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  1. Yeah as soon as I can get someone to help, I'll be upgrading teh SSD for sure. Just so the only thing on the MicroSD is games.
  2. No from a friend but they got direct from Western Digital
  3. My 1TB card came and doesn't work Not a Steam Deck issue either as doesn't get read in my PC either.
  4. No one has remembered the obvious scenario... Man City 0-6 Aston Villa Liverpool 5-5 Wolves
  5. At least another year passes without a Bill Kenwright tattoo.
  6. I'm hoping DriveClub is able to be emulated one day in the future.
  7. Urgh, just had to factory reset my Deck. Moved my shadercache and compatdata folders back to ssd and none of my games load, nor do they cloud sync. Will download just 1 or two games until my new SD Card arrives. Also, not bother with EmuDeck or anything aside from ProtonUp until my SSD gets upgraded so I can maximise space without fiddling
  8. Yes if only for the shadercache / compatdata folders that take up so much space on my 64gb SSD I am going to have to get mine upgraded if I can find someone to do it for me. (I am blind so can't do myself) Also £5 deposit.
  9. Oh I could go through Titanfall 2 again. Is the online still active or is it dead?
  10. So.... yes, you need a noCD patch, but it is just two files. I even got it working on Steam Deck. If you do get it, let me know and I'll link to the files (from me, rather than going through moody sites)
  11. I just got PURE working using the NoCD patch. It's brilliant this thing.
  12. You can get it from various key sites but for like £40. Will see if I can get a 'package' like with Blur. £15 at Game, but doesn't say if it is a Steam key or not. Edit: ITS A STEAm KEY
  13. Would never have let Ramsey take one as I'm not sure her cares all that much
  14. We've already asked Southampton to sign him.
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