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  1. I've known you since the RAWK days so what nearly 18 years? You've always been a pleasure to have around. You bring amazing positivity to things. Roll on next season and enjoy whatever journey Jürgen takes us on
  2. Yeah this one is going to rumble on. The authorities have done fucked up.
  3. How slow a pace can it be played at? Interested but not sure if I want to be overly pushed in terms of working quick.
  4. Yeah it's fine. No issues I could tell.
  5. Also great to celebrate the achievements of the women's team. Matt Beard also won the LMA Women's Championship coach of the year.
  6. Finally got round to this on Steam Deck and really enjoying it. Had a few single races but going to start a career soon I think.
  7. Strange one that. Glad he is ok.
  8. Watching BTCC. Assume no start yet?
  9. So. I've never managed to get Magical Drop V to work on PC. Installed it on the off chance in the Deck and just worked without issue and no changing anything.
  10. Had it started there is a chance that much of the standing water doesn't build up.
  11. Might watch Mansell Vs Senna on repeat for the next two hours.
  12. I hope we at least get pit lane chaos with teams stacking cars and Latifi coming out in 3rd
  13. What's the bloody point
  14. Just end the race now for all the fun being removed.
  15. Memories of 1996 yes!
  16. Can you make a sign saying hello to Missy Bo and Jade Bailey from Edith? They'll know who she is
  17. Apologies to @carlospiethere was no need for that last night. Wasn't in the best head space after last week but no excuses it wasn't on. Also to the rest of the thread for stinking up the place
  18. I've had a couple to drink. I might step away as I think they think I am taking their bait, but in my ADHD riddled brain I am having fun. Sorry
  19. Tell you what. I'm not a mod or committee any longer. Fuck off you silly little cunt.
  20. That's the thing, we didn't lose to TNS it was Real Madrid and this is their competition.
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