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  1. 2 hours ago, scottcr said:

    Asked my son to get me some runes. I now have about 10M runes hahahahahhaha. 

    Reminds me of a Phantom/Player I summoned in Demons Remake who was max level (99 on all stats) - done via Soul Sucking an organised host (not nearly as interesting as is it sounds), who brazenly ran headfirst into the 3 No. Red Eyed Knights on the stairs of 1-3, in my NG+, and he got absolutely destroyed!


    He was so embarrassed he quit without making an excuse for his foolishness.


    I know you know this. Soul Levels are not the be-all-and-end-all. 10 million runes is utterly worthless. All it’s going to do is skew your experience from here on out.

  2. Yeah, but you know me - I've played this game to death! 😁


    Not recently though. I might have to check my current builds. There's always a 'fresh start slot' for when i get like this. 


    When you get to the late game or into the DLC and wanna coop for shits & giggles, I'd love an excuse to bring out probably my favourite build from any FromSoft game.


    And its not an OP thing. Its just wondrous in ways you cannot possibly fathom. :eyebrows:

  3. Did you go Pistol or Shotgun?


    This is clearly personal preference, but i find the range of the Pistol way more useful - you can shoot from a safer distance and still double-dash forward into critical strike before they get up...everytime. 


    Sure, the Shotty has a more lenient/lazy input timing for the parry, but you've gotta be up close & personal for it to clip 'em.


    Fuck! Now i wanna install Bloodborne. 🤣 Damn you!!

  4. On 05/04/2022 at 13:45, Doctor Shark said:

    Things I don't like: having to grind for healing items and bullets.

    If this is your first run you won't know that the price of consumables gets higher the more you progress through the game. So grinding a fucktonne early on is a very good idea, even if you think you don't need them.


    I forget the thresholds that trigger the price bump because its been so long, but I'm pretty sure Amelia is one of them.


    You may not need the health for healing, but having a full stack of vials to swap for bullets in combat is very useful.

  5. 18 minutes ago, ox1973 said:

    I do have Death Stranding on the backlog but am I really ready for another time sink straight away?

    I wouldn't call it a time-sink in the sense you're thinking of. Its not a short-term experience. And its definitely unlike anything else you have ever 'played' (and i mean that in a good way). It'll take at least 70 hours to complete, but most of that is a leisurely stroll compared to Elden Ring, which is why i think its a great idea!


    That being said, if you're not a Kojima fan, and don't acknowledge his madman/crackpot/genius vision...then i dunno what you'll think of it. 

  6. I've been playing Strangers of Paradise and thoroughly enjoying the linear 'Nioh-lite' level design and stripped back combat system, which is deceptively complex (and some might argue, more satisfying) once you get into the expert job trees. But thats just me!  🤪


    Its definitely the antithesis to Elden Ring's massive scope and scale!

  7. I'm back for more! This time with a new build. And after 3 hours played i'm very happy with my DS2 Faaram Knight cosplay.




    Death's Poker+9, which has absurd damage this early, all thanks to ymfah and his 'break the game' series of Youtube videos which i admire and adore, especially when you just wanna have some OP fun on a Friday night.

  8. Also, i didn't know this game was capable of actual turf-wars on a Monster Hunter World type level. 


    One Wyrm in particular i kited into two of those giant Octopi, and they gave him hell! It was glorious to sit back and watch. I'm talking Named Dragon type HP where you get 3 Hearts as a reward. They fucked him up to about 10% health then i rolled up and claimed the booty.


    19 minutes ago, Moz said:

    No, there are dungeons in which I can oneshot every enemy or group of enemies, and then can’t even see the boss before it oneshots me. What’s the point? It makes some sense in the overworld, but why should I piss through a boring dungeon with a tileset I’ve seen 20 times already to be rewarded with a fight I can’t win which bears no difficulty resemblance to the rest of the dungeon? And then the reward’ll be a spell, talisman, weapon or incantation I can’t use. Rinse repeat. Am I meant to summon? Unable to summon. For days now. Am I meant to summon ashes? Dead before I’ve rung the bell. All I want is an area I can go to and play the game which isn’t far too easy or far too hard (or both). 

    I understand where you're coming from, but why are you putting yourself through "yet another identi-kit cavern" when there are other things to do? 


    The game has A LOT of copy & paste attributes, no doubt, but getting pent up on entirely optional content seems kinda futile. Come back much-much later and take supreme satisfaction in crushing whatever bothered you first time around.


    Give your self a plan. A goal. And work towards that. The game will let you.

  10. 12 minutes ago, Moz said:

    Erm I’ve got 1000s of hours in Souls games. I’m just baffled as to the seemingly random enemy difficulty I’ve encountered the past few nights, even in small areas. Again I’ve just wandered into another piss easy dungeon, pissed my way through it, gotten to the boss and watched my health bar disappear before I even saw what it was. The whole game, 60 or so hours, has been notably easy until this point. 

    Its not seemingly random. Sure there are HARD accessible areas you can explore from the get-go like the Catacombs of DS1. The game is very 'gated' in its structure (warps and transporter chests not-withstanding).


    If you're not having fun, shelve it. Then if it plays on your mind in the downtime, its clearly doing something right, you just have to approach it with a different mindset.


    Frustration bad. Fun good. 😅


    31 minutes ago, Schnibbles said:


    Ha, is this supposed to reassure the semi-casual crowd? Of which I am one, and I'm indeed stopping playing after about 45 hours.


    I don't regard it as a bad thing necessarily - I wasn't expecting to ever finish it, and I've just spent too much time on it and got "fatigued" as people are describing it. 45 hours is still a serious amount of time for me to put into a game. 


    I think it's a little inevitable that the casual crowd will be more likely to enjoy the new areas, new bizarre enemies, new vistas etc rather than learning to bludgeon the game harder than it bludgeons you. 


    I made it to the Capital but the balance of being murdered vs seeing cool new stuff had gradually shifted. Doesn't make it a bad game in my estimation by any means. 


    My point was: feel free to ask before giving up entirely, because its highly likely you aren't getting the most out of your set-up. I've been tutoring fellow forumites since Demon's in 2009, and they even dubbed me Sir Curtis. 😆


    Since then i've clocked 7000+ hours on Soulsborne games. All that aside, i'm not a 'great' player, my enjoyment comes from figuring out the best way to abuse the systems in place. The purists who love the thrill of solo-ing everything might smirk and say, "nah thats not how its done", but what does it matter? Each to their own!


    Also, do what i do: never try a boss more than 3-4 times. Take a break. Think about it. Sleep on it. If you're doing pitiful damage then your gear clearly isn't up to spec for that particular fight. Its not about learning every move and when to evade. Thats too clinical for me. Bashing your head against a wall repeatedly will only lead to a headache.


    The beautiful thing about the open world nature of this game is even if you hit a roadblock (or two), you can still explore and find all sorts of distractions. Thats what this game is about. After beating Margit i went all over exploring, dying, suiciding for an item, and by the time i got back on the main story path, i was proper tooled up!


    I'm always available for jolly coop. :eyebrows:

  12. I can't help but notice a lot of "i'm done with it" posts over the past couple of days? Have the semi-casual crowd who helped the game reach 12 million sales (thank you, seriously) reached their breaking point? 


    I would say stick with it, and use every tool at your disposal to hurt the game that will never stop hurting you. And it only gets worse towards endgame, trust me - theres no respite or easy way to see it through to the credits.


    The later enemies hit so much harder than any other Souls game. Thats why 60 Vigor has become a must! And i hate pumping HP for the sake of it, but this game is HUGE and LONG and you have to stay on par with the difficulty curve for each new region.


    But like all Souls games, there is no need to grind levels to get "stronger". Bumps in SL will only help in a minor way (like being able to equip a new weapon). The key is tailoring your build to the playstyle you enjoy. All of them are effective!


    If you need advice, feel free to message me, and we can look through your gear and stats and see what we can do to optimise it and make light work of problem areas. :sherlock:

  13. 1 hour ago, jonamok said:

    Blessed relief for his long-suffering mount, too.

    If you read the description/lore you'll know he mastered the art of anti-gravity (therefore not actually burdening the horse) so he could remain with his trusted steed forever more. 


    Also, he has no legs, so he'd fall off a real mount. 😆

  14. 1 hour ago, Uzi said:

    I have a plus 10 of that summon already ooh la la 

    Upon further testing, she isn't that great at trash mobs from a DPS standpoint, the secret sauce is her red blade throw which at first i thought was Bleed ticking away, but its actually a type of Fire that completely bypasses any resistances, making it really effective against high HP bosses. :ph34r:

  15. 22 minutes ago, Uzi said:

    I'm at her now at lv 140 and @imp was not joking! I went through the first bit going oh this isn't so bad and then lol

    Took me 5 attempts. :eyebrows:


    I've been tinkering with the Legendary summons characters as an alternative to Mimic, which is still useful depending on your build but i wanna diversify.




    Black Knight Tiche

    just managed to solo an endgame 'Named' Dragon that was giving me grief due to its massive health pool. Unbelievable scenes! She cost about 150K to get to +10, but that one dragon just paid it back in full.


    Guess i'm keeping her. :wub:

  16. 1 hour ago, scottcr said:

    The rarity of smithing stones [1] is a bit daft imo. I’ve found a weapon I want to upgrade, I’ve got loads of everything other than [1]s.  Yeah, I know there’s a quest I can go on to make them available - but it’s obtuse AF

    The vagabond vendors scattered about the open world sell them now. I saw one yesterday if you wanna know where:


    the one sat on the approach to Morne Castle definitely has 1's & 2's in stock.


  17. 1 minute ago, Majora said:

    I don't know why there isn't an option just to respec your weapon upgrades to be honest. It's not like From are committed to the idea that your decisions are permanent given you can respec your whole character. 


    Getting a new weapon should feel like 'I can't wait to try this out right now!' rather than 'I wish I could try this out but I can't be arsed going back to the first mine in the game to look for more smithing stone (1) and (2) to get it to a respectable level so I'm just going to let it sit in my inventory so I can carry on doing the fun stuff'

    The regular upgrade path to +25 has clearly been designed to be gate-locked by progression through certain areas as the map unfolds. 

    But, the amount of stones per jump (12 stones for 3 levels) is a bit much considering there are 8 bumps x 12 + 1 final stone = 97!


    My only advice is learn where the Bells come from, so you can pay less than I did yesterday. 😆

  18. I’ve been tinkering/re-speccing most of this evening and when it’s not been my cup-of-tea playstyle wise, I’ve rolled back my save from the PSN upload/cloud.

    The thing is my DEX non-bleed build is perfect, and I’ve never achieved that first run because I always ended up Quality. And I know if I take my SL past 150, it’ll start to become a jack-of-all-trades, which becomes very dull, very quick. That said i am getting 10 DEX from 2 Talismans, so there’s an argument for a 160 meta. But each to their own.


    I think I’m just gonna ignore the plethora of fools on YouTube taking advantage of the popularity of this game by showing anyone and everyone the least fun way to play the game (i.e. broken OP shit) and just do what I wanna do.

    My perverse brain is thinking a Bow only build. The research and prep grabbing stuff early is actually more exciting than progressing the game, especially now I’ve seen it all.

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