on the left side of the screen, with the DMD, Backglass, Topper on the right. But can't get it to work. So making do for now.
  10. Not bad should have got it in three though Wordle 214 4/6
  11. Taking Edith to see Liverpool away at Palace on Sunday. Kick off is exactly the same time as the men's team who are also away at Palace. The women play at Bromley though and it is only £16 total for all of us to go.
  12. I love this shit!!! Got VPX 10.7 working and all happy. Added a whole bunch of tables to try out before curating down. All good. Decided it would now be a good time to get PinUp Popper running. Get that going... looks ugly so start process of replacing images to see how it works. All good so far. Start AC-DC (2012) and the an error (bass music/sound library initialization error 46)... fuck sake. Spend most of the afternoon searching for solutions, with no solid answer. Switch back to 10.62 and that works fine. Right so this is a 10.7 issue. Pull my hair out looking for script issues, bad configs, etc. Turns out I had audio going direct to headphones, rather than via Voicemeter Banana and that caused the error. The tinkering is half the fun. I am seriously considering trying to get a couple of small screens and a cheap small form PC to make a mini cab at some point later this year.
  13. Fuck sake (from the gaming prediction thread from last year!) Late and wrong company. Lets hope they do a clearout though
  14. Are Burnley going to be able to fulfill their fixtures this season? They've played like 5 games total
  15. Same, couldn't believe it. Imagine if that actually came out when the GBA was in stores.
  16. None in particular, just based on what was read. So would FBNeo be better for things like the RG351?
  17. I've got MAME setup pretty well on my system, but been reading a bit about FBNeo. Is there a preference for which one to use? I trimmed my MAME set to get rid of supposed broken roms, japan only, etc but it still misses some stuff I like, such as Super Hang On, which I had to add manually. If I understand correctly, FBNeo is a set about playability over preservation, so I should all being well have every playable arcade game that is in MAME on that correct?
  18. Yeah the developers are the ones who will face any consequence that matters. JK, Warner, etc will continue to pull in tons of cash and live the good life.
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