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  1. No problems there, they had to go back to the last completed lap before the red flag.
  2. Especially if he fails to finish a race, however the same goes to everyone else.
  3. So....what can McLaren complain about now? Hamilton would of won had Trulli not been born?
  4. That'll be why I like him.
  5. John Button is so much more likable that Anthony Hamilton.
  6. I want to go and do some hill slides
  7. Pretty much yes. Sure others will have much better advice, as I am having to consider myself a beginner again. I need to remember to have my camera with me at all times now. About 10 years ago I never went anywhere without it. Been about 6 years since I really took a proper picture. By the way, is that thick vertical light the crack in the living room door?
  8. Needs to be dark. Realised what I had been doing wrong today with many of the photo's had my ISO up waaaaaaaay too high. Shows how out of practice I am. Here is a quick test using just the basic Fireworks Mode. I unfortunately only have the maximum 2 seconds shutter speed, if you get anything higher then get a fully darkened room and flash a mobile phone about until the photo has completed.
  9. I usually use 20-30 second exposure (well that was on old film camera's anyway)
  10. Upto 1 second, but for some reason it doesn't always work. Need to dig the instructions out again I think.
  11. The only issue I have with the Lumix is lack of control over the shutter speed, unless I am missing something? Really need to start saving for a DSLR
  12. Have only just come down..... My little boy went to bed bouncing IT. IS. IN. THE. FUCKING. STARS
  13. Getting nervous now. Seen to be lacking in the final 3rd in the second half.
  14. Has the feel of a match post internationals so far.
  15. Only just getting back into photography after being out of the game for a few too many years. Using a Lumix TZ5
  16. Why? Why? I mean really why? The original STILL scares me to this day. It doesn't need a poxy remake. Freddy was cold, that is what scared me, I don't want to connect with him.
  17. Nabil can play, but not sure he will quite make it.
  18. Hamilton out Heikki out too.
  19. I sit here using the Live Timing. Alonso has S1 pretty much nailed, however S2 & 3 are shocking
  20. Speed is there, but the management is missing, decision making shocking and the cars are fucking brittle since Ross Brawn left. Hopefully BMW do.
  21. We are heading to the dark days again at Ferrari Might as well bring back Alesi and Berger.
  22. Very interesting qualifying so far. Alonso could be in danger here. Edit: And Hamilton
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