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  1. There are 6 phantoms you can summon, which is hardly a tonne. DS2 has more than twice that amount.
  2. I know betas these days are always a shit show of, whose in who is not. But the Discord and Twitter posts from the developers over the past two days, each comprising of 25 "first-come-first-served" codes, all snapped up by bots within seconds is the wrong way to go about it. They then tried a lottery of best answer to a pointless question wins, which is an even more ludicrous lottery. But today they finally realised that they had seriously underestimated the interest in yet another Souls-like, and opened the doors to everyone. That to me, speaks volumes about this development team going forward!
  3. The PC beta just went live for everyone! Thats a developer checking the pulse of popular demand. Bravo!
  4. Is there anyway to download a GOTY save file on PC (GOG)? I've just bought this game for the fourth time (all platforms), and i'd like to skip the parts i've played many times before, and jump to the boat headed for Skellige, or thereabouts.
  5. Its actually "You're gonna look pretty funny tryin' ta eat corn on the cob WITH NO FUCKING TEETH!".
  6. You'll be happy to know the host of the Endless lobby this evening was a Dan main, Deejay second.
  7. The Blues Brothers (1980) I loved this film as a child. Not just because its comedy genius, but because it exposed me to music i'd never heard before, and broadened my horizons! The BIG name cameos/talent on display are just perfect and utterly of their time. Imagine trying to do that now with current artists. Who can possibly compare? No one! This movie is and was a comedic portal into Rhythm & Blues at its finest. I've not seen it in maybe 20 years, but yesterday's viewing brought back the innocent child in me. It's brilliant on so many levels, and the ludicrousness is what makes it stand out. Carrie Fisher. Curl Up & Dye. The Flamethrower M-79 manual. Too many things to remember! Utterly perfect. And from a technical standpoint, still the best extended car chase with the most amount of cars ruined in history (fact). In a comedy! Imagine trying to sell that to a studio exec now? I'm still dumbfounded that it got made. The hundreds of extras towards the end as they "Hut-hut-hut-hut" on the Municipal Building, is way OTT, the kind we don't see anymore. CG ruined all that. So yeah. 5/5
  8. I'd love a proper cabinet with Sanwa 6 button sticks either side. And even though SFII is the original which i grew up on, i'd install this for sure. As broken as SFIV was by the end; with all the big players only choosing top tier characters, its still an amazing fighting game. And lets be honest, with a roster this size, balance is nigh on impossible! I am very happy that the Endless lobbies i joined this evening weren't just high rank dickheads looking to crush 'drunken, not played since SFV, amateurs' like myself. In fact they were all so very kind. Like the FGC is in general. And i miss that. My problem is i'm only combatitive and competitive after a few beers. Which hinders my chances before i press start. But i love it nonetheless! 1 vs 1 is an intimate thing not often replicated in other genres. Anyway, i'm waffling as usual. Streetfighter has always been there for me, and always will be.
  9. Just installed this on my new laptop and dug the TE stick out of the attic in preparation for some shenanigans with my friend tomorrow. Wow! This game is (still) soooo good. Way faster than SFV. I could barely keep up, and the meter gain is rapido. I fell right back into my favourites, Gouken and Oni. Only one or two accidental uppercuts, but thats par for the course with my over-excited inputs. Also, the TE is such a beautiful piece of kit. I own 3 different Arcade Sticks all with the same Sanwa parts, but the TE has the weight, the heft, that makes it feels extra special.
  10. Shopto failed me today, so i braved a walk into town because GAME is open again. I waited within the wonderful 2m stickers on the floor. I traded two disappointing titles and paid for this. Disc 1 install + the update took maybe 90 mins which didn't help my bad mood, but thats part & parcel these days. I was itching to play so i figured do it today, rather than wait for the postman tomorrow (midday at best). Shopto will issue that refund. lol! I played maybe 4 hours this afternoon, and that felt enough because i came away shell-shocked. This game is intense, no doubt, and also the most stunning open world* i've ever slow-walked through. I mean WOW! I had planned to continue this evening but alcohol does not mix well with the strenuous nature of this game. Tomorrow, with a clear head for sure. My verdict so far: the first game was not a fluke/flash-in-the-pan/once-in-a-decade anomaly. Naughty Dog are top tier and Druckmann is a masterful director. *The most realistic use of barriers to funnel you in the right direction. Until shit kicks off and you panic.
  11. I'm cheating because it was 3 years later but that game changed everything for me. I was kinda lucky because the local Leisure Centre and a small shop near my friends house both had cabinets (6 buttons and decent sticks), and before i knew it, my 20p would see me through to the credits with consummate ease. Back then you couldn't prise me off the joystick, and no-one dared challenge me. When it got released on SNES, it was all me and my friends ever played. Don't get me started on the £90 we spent on Turbo (how? lol! those import prices) . SF2 is so special to me, and still is to this day!
  12. Curtis

    Dark Souls 3

    Nevermind. My memory is shit. I was thinking about Havels appearance, not how you aquire his ring in this game.
  13. Curtis

    Dark Souls 3

    Yes! Fashion parade all day long. You may as well die looking glamorous. The defensive bonus you get from heavy armour really isn't worth the sacrifice to your mobility. Unless you're playing a face-tank type build which relies on the Poise to finish your slow, big damage attacks.
  14. 1988. Guerrilla War (Arcade). Trips to Skegness and the arcades were frequent during my childhood, and this shooter with its rotary sticks took all my 10p's! Aaaah to be young again.
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