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  1. The city in the third realm is so gorgeous i wanna live there!
  2. This is the only JRPG i've played where i have the voices set to English, for the exact reason you mentioned - the frequent 'pop-up' banter between your characters which would be distracting and easily missable if you had to stop and read the translation text everytime. Luckily the voice acting is decent enough and i've adjusted to it now.
  3. Really enjoying this now I've put some more time into it and gotten used to the combos necessary to build the Burst meter faster, which in turn makes the battles go faster. I do love the fact its very linear, and every branch in the map is an obvious reward. Sometimes simpler is better. I just arrived at the main city in the second realm. Gorgeous area and a wonderful contrast compared to the first. I do have niggles regarding the stop/start pacing of the exposition/dialogue. It makes no sense to do a talky bit, walk 5 paces, then cut to a reveal or another scene. I also don't know why there are dialogue portions that require an X button press in order to get the next sentence (a pet peeve of mine) and some where it flows. If its a side quest NPC with written text and "hmms" & "aahs" soundbytes i understand, but mixing the talky bits is bothersome. Good thing is the English voices are bearable and i don't have to concentrate on reading reams of text. Anyway, back to it. Good game. Not blown away yet, but I'm only 8 hours in so early days.
  4. I have been using the Uppercut move after a Break, and Stardust works wonderfully mid-air as you mentioned. I reckon i might stick 'Jump' on a button i'm not using and just forget about it in combat. Its always mapped to circle when you're exploring regardless of the settings. I think the Nioh button arrangement will be best for my muscle memory with a game like this. Right! Time to grind some mobs!
  5. The first boss is Lv.15 and I'm Lv.8, should i be grinding/fighting mobs rather than legging it past them, or is it really down to "getting good"? I've gotta be honest, none of the button variations I've tried feel comfortable. The games I'm used to never have evade and jump. Its pissing me off because i know mid-air combos are necessary to continue your string. Also, the tracking of the lock-on is weak sauce - i keep whiffing moves. And the auto adjust camera doesn't seem to work whether its on min or max. All-in-all not a great start. Doesn't help that the 4 hours I've played are all intro, and pretty dull. All new JRPG's should have an option to skip all the bullshit and just give you a montage of whats happened up until that point so you can jump straight into it.
  6. So many whining arseholes on Twitter yesterday complaining that the developers had "taken away their grind".
  7. I always make my character look like Alicia from Valkyria Chronicles.
  8. "Rise from your grave!" Gaijinhunter has been tweeting about this game in an enthusiastic manner (7 years too late), which made me dig my Vita out of the attic, and try to source a copy of the game. Until i realised i had already purchased the digital version on 14/05/14 - the EU release date and my birthday of all things! I kinda remember playing the demo, but since i restarted, i do remember certain enemies (the design in this game is 11/10 on the weird scale), and it really scratches that rinse-repeat itch. I even searched this forum for this thread, to ask early game questions. What did i find? "Me!" Asking, and semi-answering the same questions. Only now i'm teaching myself, from the past! It's my new slow-burn over time game.
  9. Really looking forward to this, hopefully on Thursday based on Boss_Deals track record. I'm such a sucker for gorgeous cel-shaded looking games since Wind Waker. I liked the demo, but i'm more interested in the early parts before you have a full squad and the battles aren't so 'full-on'. That will make the late game, bat-shit mental stuff, oh-so-satisfying.
  10. I've watched a couple of build videos, and slotting perks that melt armour is definitely a good choice! Also, Fire ammo for Xenos, Electric ammo for... I made the mistake of joining the Discord, which is full of all the usual matchmaking complaints etc. People asking for buffs when the game is 1 week old. Fair play to the developer(s): i've messaged Higgs twice on Twitter and he's replied pretty fast. My first idea was just a personal thing: a Lone Wolf mode (no bots). But today's suggestion was more universal: please let us toggle the flashlight on/off, or at least get rid off the awful lens flare spots all over the screen. Its so distracting and pointless!
  11. Shit i'm sorry! I forgot there's a spoiler eyeball button. GG's to @MikeF. Got him past his roadblock and beyond. Beer was kicking in towards the end, so my aim was kinda off. I've decided Tactician is my definitely my main which i'm gonna play exclusively and level up to max power. Love the crowd control abilities way more than DPS.
  12. So whats everyones favourite class? I've been playing offline with bots so i've obviously not used Doc/Medic. Demolisioner - seems like an easy, effective pick for mindless blasting, but i found it really one-dimensional and tiresome. After 20 mins of full-auto vibration on the controller i was fed up and ran straight into the options. I also think the DPS isn't that great, and the auto/smart tracking of the LMG thingy can make you lazy with your aiming when you switch back to your rifle. Tactician - I only chose this last night because i wanted to clear the weekly bounty (do it! the rewards are great - just replay 1-1 on Casual) but lo-and-behold it made me realise there's more to this game than waves of cannon fodder and mindless blasting. This class is clearly made for support, but i think its the strongest class for solo play. The fact you can place your turret, let it do its work (and take aggro) then pick it back up so you're never on cooldown is genius! Plus 3 of those slowdown/shock traps are amazing for easing the oncoming pressure. The only thing thats not great is the pistol main slot. The magnum types do good damage but the range is poor. Avoid the full auto pistols - they're weaksauce and the recoil is ridiculous. I think i need to unlock some more options. Gunner - After struggling in 2-2 and failing 2-3 with Tact, i realised i needed a ranged weapon. I like Scout Rifles in any game, and this one does not disappoint! One shots Xenos and 1 tap headshots . Amazing weapon! Coupled with the Shotgun for CQC, its an amazing loadout. But, i did miss my turret and shocks. The frag grenade is pants, and the rage buff is only good if you're prepared to face-tank the red dot badboy enemies. Don't get me wrong, its really satisying to do full auto-shotty (8 shots) reload and 8 more before it runs out. So yeah. I have all 3 at Class Rank II. My character is Level 6 (almost 7). My Combat Rating is floating around 365-ish.
  13. The Scout Rifle is an absolute godsend for 2-2 and 2-3. The final fight of 2-3 is a right bastard despite the size of the arena which is massive, but there are enemies everywhere. I managed the do the second part of it with 10% health not knowing there was a second medkit behind me.
  14. Really enjoyed 1-3. The last room was tense at the end with all the Warriors. And i've still not been downed. All those years playing Gears of War has clearly paid off. I tried replaying 1-1 on Casual to see if the XP drop off was significant because this game is clearly grindy as hell! It still took 20 mins because of the bottleneck 'locked door' scenarios you have to go through in order to progress. Loving the Flamethrower. I tried the Burst Rifle because they're normally my preference over full-auto in any game, but i felt like i was reloading way too often, so i ditched it. I might stick some real hours in tomorrow daytime. I'm too tired to play online this evening.
  15. Royal Mail has clearly been nuked from orbit cause I've not had any letters all week (not a joke), so i did what i should've done to begin with: CDKeys > £30.99 for £35 credit > super quick/small PSN download. I played what I assume we're referring to as 1-1 and 1-2, solo. First as Heavy then as Soldier (can't remember the names). It seems very one-note as others have mentioned, and also a little too frenetic/messy. But, if it were any slower it'd be too pedestrian aka boring. Early days i know, and real life coop is clearly gonna be way more fun than A.I. bots getting in my line of fire 100% of the time. I'd prefer a lone wolf mode to be honest. I'll be about Friday night and Saturday day for coop shenanigans. So, PSN lot, let me know if you're about.
  16. Yeah the PS4 to PS5 upgrade is £10 IIRC.
  17. Supposedly a 60fps PS5 update just dropped. I don't have it installed. Can anyone check?
  18. Royal Mail failed me again. If it doesn't arrive tomorrow I'm gonna download the digital version and send the disc back to Simply.
  19. Royal Mail failed me, so i won't be on this tonight.
  20. Hmm! Not sure why. I just sent you a FR.
  21. @MikeF I already have you on PSN. @teddymeow @BubbleFish Add me. My PSN is: C_R
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