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  1. Oh, booted up PREY for the first time and that is a cool game. Plays really well on the deck, I think it is the one that will force me to get used to trackpad mouse control.
  2. They would have been what Cole/Yorke were. I feel under Evans there was a culture that needed changing. Houllier* came too late for any of those wasted talents. I wonder if Rob Jones for example could have had a longer career with better conditioning, etc. The 90s was such an exciting team with no defence but amazing going forward. *I think a younger Fowler under Houllier doesn't get shipped off. He was already too established and they clashed. Most exciting signing for me was Karl-Heinze Reidle. I remember watching him play for Dortmund on TV and thinking he was the best thing ever. So when we signed him I got so excited. Again it never worked out. The one player I am gutted we never got, or seemed to be in for was Pavel Nedved. Still my favourite ever non-Liverpool player. Then Bruno Cheyrou... How long did that excitement last? A pre-season? Next Zidane
  3. I want to say Sheffield Wednesday? It was a beauty. I still maintain he could have been one of the greatest with better management of his personal demons. Him and Fowler were a perfect match when both on it.
  4. @Omizzay Getting better. I just started as an intern (at 40!) at a games PR, so pretty snowed under too. When I get a chance, I am going to reset my VPX to run single screen again to help.
  5. I'm currently making posters/hero images and adding them to SteamGridDB... Any you want let me know https://www.steamgriddb.com/profile/76561198021891465
  6. The biggest shame is Steam ROM Manager not picking up the cover art for a few games. So will need to do that manually. At least for posters, hero and banners
  7. Also, before I get ahead of myself. Looking at the opened folder for Lollipop Chainsaw, does this structure look right for placing into the correct place on my SD Card (in the correct ps3 folder emudeck setup) ignore the This PC>Downloads>Compressed part
  8. Great thanks. Just converting all my psx bin/cues to chd on the PC. Hoping it can read the m3u for multi disc games, just for organisation purposes.
  9. Emudeck and Cloud Gaming all working. Can't work out how to change settings for PSX/PS2 yet. Tomorrow I'll get RPCS3 running. Do I use the iso or flatpak version when activating in Steam Rom manager?
  10. I've been avoiding installing for precisely this reason
  11. Should have gone for Project Carcade as a name
  12. I mean yeah... my actual in-use bios folder on the PC has repeated files all over the shop. Just threw them everywhere until it worked
  13. I wonder if I can get Ultimate Carnage working on Steam Deck too. Loved that and slightly more pick up and play than Wreckfest, despite that being a better overall game.
  14. Woo, found a folder version. As an aside, trying to remember how BIOS files worked with emu deck. Did they all go direct in the bios folder, or should they stilol have their sub-folders? Eg: just .../bios/ or .../bios/pcsx2/ .../bios/dc etc
  15. Ah I think the PKG has been my issue previously.
  16. I've never had much luck with PS3 emulation, so time to try again I suppose. Is there a good idiots guide for setting up?
  17. Been doing a bit of looking around, Apparenlty Lollipop Chainsaw works well via xenia on the Steam Deck. Anyone had any luck here with 360 emulation? @Siri, @Ry
  18. I never want to do that agai nthough... The world isn't designed for ADHD, Left-handed, blind people.
  19. It's great opening up routes. Fixed a bridge, cleared a roadblock and feel I have loads of freedom compared to yesterday morning.
  20. My 256gb SSD is here, have someone who can fit it soon then going to set up emulation again on my spare MicroSD
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