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  1. I'd much rather be having these battles with your lot. We need other teams to be up there to keep City in check. Without Liverpool over the last few years they win everything in sight every season.
  2. To be fair, City aren't yet a threat to our (you and us) overall dominance. Still no European Cup for one.
  3. I love kids on the last day
  4. I get despising Liverpool, we are unbearable, but actively supporting City to win
  5. We had no right taking it to the final few minutes of the season. Plus the last time we broke 90 points, finished second to City by one point and beating Wolves on the last day. We went on to win the European Cup against a team in white and something to do with Madrid. What a fucking season.
  6. What a comeback. 14 points behind and pushed it to the last minutes.
  7. We bought that pack of eggs with cash
  8. Trent's been a little off target this half. Hope that changes second half
  9. This Mane's on fire This Mane's on fire
  10. I assume City will have Tyler on Comms
  11. Yep tried and that failed also on the deck (in desktop mode) and PC
  12. We had a double yolker egg today
  13. No not yet, not seen it anywhere locally
  14. In the mood for a trophy lift today
  15. Women's Euros are this summer
  16. Frank Lampard will maybe the day all about Frank Lampard
  17. The Henry goal for Lyon's opener in the Champions League Final is outrageous
  18. It's a micro SD I can't fi fit an SSD myself.
  19. Maybe they will get City's lawyers in.
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