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  1. Just got back off holiday to find Volume 1 of the Official Guide waiting for me. Damn, thats a hefty tome! To be expected i suppose given the size and scope of the game.


    Just spent a good 20 mins pouring over the map trying to spot things I'd missed. 


    Reckon I'll start a fresh playthrough before years end.

  2. On 18/10/2022 at 21:22, Totoro said:

    Decision to Leave - Heojil kyolshim : 3.8 / 5


    This could well change if I watch it again. It's one of those films.

    I felt the same way, especially because it moves so fast and there's so much to try and keep up with.


    A second viewing is a must.

  3. I booted this up for the first time in over a year. I had enough for 1 wish. I got Ganyu, who is a 5 star! 😮


    I swear the algorithm is rigged so that it tries to lure you back into the game. I have no materials to level her, so the grind is definitely real.

  4. 24 minutes ago, MardiganX said:

     I also want a lot of endurance and happy to forsake almost every spell known to man to support that.


    Endurance so you have more Stamina is not as important in this game, compared to other Souls. You only need it if you’re into really heavy weapons or gear.


    With regards to finding and forming a build; let the weapon dictate that. Keep playing until you find a weapon you truly love that suits your style of play then fashion your stats around it. The upgrade system in this game is great because you can even change the parameters so they match your set up (i.e. you can make a STR weapon Keen which has better DEX parameters etc). 

    Keep playing, keep exploring more than following the story. You’ll find so many wondrous things out there….

  5. I'm gonna be on PSN doing random near & far summons, then later I'll be on the Discord trying to sort the wheat from the toxic chaff in the coop sub-folder. 


    If anyone on here wants to meet up for shits & giggles, please, by all means message me. 🤗


    I roll back my save after every weekend drunked session. That way i can drop gear/materials for those who really need (and deserve) it, and never to those who join and immediately start begging for Rune dupes. 

  6. 12 hours ago, pinholestar said:


    Interested to see what fellow Nioh fans like @Curtis think.


    I'm not sure if i like it. 🤔 Its very much like Sekiro, with its huge emphasis on deflecting, and the 'your turn/my turn' rhythm to the combat, which i don't enjoy at all.


    I also think they should replace the Spirit Attack button with a regular Heavy that doesn't cost gauge. It seems kinda pointless when you have the Martial Arts which consume the same amount of spirit and are far more deadly to end your combo with.


    I'll also echo what the entire internet is saying: the parry window is way too strict, and the healing takes way too long to respond and activate.


    Don't get me wrong, i'm still gonna buy the full release, just to see what it has to offer with regards to different playstlyles. I pefer not to delve too deep into demos.

  7. This latest patch and the fact you can search the summoning pool 'near & far' is an absolute godsend. I've been getting summoned non-stop and the search time is maybe 30 seconds at most. Its the same for invasions if you're that way inclined.


    Its given the game a whole new lease of life.

  8. 45 minutes ago, BitterToad said:

    Just as a word of caution I really liked the Vita version of MGS2 but the screen was a little too small for 3. There's a lot of picking slightly different types of green out to shoot them over the game and I'm not sure that tiny screen is the best way to experience it. Hell of a game though, you're lucky to get to experience it for the first time! 

    Damn! Thanks for the warning. I only went that direction because i remember buying it years ago but never actually playing it.


    Guess i'l wait for the PC re-release.

  9. On 02/06/2022 at 06:37, Mikes said:

    Alien Resurrection (1997)

    Remains the most batshit Alien film to date, and probably the worst, although it has Ron Perlman and Michael Wincot. It's more of a JeanPierre Jeanut film than an Alien, and I just saw was written by Joss Whedon, and suddenly a lot of things make more sense. Still, I enjoyed it.


    3 hybrid xenomorphs out fo 5

    I've always thought this would be far more revered if the Alien name and franchise weren't attached - basically Jeunet does sci-fi.


    Yeah, its still bonkers, but i love it regardless.

  10. Despite my 4 different builds on the go, i fancy something with a little more spice/quirkiness.


    SL1 seems really easy given there's already a '1-shot all bosses at SL1' run out there. So following the build guide is dull after you have everything on the shopping list. Plus STR weapons are so boring.


    I was considering a no mount build, but my LH analogue stick and LH thumb would die waaayy before my character. 😂


    I want to recreate 'Rhoy The Explorers' adventures from DS2. But unless you know of a fan-made patch for the PC version that adds Durability to this game, its not gonna be the same. 


    Can you can beat the game without lighting any Grace points? Has that been done yet? Just bee-lining the main story bosses. I could do that i think. If you die...back to the tutorial.


    Answer below with exciting suggestions.


    *Edit* A Consumable Only run seems like a no-brainer. Its been done already, so its proven. But it'd give me a chance to delve into the Crafting aspects of this game, which we'll all admit we barely touched on our first run. 

  11. Really enjoying my Spellsword build. :) Level 50. Slowly building INT, so i can use the beefy spells later on.


    Dual-rocking Moonveil+6 in RH, and Meteoric Blade+6 in LH for powerstance business. Can't level them any higher yet because of 1.4.02 nerfs to shortcut abusing scenery. I'm also background levelling a regular Uchi (+15 at the moment) in preparation for anything that has damage negation against my magic attacks.


    Gotta say, Swift/Great Glintstone Shard spells have made mincemeat out of what i considered troublesome enemies and bosses first time aroud (specifically the rock hard Miners in the various Tunnels, and even moreso those Cuntish Cat Twins that're constantly in mid-air). Very happy to vapourise them with zero effort!


    Loving this game all over again! And i'm surprised how many locations i have completely forgotten about. I suppose thats bound to happen when you play Souls drunk. 🍻 


    Oh shit! I nearly forgot to shoutout my Skeletal Bandit Spirit. That motherfucker does not die! I swear i heard the sound effect that you normally get when you kill a reviving skelly, but he still got up! Amazing summon early game. Highly recommended. 👍

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