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  1. I’m afraid one will not be able to attend this evening. My A.I. routine is investigate and insight check as ineptly as possible, and for combat, stand at the back and try to shoot it.
  2. I thought it was really well put together and great fun and it's nice to see Colin Salmon and Michael Ironside getting a run out.
  3. Yeah I just read that aticle. That guy needs to chill the fuck out and stop projecting. Kids need to play, and for that matter, so do adults or they risk ending up like that author. We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old...etc etc
  4. I'd have been all over Roblox, Fortnite and Minecraft if they were around when I was a kid. What a glorious time it must be right now for little gamers. Instead I had to sit alone in my grotty 80s council house bedroom kidding myself that I was having a great time playing Double Dragon on the Amstrad, because I'd waited ten minutes for it to load. As long as they're not racking up secret hundred pound credit card bills on virtual tat, who gives a fuck? Let them enjoy themselves, lucky little bastards.
  5. Exactly! And anyone not near a ledge needs kicking towards one so you can, in turn, kick them off it. It's very satisfying.
  6. First impressions are that this is extraordinarily good. Right up my street. Actively encourages you to try and get everywhere, doesn't force you into one way of playing (i.e. it's not a stealth game if you don't want it to be ), looks lovely, plays lovely. Running absolutely fine for me on PC.
  7. I wasn't convinced by the artwork on the tiles and the scenery in the videos I watched, but you really can't see the detail. They just look like lumps of brown and grey on youtube. Having made them up, in the flesh (card), I have to say they look great.
  8. Yeah I'm gonna disrespectfully unagree, I think they look fantastic. What moosey said, basically. They also call to mind the old pen and ink White Dwarf/GW art of the 80s and 90s.
  9. It's superb, you'll love it. The next two in the GW 'bookshelf' series of boxed games arrived today. I'm a big fan of the releases so far. They seem to be getting the message this time with all three of the latest ones coming out in the UK, just waiting on the fantasy one that I've forgotten the name of, which was pushed back to October. Fingers crossed we'll see Blitz Bowl some day. I'm particularly keen to try out Fireteam which is a pared down Killteam and looks really cool.
  10. Board gamers innit. It had hundreds of 1/10 reviews on BGG before it had even launched because people had decided the above, and didn't like the character designs and art.
  11. It's good for a play through, I think. I also think the asking price is fair for that because the base campaign is pretty meaty. But I've gone through it a few times now and it really suffers in terms of replayability, and it can be a bit swingy in difficulty. There's a lot of padding in the app interactions, which goes against the in built threat timer. That's its biggest flaw for me. It throws all these tempting things at you then says 'tough shit, pal, you haven't got time LOLOLOLOL!'. That said, the story's okay, card based combat's fun with abilities, items and weapons to upgrade and the minis are lovely. Edit - I think it's much better than the app based games of Imperial Assault and Descent 2ed, neither of which I can get into. But it feels like another rung on the ladder towards the latest Descent game which is where they seem to have really nailed the hybrid app thing.
  12. Yes! I was really looking forward to seeing it in PC-o-vision! I hadn't read at all about this 'vaulting' business. I got the legendary edition on CDKeys which came with Forsaken, the other one and Beyond Light so I'm not short of stuff to do, just faintly dissapointed I don't get to see that stunning opener again. Edit - or see Venus again.
  13. The first campaigns. Warmind, Red War etc. Bunch of the strikes that I loved. I don’t really care much because there’s a ton of stuff to do. It’s more the fact that the game explains nothing whatsoever. I’m thoroughly enjoying the actual playing of it to be fair. It’s just everything else around that I find totally strange.
  14. As a former PS4 player returning to play on PC after an absence of several years, this game is utterly, bafflingly impenetrable and loads of the content I was looking forward to playing through again has gone. That said, it looks astounding on PC. As in jaw droppingly good. Also, the core shooting and movement mechanics are the most satisfying out there. Just everything else around that core is...odd. It's such a weird experience.
  15. I couldn't get into this at all, I used to really like it but found it very hard to go back from the streamlined D3. One of the most appealing things to me about modern Diablo is that it plays almost like a twin stick shooter so it's great to hop on for a blast each season then put it back to sleep. I like that it's basically an arcade game with floating numbers now. Going back to D2 felt like work.
  16. This little treat combines two of my interests. Old school hip hop and kittens. Splendid.
  17. All set up for some Cursed City over the next board gaming while. I was going to play a few rounds tonight but set-up has frazzled my brain that much that I really can't be arsed now. For what's a pretty basic game, it doesn't half take up a huge amount of space. I wasn't overly enthused with it when I first played back when it released but it's been niggling away in the back of my mind for a while now so I'm ready to take another stab at it. Despite its fundamental flaws there is something there and I've gone for a more interesting selection of heroes this time so hopefully I'll have a bit more fun.
  18. I had a SCART cable with a built in RGB converter board at the console end for my last one. Some dude from Sweden makes them to order via ebay. It was really good. Easily a match for the RGB internal modded one I owned years ago. Amazing what people can do.
  19. Monster game of Folklore the Affliction happening with @Rikku . We've started on the Dark Tales expansion with new characters. This really is my favourite game by quite a long shot, it gives such a great pen-and-paper RPG feeling and looks epic on the table - We also had a three player game of Zombicide when m'pal popped over. Things escalated quickly and we suffered horrible, horrible death. Just got swamped by numbers
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