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  1. Fans spot the BT crew. Stevie - gets a song obviously Rio - gets attention with Manchester is full of shit. Owen - No one cares
  2. We've turned up in casual wear again. Just another game
  3. NASCAR Heat 5 runs really well. Just played that for a couple of hours.
  4. For most games it does just work. I've personally had zero issues with green tick games. It's only when you try extra stuff GoG, Epic. Unsupported, etc that you have to do more jiggery pokery. I will say again, I like to tinker and see what is what. But when I just want to play, I can
  5. I'll wait until I can get a bigger SSD then.
  6. Could I create a stand-alone card with everything I need for PS3 emulation? The emulator, games and bios all in the card and nothing of it at all on the SSD? Got a spare 256 I could use.
  7. The final game of an wonderful season. Let's enjoy the fuck out of it.
  8. I have my 'cosy' games when I need that break. Tetris, Princess Farmer. Mini Motorways, Baba is You, Flight SIM, Circuit Superstars, El Hijo, Mixolumia,Pinball. To name a few from the top of my head.
  9. Made it to 30 mins on Inland Library. Felt like an invincible God for the final 5 mins
  10. Is there not a community profile for it?
  11. Didn't get in with the demo during the last Steam Next Fest. But have it for review so hoping I dig it this time around
  12. I get 50 but depending on what's being written to the SD it will drop at times. On 1gbps via Virgin Media Are you downloading to the SSD or SD? What make, model, rating is the SD?
  13. I got this for 95p on fanatical. Somehow already had the Senna DLC on my Steam account
  14. I've not played in a couple of weeks. Time to boot it up again.
  15. @MarkNBrilliant, thanks. It may not work for your game, but at least you are taking it into consideration, which is all we ask. (Such as, can you do anytime save points, alt colours, larger text, UI scaling, etc) It may not all be poszsible, but it is good to know it has been considered. I want to start an accessibility consultancy thing for games down the line.
  16. Are you using emudeck and did you let it do everything default? I think retro game corps had a good video on how best to set up.
  17. Sorry I meant sections, but critical front and center with junk not as in your face bar highlighting when you reach eg: a village or trader
  18. 100% this. You need to consider accessibility. Colour coding doesn't always work for the visually impaired A catch all inventory can be hard for the neurodivergent Consider clearer markers Have auto trash as an option Consider tired inventory (Critical, Useful, Trash, etc) Think about the limits imposed. Are they THAT important... does it break the game without them? If so how? What does that say about the game? Can you hjave less tat? Or is it needed to keep the player engaged> Again if so, then think about other ways to increase that engagement.
  19. Try running it using another version of proton. The only verified game that happened to me on it worked by going to experimental. But I've not heard of any issues.
  20. Inventory limits can get in the bin. It's too much for me to handle in many games. It is the worst thing in No Man's Sky and I wish I could mod it out of my game.
  21. V Rising 'works' but lots of issues so far including videos not working and controls being odd. Didn't help I am having a really poor vision day though.
  22. Don't feed your Steam Deck after midnight
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