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  1. The opening 2 and a half minutes of Cemetary Gates is pure chef kiss. I mean, the entire song is, but that set-up.
  2. Mindhorn I liked this very much. Being of a certain vintage where one recalls the sorts of cheesy TV shows it's aping, being a fan of the Boosh gang, Coogan et al, and also being from the Isle of Man, I'm pretty much the perfect audience for this film. It was never laugh out loud funny, rather, gently and consistently amusing throughout and with good performances all round. Also, a friend of mine popped up as an extra so it gets a bonus .1 for that. 4.1/5
  3. Southern Comfort Can't beat a bit of Walter Hill but for some reason this has always evaded me until I discovered it was on Prime yesterday. The acting is...well, I suppose you could call it acting. I mean, Powers Boothe, Fred Ward and Carradine do a reasonable job with the script which...I suppose you could call a script. The others, not so much. Nice bonus appearance by Billy from Predator though. The real stars of the show are the swamp and the palpable sense of dread. Those two things carry the film and actually make it pretty damned enjoyable. It's basically Da
  4. That one and that one and that one and that one. And that one took two! Probably my favourite bit of RPing ever, from Breek.
  5. Oh yes, it hasn't gone unnoticed. I've been avoiding poking the bear after what happened in the Amber Temple.
  6. More importantly, I'm very glad they're doing a bit more with the Ravenloft theme. It's so delicious as a setting. Seems horror's back in fashion at the moment with the videogame resurgences of Vampire, Werewolf and the recent spate of Cthulhuian games. The new Warhammer Quest board game is dripping with lovely gothic horror theming also. I very much approve.
  7. Pffft, Gazes could 'ave 'im. At least...he thinks he could.
  8. Excellent news! All the more reason for Gazes at Weasels to take over from Strahd then, since we're staying in Barovia.
  9. I took a lone squad of Ultramarines out for a wander through a hulk in Space Crusade. It did not end well. This game absolutely does not scale for fewer human players. Obviously, without an alien player I had to tinker a little and so divided the blips into equal piles without looking at them. A good alien player tries to engage in hand to hand whenever possible but I wanted to flavour it up a bit with playing alone, so I had gretchins always retreat as far as possible to take pot shots from safety. Orcs stand their ground and shoot until within H2H range, at which point the blood lust take
  10. My PS4, PS4 Pro and PS5 have all had problems with losing connection to my LG TV when in or switching to HDR. It was infrequent on the OG console and is on the PS5 but the Pro was a nightmare for it. In fact that would sometimes drop connection mid game. Given that it’s happened across them all it’s probably something specific to that telly in my case.
  11. Yeah they're like little heart rate monitor readouts. It's a nice touch. We actually won our first game but the same thing happened in Escape the Dark Castle where we won the first ever try then failed something like the next dozen
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