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  1. Okay, i can see why Moonveil is the go-to weapon for Magic builds - Transient Moonlight is just too good!
  2. I've restarted this on my laptop while i'm on holiday abroad. Runs really well, although the fan noise and laptop temperature are worrysome after a few hours play. I have 4 builds on the go because i like the early preparation hours the best. Also means if i get bored i can switch at anytime. My main on PS5 was pure DEX, so i've been making builds of various other playstyles. I really like the Meteoric Ore Blade on my Mage. I know Moonveil is the go-to-blah-blah, which is why i purposely avoided bee-lining for it (i don't play meta). The MeteorBlade's standard moves are different from a regular Katana, which is probably why i like it so much. Plus the Weapon Art is really good now it has some hyper-armour on startup - great for AOE blasting of trash mobs. I am still early-ish so none of the spells i have are doing anything spectacular, but the ranged spamming is a reminder of what easy-mode actually looks like. Glad you lot are all still stuck in! Mainly because there isn't anything else to play that comes close to the quality of this game. Anyway, back to it!
  3. Where's the cheapest place to get a copy of the PC version? I'm off on holiday next week and i'm gonna want to play it on my laptop.
  4. Convenient bump! I restarted this today on PS5. I played the PC version on release but not to completion. I semi-remembered the early, intro bits as they played out, which are fine, but once you get free roam to do whatever you want, i was stunned (again) by how glorious Night City is! I got nothing done of course, just wandered on foot (as suggested in this here thread) and took in the sights, soaked up the atmosphere, shot some goons. Once i did call my car to travel a decent distance, it felt oddly satisfying to be behind the wheel after so much open world horseback. I'm definitely gonna crack on tomorrow.
  5. Every level is stunningly recreated! And the character models are bee-you-tee-full!
  6. You can password jolly coop with any level (I'm 150), hint hint.
  7. We weren’t discussing the areas, which are spectacular, more the enemy ATK numbers.
  8. Maybe I should extrapolate; I would’ve like a remixed, bad boy version of known enemies in the later levels, so when they fuck you up, you understand this is the 2.0 version.
  9. Of course it’s intentional, I’m not arguing that. I’m saying it’s lazy in copy/pasting like they always do. I understand the significance and importance of the Cleanrot Knights within the lore, but all should be created equal.
  10. It’s not that the endgame shouldn’t be more difficult than everything that preceded it, it’s more about the Scarlet Rot Knights who i farmed in the swamp for their wonderful armour, some 80 hours ago, are now 10x more powerful. That’s only one example.
  11. I’m gonna be doing my usual drunken jolly coop session with randoms off Discord, but if anyone off here wants shenanigans please just message me. The game scales damage output so don’t worry about me turning up into your world and destroying things at will. PSN only I’m afraid.
  12. @Jamie JohnMy opinion is that the late game feels like a slog because the balance is all out-of-whack. They ramped up the damage output of regular enemies a little too high. Being 2-shot by enemies you’ve seen before, with 60 Vigor is not okay. I understand why a lot of players don’t like the later areas.
  13. Reminds me of a Phantom/Player I summoned in Demons Remake who was max level (99 on all stats) - done via Soul Sucking an organised host (not nearly as interesting as is it sounds), who brazenly ran headfirst into the 3 No. Red Eyed Knights on the stairs of 1-3, in my NG+, and he got absolutely destroyed! He was so embarrassed he quit without making an excuse for his foolishness. I know you know this. Soul Levels are not the be-all-and-end-all. 10 million runes is utterly worthless. All it’s going to do is skew your experience from here on out.
  14. Yeah, but you know me - I've played this game to death! Not recently though. I might have to check my current builds. There's always a 'fresh start slot' for when i get like this. When you get to the late game or into the DLC and wanna coop for shits & giggles, I'd love an excuse to bring out probably my favourite build from any FromSoft game. And its not an OP thing. Its just wondrous in ways you cannot possibly fathom.
  15. Did you go Pistol or Shotgun? This is clearly personal preference, but i find the range of the Pistol way more useful - you can shoot from a safer distance and still double-dash forward into critical strike before they get up...everytime. Sure, the Shotty has a more lenient/lazy input timing for the parry, but you've gotta be up close & personal for it to clip 'em. Fuck! Now i wanna install Bloodborne. Damn you!!
  16. If this is your first run you won't know that the price of consumables gets higher the more you progress through the game. So grinding a fucktonne early on is a very good idea, even if you think you don't need them. I forget the thresholds that trigger the price bump because its been so long, but I'm pretty sure Amelia is one of them. You may not need the health for healing, but having a full stack of vials to swap for bullets in combat is very useful.
  17. I wouldn't call it a time-sink in the sense you're thinking of. Its not a short-term experience. And its definitely unlike anything else you have ever 'played' (and i mean that in a good way). It'll take at least 70 hours to complete, but most of that is a leisurely stroll compared to Elden Ring, which is why i think its a great idea! That being said, if you're not a Kojima fan, and don't acknowledge his madman/crackpot/genius vision...then i dunno what you'll think of it.
  18. I've been playing Strangers of Paradise and thoroughly enjoying the linear 'Nioh-lite' level design and stripped back combat system, which is deceptively complex (and some might argue, more satisfying) once you get into the expert job trees. But thats just me! Its definitely the antithesis to Elden Ring's massive scope and scale!
  19. I'm back for more! This time with a new build. And after 3 hours played i'm very happy with my DS2 Faaram Knight cosplay. Death's Poker+9, which has absurd damage this early, all thanks to ymfah and his 'break the game' series of Youtube videos which i admire and adore, especially when you just wanna have some OP fun on a Friday night.
  20. After 200 hours of Elden Ring, i thought it was time to play something else. And this beauty was a no-brainer!
  21. Yes you can. Although only 6 out of the 7 in the game worked for me.
  22. Also, i didn't know this game was capable of actual turf-wars on a Monster Hunter World type level. One Wyrm in particular i kited into two of those giant Octopi, and they gave him hell! It was glorious to sit back and watch. I'm talking Named Dragon type HP where you get 3 Hearts as a reward. They fucked him up to about 10% health then i rolled up and claimed the booty.
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