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  1. I played a huge amount of Blood Bowl 2 pre and post Legendary Edition on PS4 and it was all great. Can't wait for 3!
  2. Spoilers! For all we knew we could have talked it around!
  3. I know that this place is full of D&D Adventure System board game fans. We're getting a Ghosts of Saltmarsh expansion set! Will work with any of the base games. I was wondering what they'd been up to https://www.dicetowernews.com/article/dd-adventure-system-getting-expansion-wizkids
  4. I have to say, I'm enjoying the gameplay immensely. It probably helps that my previous experience of these sorts of 3D mascot shooters ran out after Jet Force Gemini and Fur Fighters so it's pretty fresh to me. It feels nice and weighty.
  5. Just thought about Samson kicking that door down and genulol’d out loud
  6. The thing that got me interested in was the believable aesthetic. It had that look of plauisible, working sci-fi stuff. Like in Alien, The Martian or Moon. I can dig that and apply some cautious optimism to it.
  7. If you've got any combination of PS5, Xbox Series, Switch and PC you're absolutely golden for gaming right now, couldn't ask for more. It's crazy.
  8. And also, they did the showreel thing. Game after game after game with no stupid skits or idle chatter. It was a great show.
  9. If we get a Dragon's Dogma 2 reveal I might just explode.
  10. The Xbox doing Xbox thing is stupid (as stupid as Broker’s PS5 take). The fucking miserable bastards in this place, honestly. That was a strong showing with a plenty diverse bunch of games. Between this and the opening summer games show it’s been a decent E3, albeit with some disappointments of course (Koch Media, PC Gamer). There’s still Capcom and Nintendo to go. For my money we’re in a proper golden age of gaming again right now. So much good stuff has come out over the past few months and there’s loads more good stuff coming. I haven’t been this excited about video games in a long long tim
  11. Yeah, mine was £450 so I went for the middle ground to save on ink but now I've wasted loads more Also
  12. Yeah, 100% up for this. I thought it looked really nice from what little they showed as well. Like the engine had had a decent upgrade.
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