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  1. My electric went at the Ziyech pen, got it back to see Tsimikas running away celebrating.
  2. Chelsea bench all rahhhh Klopp, Virgil and Elliot having a giggle
  3. We just need a spark from somewhere
  4. We could do with coming out in this second half. Chelsea all over us.
  5. Fizzled out a bit towards the end. We need to regroup at half time.
  6. Hope we don't miss too many like that. Make it count
  7. I wonder which set of fans are booing the anthem
  8. Sunderland. I remember. That year ended in a two too.
  9. I like that line up. Origi saved if needed too.
  10. Final nerves starting to kick in. Forgot how long it's been since we have been in, let alone won the FA Cup Final
  11. Anyone want a code for Yooka Laylee and the Impossible Lair? Edit: gone
  12. Has there been any news on Lutris lately?
  13. I assume you mean on the desktop client?
  14. It was in this moment df0 let his annoyances show even more. Looking at the game icon df0 had to make a decision. Push on, or play another title for now.
  15. Seems I could turn TDP down to 5 without a performance hit. No issues switching from that to other games at all
  16. Yiou are allowed to reinstall to try again
  17. The Deck is less of a strain compared to any other handheld, I think thej screen size/resolution is spot on for my needs.
  18. No. I started as an intern for a PR company (at 40 and blind I needed s career change) and playing an early build of a game.
  19. They updated the game on Steam to work better with controllers. I'd hope the Switch version had released with that implemented.
  20. Honestly it is mainly playing, but also it is super new, so there are always new ways to push the system further.
  21. Mostly play it. As has been discussed many times. Ok deck users please continually update this thread with your play history. Brad - Wednesday Vampire Survivors - 2 hours NDA Game - 4 hours
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