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  1. And it'll be so easy to integrate: sub-level areas via lifts or warp miles by transporter chests. No rush though. Plenty here to consume!
  2. Weapon Arts that have build up effects like Frostbite increase in line with the level of your weapon upgrade. So a +15 weapon might inflict 95, but a +20 weapon will do 110 etc. You can see the incremental increase at the Blacksmith preview.
  3. The Swordspear has the best overall base* attack power for any DEX weapon when you upgrade to Keen with 'A' scaling. Its fast and has an amazing moveset with decent reach. Highly recommended. I'm lucky i got a drop about 10 hours into the game. I then built my stats around it. Worked out wonderfully and ive been using it for 100+ hours and still happy. *Not taking into account OP Bleed builds etc.
  4. Yeah i did it on the second attempt after my sleep. Because i'm pure DEX, her sword and gear for fashion have made my build simply beautiful.
  5. Trying out a new weapon and the finicky timing on the weapon art in a late game area, where regular enemies can 2-shot you even with 50 Vigor, was not the best idea i ever had.
  6. Yeah, i remember the first episode being a real endurance test. But once you settle into the glacial pacing, it really is something special. Recommended, but definitely an aquired taste.
  7. Hoarfrost Stomp will definitely get nerfed in the first balance patch that From release.
  8. I've actually been sleeping really well. Turns out playing this all-day-every-day for a week really takes it out of ya.
  9. For the really Mage-heavy (internal) locations i switched my Taslimans to ones that negate Magic and negate non-physical attack damage. That'll take the edge off. Then i normally just bum-rush them and let my shield take the brunt of it. Once you're up close they're fucked.
  10. Yeah, thats the one. I tried 4-5 times last night but was kinda drunk, so i slept on it and came up with a new strategy which i'll try out later.
  11. Got my main weapon to max level and the Trophy.
  12. Holy fucking shit-snacks! I’ve just met what is considered the hardest boss in the entire game. Gonna have to take a break after the ass-whooping I just got.
  13. Yes, i agree, and as much as i like it, there are vast swathes of nothing/wasted space given the open world nature. Thats not only a design but CPU-stress decision. If there was an exciting encounter every 100 yards, you'd get worn out making it from A-to-B, also the loading of information to the memory would be nightmarish and probably not possible. Even so, the exploration is always exciting. AND THAT, IS ALL THAT MATTERS. I honestly don't think the Legacy Dungeons hold their own to even Demon's Souls from 2009. But its always going to be hard to top your best album!
  14. I don't know the ins-and-outs but like Bloodborne there
  15. Let’s just get this off the table of discussion; Souls games are cuntish in their design, and they employ cheap-ass setups to make you fail. So using supposedly “cheesy tactics’ to succeed is the only course of action. Purists are the worst type of elitist scum. If it’s in the game, you should use it and abuse it. That’s what Souls is to me - not following some guide - figuring out how to hurt the game like it wants to hurts me. All that being said, the vast majority of my deaths (like most players I imagine) have come from galloping straight off a cliff at full pelt. With regards to difficulty I don’t think it’s too bad. But I would highly recommend exploring a shitload before you start the main path. You can get very strong and prepared just by being brave and adventurous (my favourite part). Almost all the bosses I’ve come across went down first time because I was already tooled up. There were two specific roadblocks (for me) but like always with these games, I try 4-5 times then quit, sleep, come back fresh and breeze it. Good luck to all of you. I’m 110 hours deep and the game keeps on giving.
  16. Go elsewhere, anywhere. Trust me.
  17. You should assign Torrent, Spirit Summons, and items like the Mixed-Flask (which you normally use once before fog doors) to your Pouch. Its so quick & easy it becomes second-nature, and it stops them clogging up your item bar.
  18. Who ya gonna trust, "an RPG fan", or me, who has been schooling and jolly cooping Souls games with these wonderful folks of rllmuk since 2009?
  19. Hard Cap does not mean END CAP (aka Dex Level 99), it means there is little-to-no-value in levelling any further. Before 70, levelling Dex was giving 3-4 points increase on weapon damage, now its only 1 point, that equals HARD CAP! 'Soft cap' is that tasty sweet-spot on stats for players who want to min/max and keep their build at an optimal capped level (all Souls games before this, it was around SL120 for PvP etc). I imagine the level might be higher for this game.
  20. Personally i wouldn't go the Quality route in this game. Choose a weapon art you like then spec into one skill when you assign it, changing the parameters. That way you only have to concentrate on pumping one stat. The hard cap for STR or DEX is 70. I know cause i have 70 DEX and its diminishing returns from here on out.
  21. Nope, not been playing this much.
  22. Sorry, i've spoilered it now. I assumed everyone knew of its inclusion, because its part of the legacy.
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