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  1. Just when you think things can't get much worse, Mars Attacks!
  2. It works really well over Skype! Previously mentioned, but Legacy of Dragonholt is another excellent choice if both sides have a copy. It’s basically a giant cooperative choose your own adventure book (game).
  3. It's not. I've ignored it entirely and been endgaming just fine. New stuff drops at such an alarming rate that crafting doesn't matter unless you want it to. Gear sorting is probably the worst thing about it.
  4. No, 4th. I think only the latest one, Mad Mage, is 5th. I've played it and there's no difference. The only thing in the newest one is more robust campaign rules which, to be honest, are easy enough to house rule into the older ones.
  5. All good, and indeed prepping for this evening with some D&D Lite -
  6. It's exceptionally good. So good I started a thread about it in the Retro folder a few years ago because nobody ever talks about it. I've been playing the new Bethesda release today on PC and presuming the Switch version is the same, it comes highly recommended.
  7. No! You may not stop until you have completed Mystical Ninja N64. This is my decree and you will obey.
  8. You're in for a treat. Opposing Force is superb!
  9. Yes, the first part does everything in its power to convince you it's going to be a bland and generic fantasy RPG, rather than one of the greatest games ever made.
  10. They have buried an enormously satisfying cover shooter beneath the usual Ubimap busywork nonsense. I think that’s why I’m still playing. My tolerance for map ticking games is pretty low and I usually burn out quite quickly, but fair play to them, they got me good this time.
  11. I expect he's talking about the premise....
  12. So an action surge would give me four melee attacks in a turn then... None of them would hit, obviously.
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