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  1. Tracker dice make it easy peasy. Really enjoying this, and being used to pen and paper RPG's, the bookkeeping isn't an issue. Having said that, due to the amount of paperwork it's probably not a game I'd choose to solo - as I've mentioned previously, quick set up and non-fiddly play are what I like when it comes to playing alone, but with two players this is absolutely great. Dripping with atmosphere and very much a D&D Ravenloft feel about it. Dice trackers in action -
  2. Big day tomorrow. Coffee table is all set up for @Rikku and I to embark on a remote Folklore the Affliction campaign. Dem tokens!
  3. Finished again last night, and just finished off Left Behind. Knowing what's coming up dulls it slightly, but it's still magic. Onwards to the sequel! Just run. Enemies quickly lose track of you and you can reset quite easily, give yourself some breathing room. It is meant to be desperate and uncomfortable, don't forget. A few of the fights still took me a couple of goes on this playthrough, it can be quite a difficult game and plenty of naughty words fell from my mouth. At one point, in the final battle of the DLC it gave me a respawn with a zombie behind me. Literally two fucking feet behind me. Swearing was achieved.
  4. It's very idiosyncratic. You have to learn how to play The Last of Us how The Last of Us wants you to play it. Just have patience, young one - or choose not to, and miss out on one of the best games ever. I'm one of the most easily infuriated people you'll ever meet and if I can manage it...
  5. Bargain! I paid ten times that for my Pandora 6, albeit in a cabinet. You'll dig it, Pandora's are great.
  6. More Termo today, culminating in a boss battle with the T-1000. The way it works is a great piece of game design - clearly a lot of thought went into replicating the liquid metal bastard from T2. It can't be killed so you have to keep damaging it to try and slow it down (tracked on the stagger card with penalties to its move and attack), but it self repairs every turn and is relentless. Always pressing forwards trying to get you with its big spiky arm. Not-Arnie managed to nail it hard at point blank range with a shotty right after it spawned, which gave us a little breathing space to keep the damage ticking on it and we got away, but it was proper touch and go stuff. Brilliant.
  7. It's meant to be cumbersome and slow. You're a broken down, ageing apocalypse survivor, not the usual one man army you play in video games. It improves to an extent in terms of upgrading stats and weapons but combat always remains clunky, heavy, desperate and brutal. That's the point. I'm playing through this again with the intent of going straight into the sequel afterwards.
  8. Look at it! Eat your words, @Benny! I will accept a written apology in private, I'm not unreasonable.
  9. Yup, it's a pretty saturated setting but outside the usual big hitters, Casualties of War, Bat 21 and Firebase Gloria are worth a look too.
  10. Unagreed!, that looks awesome on the table.
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