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  1. Back into this in a big way! When i finally got my PS5 i only played one build up to 1-4 and then left it. As you know i played this game waaaaay too much back in the PS3 days and i felt burnt out, even after all these years. I know this game and its environments/layout better than i know my home town and its surrounding areas. After looking at the Trophy list for this remake, i realised there are so many new ones that are actually fun, and not just a forced grind like back in the day. That inspired me to get back into it (that, and the quadruple Platinum). So i loaded up my save and because the game was almost beat (i.e. all other Archdemons dead), i went offline and pushed everything to black because thats all i could do this run. I got all 5 Primevals, killed a couple of NPC BP's, then i realised i really need to crack on with NG+ so i can push it all white. When i come back online i may need one of you fine lot to do an organised invasion with me. Whether the servers are busy now i dunno, but i hate ruining other players playthroughs. I know its only 1 death on their part, but i'm jolly coop through-and-through, and not a big fan of these forced online/invasion trophies (like DSII). Anyway, its still my #1 game of all time.
  2. Last weeks episode was hilarious! Best one in a long time.
  3. There's also an exclamation point on the compass if you focus on that Distro Centre.
  4. Its from the developers of Code Vein, which i didn't enjoy, so i gave this a miss.
  5. Yes!! I adored everything about this show, especially the Dogs themselves, all new faces, but by the end, it felt like we were part of their gang. Beautiful, considered and poignant television.
  6. You can respec if necessary. Its not too expensive the first couple of times. After dabbling with a few weapons on my OG Nioh playthrough i stuck with Katana for about 300 hours more (i was obsessed with jolly coop). Then when Nioh 2 dropped i swore i'd try out the new additions, all of which are great...but i ended up back on Katana. The stone cold fact is: Dual Swords are better in every single regard, and they play in a similar way, especially the special moves...but i missed the simplicity of the one. I really need to get back to my Nioh 2 save now i have the upgraded PS5 version. I adore it so much.
  7. Today i spent way too many hours building highways between all the usual suspect UCA Facilities and even managed the detours around the far edges of the map. I thought it was a job well done!...then i noticed the (ridiculously) expensive path up the mountain!!
  8. I'm upgrading the highway in that area as we speak, and i can already see a network of zip lines the other side of the river (the problem area). I'll check em out tomorrow, then maybe revise the optimal pathways. I finally realised how to retrieve and recycle old materials into efficient bundles and stack them onto a truck so i can full speed to the checkpoint on the Online Highway that needs mats. Why doesn't the game help explain this crucial aspect? Or am i just blind/stupid?
  9. You mad man! While i do appreciate your dedication, the only part of the Central Zone that i would consider it useful is the parts that look like the Giant's Causeway. Other than that its full-speed on a bike with your front wheel lifted slightly so you jump the baby rocks. And there are so many Show Off-Jump stuctures online (some in ridiculous, suicide loctations) that getting from A to B is soooo fast its insane! Can you extend the Zip Line range beyond 300(m?) If so, i'll definitely start thinking about retroactively fitting that area. Just the thought gets me excited.
  10. So...i couldn't help myself. Spent all afternoon setting up a network of zip lines across the mountain region. Its so satisfying scouting out the area, sometimes in a whitewash blizzard, looking for that perfect spot that links your previous placement and someone elses online, giving you even more accessibilty. I've been zipping around from Station to Station like there's no tomorrow! Only problem is crafting so many PPC2's has been eating up all my resources. I have loads of stuff stored in Private Lockers, but they're all miles away, and you can't fast travel with goods on you. Whats the best course of action for quick, easy material farm? Go raid the local Mule camps/postboxes? I'm okay for Chiral Crystals cause i've killed so many mini-bosses. Cracking game! So glad i replayed from the start cause i wouldn't have been this commited otherwise.
  11. Okay, I've definitely reached the point of my PS4 save and i now remember why i probably got pissed off and shelved it, because the end section of Episode 5 is soooooo long winded and laborious. Gonna save it for next weekend. I need some downtime. I've played nearly 30 hours since Friday.
  12. Soul Sacrifice Delta (Vita). Gaijinhunter is completely obsessed with this game and his enthusiasm made me wanna download it, until i checked my PSN download list and realised i i had already purchased it on 14/05/2014, the EU release date which happened to be my birthday! I've been (re)playing it, and its great if a little confusing in its systems and story progression. Doesn't help that there are no online guides because it had a digital only release in the EU, and just recently the Vita was certified dead, by Sony themselves.
  13. Absolutely lost in this once again. I don't know how or why its so compelling. There is something so very simple and gratifying in finding a path from A to B and delivering goods to a happy client. I'm almost up to the point of my 33 hour PS4 save in just 19 hours play on PS5. Which is kinda worrying given the fact it was released yesterday. Its a truly remarkable game, if only for the fact there's nothing else quite like it out there.
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