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  1. Take next weekend off. You've earned it.
  2. Getting there thanks. Going to try a single screen setup soon see if that helps. Expect questions haha
  3. Can someone explain Everton's second half game plan? They've been ridiculous at home, even being down to ten.
  4. Henderson at the end of this video is everything.
  5. How the hell did Gordon get away with that at the end?
  6. I've not been fussed about "big games" for a few years. But loads and loads of Indies in my wishlist.
  7. Dying embers of the game at the Etihad. City 1-0 up... Coutinhooooooooooooo Or as it will be Tyler oh Coutinho. VAR maybe, please, Villa were offside in the 67th minute they need to look at that
  8. So a patched up Liverpool to scrape past Southampton. Then beat Wolves as Phil Coutinho scores an injury time equaliser at the Etihad
  9. I think oddly the draw there is better than a West Ham win. Because now we can just win both games rather than chase goal difference and potentially have another Palace. Stevie is going to take points on the final day.
  10. As soon as I saw Klopp having a laugh I knew. I mentioned it at the time in here or the main thread.
  11. Nah no way city lose this.
  12. Game over now. City will win 4/5-2
  13. Nope. Nope I refuse to have hope.
  14. It's more what he represents.
  15. The media, polititions, country are all up in arms over Liverpool booing William and the national anthem. :Lol: Maybe cover the constant Hillsborough and poverty mocking chants with as much gusto.
  16. Nice. Will grab that later and hope I can play it
  17. Got to 24 minutes in the library. Using the fella who gives the extra projectiles and the power up that does the same.
  18. Up to 335 verified games in my library now. But hooked on Vampire Survivors.
  19. Luis Diaz could win a domestic quadruple and even a cinqdruple(?). What a signing
  20. Kenny transcends everything totally. Agreed with everything you say there Ben.
  21. Questions Where does Henderson fit in our list of greatest ever captains? He has to be staking a claim for greatest of all. Rightly so, only Shankly and Paisley have a statue. Does Klopp get one when he leaves?
  22. It's on still! That result will get under City's skin just a little.
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