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  1. She's a 5* and she's being given away free. *edit* Damn you page turn! I'm referring to Aloy of course.
  2. I watched it on Saturday night and loved it. A ludicrous idea done in the most sincere and heartfelt manner. And the best Cage performance I've seen in a long time. Recommended.
  3. Pig (2021) Nicolas Cage gets better with age like a fine wine. The plot as a premise sounds ludicrous, but the movie is so well done and heartfelt, i was utterly captivated for 90mins. 4/5
  4. Its a pure gacha/gamble so no way to guarantee anything. Don't waste any real money, just use the Primogems you earn by playing, and those the developer gives away, and hoard them, then splash the lot on the banner you like, and fingers crossed. You are guaranteed a 4* every 10 wishes, and i think a 5* after 90. Even then its a roll of the dice and you might even end up with a dupe. So yeah. Stick with F2P for less stress. Actually the £4.99 Welkin thing that lasts 30 days is great value compared to their Gem bundles. But you need to log in every day to claim them. Its decent that you get a Wish every other day. I did that for a couple of months. Not bad but still RNG at the end of the day.
  5. In case anyone missed it, it has been confirmed that the PS5 upgrade is $10 for those who own the PS4 version. Out September 24th.
  6. I've hit the level cap on the demo. Roll on tomorrow for an early delivery. Whats even better is my new postman seems to be knocking on the door at 09:30 these days.
  7. A very generous one at that! And all progress carries over. There is a level/XP cap, but you can farm materials, eggs and bank Zenny to your hearts content. Get on it!
  8. If you want to keep grinding just load up your auto save before the final encounter and warp back to the village. There are plenty of side quests which are repeatable.
  9. I've been playing the demo pretty much all day. Its just glorious! Already ordered the full release off boss_deals on ebay, so i know i'll get it on Thursday. I love jolly games like this.
  10. I set up my first player lobby/house tonight, and like the other games and their social hubs its kinda cool, but even something as simple as changing the battle settings, or god forbid, character change after rounds is such a pain in the arse! Once we figured it out, it was excellent. And the game is too! Best choice i made was Giovanna, because she seems very rudimentary, and i spent all my rounds pressing normals. Its amazing how fast you adjust and acclimatise to the pace of this game. It's simply glorious!
  11. I am still very crap at this game, and there are a lot of mechanics i completely forgot about since Xrd, but i do like it a lot. This version especially. I dabbled with the whole cast yesterday in an effort to diversify, and a couple felt okay-ish, but the only one that gelled immediately, and felt 'right', was Leo. I've played him before, but i normally shy away from charge characters. He's a hybrid mix of both, and charges in GG are so fast its untrue. I'm not used to rush-down fighting games (or at least, i've never played that way), so maybe thats why i find this game so intriguing. Now i need to pry myself away from SFV and practice this. Congrats @imp on your insane streak! I knew from meeting you at Mordor Mashup back in the day you had mad skills.
  12. All the air-dashing and super jumps in GG, make me think i should use this game as an excuse to practice on my hitbox. That way i wont be thinking about SFV, which I've been playing a lot of lately. Muscle memory is a bitch! So starting fresh aka frustrated might be the key.
  13. I just bagged it for £23 off Eneba.
  14. Every now and again, its good to have a reminder that games are fun!
  15. I'm starting to realise that 6-7 months isn't actually that long of a wait.
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