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  1. Ya see, i'd rather just learn from my mistakes if i fail a mission. Granted, that incident in question was very cheap and unavoidable, but it's the only time that's happened.

    I'll stick with saving each chapter. Feels better that way. :(

    My Scout Elite squad of: Alicia, Ramona, Freesia and Cherry are the business!

  2. Love this game sooo much!

    Except a Lancer Elite just one shot killed my Tank! I was almost two hours into the battle as well. :(

    I can't imagine ever getting angry at this game. Hehe!

    p.s. I fancy the pants off Freesia! <3

  3. I'm addicted to this game just like my avatar is addicted to 'Jet'. :lol:

    My latest save says 38 hours played. Shiiit!! It's not even been out a week!

    Currently at Level 18 (very evil) and at the point of no return on the main storyline. I've done 13 out of the 17 side-quests, so i'll try and mop up the rest later. If that little twat from Grayditch shows his face! :)

  4. Does anyone know where to find the little kid who informs you of the Fire Ant ('Those!') side-quest in Grayditch?

    I've heard he can be found near the Super Duper Mart, or sometimes near the Diner/Cubicle in Grayditch. Any clues?

    I've done all of the side-quests bar two, and this one is doing my head in!

  5. Same difficulty, and they're not harder, it just seems like there's more of them on a second playthrough.

    No, it's the same. I'm up to Chapter 6 on my second playthrough. :(

    It's a piece of cake with all your weapons maxed out, and a Level 6 suit.

    Still managed to make me jump...again! :lol:

  6. Anyone playing a second playthrough confirm that there's more enemies this time around? I don't remember the first level being that populated by ghouls as it was this time.

    If you continued from your cleared game save, it'll be on the same difficulty you've already played. Therefore no more enemies.

  7. I completed this last night then started it again, straight away! Don't think that's ever happened before.

    For those that've completed it:

    Have you seen the Level 6 Suit? - It looks more Stormtrooper than Engineer! :lol:

    Superb game! Love it!

  8. The bit you lot were on about is pants! Only because it felt really counterintuitive aiming with the right analogue and not using the left to adjust your position.

    Anyway, finished Chapter 10 last night - rather epic it was too! Took me about 1 hour 40 mins. Didn't wanna rush through to the end, so i'm saving the final two chapters for tonight. :(

    Cannot praise this game enough! Highly recommended!

  9. The Elite Suit has 10% more armour.

    The Scorpion Suit has 25% more armour.

    Both have slightly more Oxygen.

    Any upgrades will be lost. Also, you can't switch back to the lower level suits, which is strange.

    Best to try them on multiple saves.

  10. Great... now get yourself signed up for the online tournament!

    I'm quite surprised by the low levels of interest for this, compared with the Virtua Tennis threads.

    Maybe they're put off because it's the polar opposite of 'pick up and play'. :wub:

  11. You can't play doubles online with this with 4 people each on their own 360 - you need two people on each xbox360 instead :wub: Not a gamebreaker but it's taken a bit of the shine off multiplayer for me - particularly as that isn't alluded to in the manual.

    What!? That's bollocks! :angry:

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