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  1. Kind of an odd question: but do you guys know of any models that've been painted monochromatically (even better just shades of grey) with a single light source in mind?


    And i don't mean the 'bulb on top of your head means all edges are highlighted equally' zenithal approach.


    Maybe what i'm thinking of in my head, isn't physically possible on a standard miniature. 

  2. Yesterday's delivery:



    I read all the Rules and Manuals. Then watched part of a Let's Play on Youtube, which helped immensely. That evening i built all 44 models, which i really enjoy (no sarcasm). I find the process kinda therapeutic.



    That said, i did have 3 problems along the way:


    One of the Psykers chains were snapped on the spure, so no way of connecting to the base. So i cut off the excess chains, plastic cemented his weights to the base then stuck his legs to the side of the weights for maximum support. Looks good, like he was grounded for a second.


    One of the Beastmen (1-footed pose) didn't fit into his slot and was flopping forward. So i used a spare Psyker sprue and cemented his weight infront of the foot of the Beastman, so it looks like he's tripping over! lol!


    The other 1-footed pose Beastman didn't have the correct base, because i gave it to one of the Explorers by accident (and cemented it, n00b error), so i sliced one hoof slightly so it has a flatter connection to the base, then moulded two Psyker heads on top of each other to support the raised leg. Like he's showing off, stood on his kills.  


    Today, i set up my first solo game, and played the first Expedition to completion. 





    It worked out pretty well considering all the back & forth manual checks you have to do for a first run. I did find a great fan-made pdf of the steps/actions/sequences etc, which helped a lot.


    Anyway, i got a Clue on my first try. One Explorer was 'Out of Action' but we made it back to Precipice, so he's back in the mix. I pulled Beastmen on my Legacy card, so next run should be fun.


    I was however unable to find one of the tiles for the Combat layout i was presented. 😕 Do i have missing pieces? It shows as a 3-piece outlined. Do i make that up with 3x1 pieces if its not there (i checked all sides of all those available in that shape)?


    My dining room table which seats 6 was barely big enough to contain the game, so i just ordered some interlocking gaming mats to make a flat surface on the carpet of another room where i can spread out.

  3. 5 hours ago, Popo said:

    My item burden is getting to be a bit much… tell me, if I leave my best loot with the suspiciously friendly item check guy in the Nexus, is he going to screw me over?

    A great new feature they added in the Remake, is when you loot something out in the wild, you can send it straight to your storage box (aka Thomas) by pressing start. This is especially useful when you discover some of the heavier armour sets out there. You can also send stuff from your inventory if you're carrying too much.

  4. Morning all! :)


    Quick update: i've been happily building the Dominion boxset over the past few weekends, and thoroughly enjoying the process...except for those fiddly (and spiky) little Hobgrots. :lol:


    Anyway here they are in all their unpainted glory, safely stored in magnetic sheeted containers. Each model has their own magnet glued to the underside of the base so they don't slippedy-slide about: 




    Here's my little drawer of tools:



    And my paint selection for the Hallowed Knight scheme i'll be aiming to recreate:



    And now that crazy storm we've had over the past few days has subsided, i can finally get outside and start priming some Stormcast:



    I'll report back with either joy or tears of woe depending on how this first paint job goes. :blush:

  5. On 12/11/2021 at 00:45, Cocky said:

    What paints you'd need depends on how you intend to paint and it might be worth thing about what your hobby goals are and how you intend to learn painting. My recommendation would be to go the gw route. It's the most expensive option but if you can afford it there are more resources available for how to use those paints including tutorials for the specific models in their white dwarf magazine as well has their youtube channel. The most difficult part of learning to paint is knowing how things are supposed to look at each stage and at the end. The gw tutorials are designed to maximize their profit minimize any uncertainty a beginner painter learning on their own may have whilst also teaching you the most important skills of layering and edge highlighting. At least the precontrast tutorials were, the more recent ones seem to be a bit simpler, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. 

    Your post resonated with me and i've thought about it a lot. Even though i remember the fundamentals of miniature painting from almost 30 years ago, i thought it best i follow a strict tutorial for my entry back in. So i have watched various Youtube vids from different artists with regards to painting the Stormcast half of the boxset (for now), and the Duncan Rhodes one was by far the most thorough and entry-friendly.


    So, i followed his exact recipe (aside from two of the unecessary highlight paints that he used at the end for the minute details like gems, that can be achieved by simply mixing paints), and i ordered the job lot (14 in total) along with 2 Raphael brushes. :eyebrows: 


    I didn't realise posting/mailing spray cans was such a palava, so i'll pick up a Leadbelcher Spray next time i'm in the city. I happen to live 20 mins away from Nottingham, so i'll stick my head in the main store which i've not visited since i was a teenager, when i was obsessed with WH40K (still am).


    I'm really excited about getting stuck back in. If i enjoy painting this army and they turn out well, i'll do the same process for the Orks. 

  6. Yeah, i was gonna pick up a starter set anyway because the basic colours are always very useful.


    I was thinking about the necessary colours for this particular boxset.


    It can obviously differ depending on the artists approach, but a rough guide/shopping list will certainly help given how many paints there are out there, from various manufacturers.


    Yes, RIP wallet. :lol:

  7. On 08/11/2021 at 14:53, Davros sock drawer said:

    My box of shame arrived…




    (I regret nothing - as soon as I looked at all the lovely sculpts I got genuinely excited to paint them) :)


    I opened mine today and was blown away with the contents. I've never seen any of the 'new' plastic miniatures but the moulding is fantastic. They're alot smaller than i remember, but I'm used to Space Marines, so it could just be a comparative thing.


    Gonna crack the seal on the rulebook and get reading over the weekend.


    I've already bought some non-Citadel tools, so i might assemble a few models too. 


    I'm still researching what colours i need to purchase so i can attempt painting a couple from each army/side. Moneys not a problem, but I don't wanna go mental buying extra colours that would be used for pro techniques on these specific models. Baby steps! ;)


    Recommendations for a shopping list of paints would be very useful. 

  8. On 04/11/2021 at 17:39, And said:

    As a heads up - wayland have the new sigmar dominion box for £62. That’s a lot of minis for the price. Trying very hard to resist 

    I just ordered this. Seemed like the perfect excuse to get back into models and painting after a 25+ year hiatus. 


    Do you wonderfully talented lot have any go-to threads or links/lists of all the basic tools and paints i need to get restarted without spending more than i have to.


    Once I'm tooled up, I'll come back asking for tutorial videos and tips to get me back into the groove.  

  9. The controls in this game are basic, almost fuggly at best, regardless of what the diehards tell you. Sure, you can acclimatise to anything if you rinse-repeat until the cows come home. But that doesn't make them good, or tight, or responsive. And certainly not enjoyable.


    So why expose yourself to all that frustration? Best leave it by the wayside and play something that makes you happy.

  10. Back into this in a big way! :wub:


    When i finally got my PS5 i only played one build up to 1-4 and then left it. As you know i played this game waaaaay too much back in the PS3 days and i felt burnt out, even after all these years. I know this game and its environments/layout better than i know my home town and its surrounding areas. :lol:


    After looking at the Trophy list for this remake, i realised there are so many new ones that are actually fun, and not just a forced grind like back in the day. That inspired me to get back into it (that, and the quadruple Platinum). 


    So i loaded up my save and because the game was almost beat (i.e. all other Archdemons dead), i went offline and pushed everything to black because thats all i could do this run. I got all 5 Primevals, killed a couple of NPC BP's, then i realised i really need to crack on with NG+ so i can push it all white.


    When i come back online i may need one of you fine lot to do an organised invasion with me. Whether the servers are busy now i dunno, but i hate ruining other players playthroughs. I know its only 1 death on their part, but i'm jolly coop through-and-through, and not a big fan of these forced online/invasion trophies (like DSII).  


    Anyway, its still my #1 game of all time. 

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