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  1. Yeah my best run came without garlic in all fairness. I think it was a case of being brave enough to ghet through the first couple if minutes at a low level. I do love it when you go through and leave a ton of gems, then get the special thing that just attracts them all. In one run I think I went up about 10 levels instantly because of that.
  2. Yeah @Sirihurry up and make Lutris work properly will you. I am holding you responsible
  3. That requires me to actually remember to do it though on a regular basis. For someone who forgets to eat on a daily basis... That's not happening I only see the three month offer now and again too
  4. Fuck off Boris you tit.
  5. Amazing still. That moment creates what is happening now.
  6. The only reaction to a gay football players should be... 1. Can he score the goal, pass the pass, defend? 2. That's it Seriously though, it's great he managed to take the step to come out and hopefully it is just the start and some footballers being gay is just normalised.
  7. I pay monthly as stated before. I can't afford it any other way. (bar the odd deal for 3 months but)
  8. For clarity, I am working on this one as part of the PR team. Remnants of the Rift: (Demo available) https://store.steampowered.com/app/1656050/Remnants_of_the_Rift/ A real-time / turn-based roguelite tactics game. I played the demo on Steam Deck to get some footage and I spent a few more hours with it after.
  9. Let us know how it goe! Still looking for someone to do mine at some point, as I have no hope of doing myself.
  10. I've got the bug. Want to build up a collection of these. Going to add a Miyoo Mini v2 next
  11. Good. Can't stand Rolls Royce.
  12. Yeah Roundguard is much better in my opinion.
  13. Wait!! Who won that game though?
  14. I couldn't care less how someone supports a team. I just like having fun. I am no better not worse than a fan from India, nor that person who lives in the first house on Edith Rd. I am from Essex, my partner Scunthorpe, my son Liverpool and my daughter Essex. The one who cares least about football? My locally born and conceived son. My Essex born daughter though, she loves the game and is adamant she will play Liverpool and had in her mind an agreement from Matt Beard (he did say he'll sign her in 10 years :lol:) it's the fans who are gatekeepers that are the absolute worst (outside of the obvious zealots of course)
  15. Nah never seen him around the county. So who knows eh.
  16. QA good Cup Winners Cup run for you will be brilliant for next season. Hopefully you can use it to bed in some youth players alongside more experienced ones against weaker teams* whilst being able to rest others and a good assault on top four. *It is better experience and learning that walking over a team of part-timers 6-0 with your first team. A one or two goal hard fought victory is a much better feeling. Edit: Sorry, hope that didn't sound condescending. Was meant to be positive with how you as a team after growing in all the right ways.
  17. Yep. I've never been a good player (decent goalkeeper in my day to a degree, but injury prone) so spent a lot of my youth on the bench. So I became much more interested in tactics and psychology in football than the practical skills. So I love when I read breakdowns like that.
  18. I know at least 4 regular match goers who failed to get tickets for the FA Cup and European Cup finals despite being pretty much guaranteed home tickets for all games. So not sure what snide point you are trying to make.
  19. It is a psychological thing though, a theory, not an exact science. I'd much rather be taking penalties for a coach who is relaxed about the whole thing, over one that is frantic going into the shootout. It doesn't guarantee a win and misses can still happen, but it helps the mindset. I can pull a similar example as to how Liverpool had Spurs best in Madrid as the team buses arrived. I used similar techniques with my U13s before Cup final a few years back. Take the pressure off but still get them fired up and make sure the opposition see the difference. Klopp has failed in the past but he has learned from those failed attempts. Chelsea have a mindset that winning a shootout will be hard and what will do wrong, you saw that in the little things yesterday.
  20. Did Frank suggest there that Richarlison should go down easier? Richarlison!?
  21. Just win your games. I want a Bill Kenwright tattoo!
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