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  1. Hello. My name is Curtis and i'd like to share with the circle: i'm a 44 year old verteran, and joining this crowd at this exact moment in time was a stroke of genius. If i say so myself. I saw what was coming with these lacklustre 'next-gen' launches and decided to future-proof myself against pointless expenditure. I'm already playing optimal versions of so many games i love and have loved. And dabbling in curiosities i'd never normally be exposed to. I am a PC gamer, but i don't like M&K. Is that okay?
  2. I didn't actually watch the reveal. Can you link me the pre-order page?
  3. I think by now, people know what they're gonna get if they buy 'Souls'.
  4. Like the headworms of Quelaag, i infect everywhere i go.
  5. I was expecting this kind of video: it shows the tutorial and makes it look exciting - attacks being blocked willly-nilly, one-shot swings, regular rolls in Fluted Armour? Utterly ridiculous! I can ignore all that because i liked all the other locations and enemies they revealed. But it still left me wondering whether Bluepoint had the balls to fuck with the legacy. We'll see.
  6. Nobody on this forum knows Demon's like i do. That is a stone cold fact!
  7. I forgot that Ultra went full screen. :(
  8. I read there are 10 episodes in this first season.
  9. Hades is a brilliant game that i need to go back to!
  10. The Catacombs suck ass regardless of how many times you've run them. My honest opinion, is go in light, fastest roll, and just practice avoiding them. Don't fight or block, you can even ignore the Mages. Its like Celeste or Super Meat Boy - just die die die die until you perfect your pattern and roll from bonfire to bonfire without a scratch!
  11. Each Archstone is a path through 3 levels (1-1, 1-2, 1-3) until you reach that areas Archdemon. KIll all 4 then go to 1-4. The rate you're at, you'll be all done this evening! I only wish the online servers were still active so i could fuck you up in 3-3.
  12. After the DLC dropped, my ARC build, which wasn't even possible before then, became my immediste favourite. Cauliflower head with tentacle reach who can Soul Arrow. Whats not to love! The first time i jolly co-op'd with friends and introduced them to that character they were beside themselves, stunned...equal parts amusement and awe!
  13. I just saw this and still can't believe it.
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