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  1. Can you make a sign saying hello to Missy Bo and Jade Bailey from Edith? They'll know who she is
  2. Apologies to @carlospiethere was no need for that last night. Wasn't in the best head space after last week but no excuses it wasn't on. Also to the rest of the thread for stinking up the place
  3. I've had a couple to drink. I might step away as I think they think I am taking their bait, but in my ADHD riddled brain I am having fun. Sorry
  4. Tell you what. I'm not a mod or committee any longer. Fuck off you silly little cunt.
  5. That's the thing, we didn't lose to TNS it was Real Madrid and this is their competition.
  6. We take no responsibility for Owen. He is United's used jizz towel.
  7. Klopp showing some real class during that guard of honour
  8. Who knows. But you've had a great season and deserve all the joy it brings. I've loved this season, we shouldn't be near any trophies with this City team around but we're still having the best time
  9. We've won two trophies this season. We have an amazing team and I think it will get better. Let's go again next season
  10. Hahahahahahahaha Liverpool only won two trophies. Losers.
  11. Congratulations also to all the teams here echo continue to win naff all. That was your cup final
  12. Well done Real Madrid. They own this competition.
  13. Ah well. Had a season most can only ever dream of. On to next season.
  14. Nah easy for them. Probably grab a second
  15. I thought that was going to be given with how long that took
  16. Why is Les Battersby one of the linesmen?
  17. It's only 3:30 where @ilpostinois
  18. The narrative is being set it seems. Best avoid social media, other threads until we know what is happening.
  19. Nope, ticketed fans unable to get in. Know people stuck outside.
  20. Police treating Liverpool fans like shit apparently. I hope it doesn't get worse. Blame game will start.
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