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  1. I won’t be able to make tomorrow’s session, fine people. I’m sure you’ll manage.
  2. Jag pad is hands down the best controller ever made and several more people have gone on the list. Game Cube controller is clearly the worst, an utter abomination of a thing. Still, it suits the console I suppose.
  3. I played through most of the DC version a couple of years ago, and a fair chunk of the N64 one. It’s held up pretty well, actually. Meanders a bit but the atmosphere is great. It’s one of those good 7/10 games there used to be loads of that you don’t really get any more.
  4. The more I sit and think about The Power of the Dog, the more I love it. There are so many layers to it. I think it's right up there with Cool Hand Luke as one of the best films about 'masculinity'.
  5. You probably think the Lynx 2 is pretty big but the Lynx 1 is absolutely gigantic. Battery life is a bit better on L2 but still crappy. Some L1’s are painted rather than moulded from dark grey plastic, so you’ll sometimes see them with the colour worn away on the corners. That’s about it really.
  6. Yep, from 39 to 51 hp! I only missed out on evasion, which didn’t come up that often really. This inquisitive rogue is incredibly front loaded.
  7. The Power of the Dog Dr Strange spends two hours being an absolute prick to Spiderman's girlfriend while Creepy Todd watches on. I absolutely loved it. A tense, beautifully shot and superbly acted tale about the fragility of male ego. 5/5
  8. Swap for an IPS modded GBA that needs a little bit of soldering on the battery connection? I'm feeling Lynxy again. Never had a MK1.
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