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  1. 1 minute ago, Majora said:

    I don't know why there isn't an option just to respec your weapon upgrades to be honest. It's not like From are committed to the idea that your decisions are permanent given you can respec your whole character. 


    Getting a new weapon should feel like 'I can't wait to try this out right now!' rather than 'I wish I could try this out but I can't be arsed going back to the first mine in the game to look for more smithing stone (1) and (2) to get it to a respectable level so I'm just going to let it sit in my inventory so I can carry on doing the fun stuff'

    The regular upgrade path to +25 has clearly been designed to be gate-locked by progression through certain areas as the map unfolds. 

    But, the amount of stones per jump (12 stones for 3 levels) is a bit much considering there are 8 bumps x 12 + 1 final stone = 97!


    My only advice is learn where the Bells come from, so you can pay less than I did yesterday. 😆

  2. I’ve been tinkering/re-speccing most of this evening and when it’s not been my cup-of-tea playstyle wise, I’ve rolled back my save from the PSN upload/cloud.

    The thing is my DEX non-bleed build is perfect, and I’ve never achieved that first run because I always ended up Quality. And I know if I take my SL past 150, it’ll start to become a jack-of-all-trades, which becomes very dull, very quick. That said i am getting 10 DEX from 2 Talismans, so there’s an argument for a 160 meta. But each to their own.


    I think I’m just gonna ignore the plethora of fools on YouTube taking advantage of the popularity of this game by showing anyone and everyone the least fun way to play the game (i.e. broken OP shit) and just do what I wanna do.

    My perverse brain is thinking a Bow only build. The research and prep grabbing stuff early is actually more exciting than progressing the game, especially now I’ve seen it all.

  3. 34 minutes ago, MikeF said:


    Mimic Tear though, its PVE only, so not sure on that one.  Need to see how badly it has been nerfed


    I've watched a couple of clips this morning; its still as tanky, but only uses boring regular attacks, not spamming flashy arts like before. Doesn't look like it heals anymore either. They basically dumbed down the A.I.


    Time to bust out Tiche. :ph34r:

  4. 3 minutes ago, Doctor Shark said:

    Yes I was quite shocked when I got the ruins greatsword to 10 and I got the “god-slaying weapon” achievement! The last stone I needed was a somber ancient dragon bone smithing stone, or something. 

    From what i've heard there are


    7 of each max level stones per playthrough, so you can definitely experiment.


  5. I have to be honest that the weapon upgrade requirements in this game are mental.


    Somber Stones (aka Twinkling Titanite) used on Unique/Boss Weapons only takes 10 stones to get to +10 (the max level).

    Regular Stones used for, well, everything, takes 97(!) stones to get to +25 (the max level).


    Thats so out-of-whack its unreal! 🤪


    +25 as a goal is kinda crazy, but i imagine they designed it that way so you'd have to venture far & wide to get everything you needed.

  6. I should probably not progress through this game in a semi-drunken state, especially given the scale of it all. 

    I was just jolly cooping in the hosts NG+ Stormveil Castle, and i had absolutely no idea where to go. Not only because it’s 100+ hours ago on my playthrough and I’ve seen a lot of castles, but my memory is fucking terrible anyway. 😂

  7. 32 minutes ago, Doctor Shark said:


    Yes, but there was still a heck of a lot of running through goop! 

    For swamps/rot/lava where you can't use your mount, equip a Dagger in your RH and spam the Quick Evade Art.


    Its loads faster than trying to sprint/roll through the muck. ;)

  8. 8 hours ago, Broker said:

    Pretty happy with my gear and stats now, think I’ll probably be good to go through the last section or two. Fantastic game.



    You should swap those Vigor and Endurance stats around.


    I don't normally pump HP in Souls games, and as long as i can't get 1-shot i'm happy. But the enemies in the late game areas of Elden Ring, hit like a fucking truck! So needs must.

  9. 8 minutes ago, pinholestar said:

    I believe Ashes of War damage scales with weapon level

    Weapon Arts that have build up effects like Frostbite increase in line with the level of your weapon upgrade.


    So a +15 weapon might inflict 95, but a +20 weapon will do 110 etc.


    You can see the incremental increase at the Blacksmith preview.

  10. 8 minutes ago, imp said:

    Hahaha - for some reason I unequipped my cleansing miracle (law of regression) at some point when I was messing with a few spells. Have to say, big sword tends to work out better in my experience!

    The Swordspear has the best overall base* attack power for any DEX weapon when you upgrade to Keen with 'A' scaling. Its fast and has an amazing moveset with decent reach. Highly recommended. I'm lucky i got a drop about 10 hours into the game. I then built my stats around it. Worked out wonderfully and ive been using it for 100+ hours and still happy.


    *Not taking into account OP Bleed builds etc.

  11. 18 minutes ago, imp said:

    Holy Fucking Marika @Curtis, you were not joking about M*****, B**** of M*******! Took me about 4 hours to get her down and was fighting a headache by the end as well! Have you got her yet?


    Moonveil +10, Mimic+10 and a Level 140 character with 40 VIT and it was still a STRUGGLE. My flask improves stamina regen and improves damage negation. I have 65 INT (+5 from a talisman), and about 35 DEX. The bleeding effect of my katana does most of the work!


    Yeah i did it on the second attempt after my sleep.


    My +25 Guardian Swordspear with 80 DEX and Sword Dance Art was hitting her for 4K damage while she was distracted by my Mimic, so the first phase its all about not getting hit by her wombo-combo. The second phase is easy assuming your mimic is still alive and you don't run into the left over Scarlet Rot bubble like in your video. :lol: Don't worry i did that too, but i have been using the 'O'Flame Cleanse Me' incantation since early game (its a godsend for the 12 Faith requirement) so i cured then healed.


    Because i'm pure DEX, her sword and gear for fashion have made my build simply beautiful. :wub:

  12. 43 minutes ago, K said:

    If you don't like Refn this is probably not going to convert you. I would say it's worth giving it a try, but the opening of the series is almost comically slow. It's almost like an endurance test, where the programme makers are saying "if you don't like this, you won't like the series".

    Yeah, i remember the first episode being a real endurance test. But once you settle into the glacial pacing, it really is something special.


    Recommended, but definitely an aquired taste.

  13. 50 minutes ago, Timmo said:

    Also, is anyone else fucked at the moment? Like get-your-holy-weapon-out-and-strike-me-down fucked?


    Every night I plan to wrap up at midnight, only to do 'one more quick thing' again. And again. Before going to bed at 3:30am every night.

    I've actually been sleeping really well. Turns out playing this all-day-every-day for a week really takes it out of ya. 😴

  14. 5 minutes ago, NexivRed said:

    What are other melee types doing to try and negate magic damage? The fact a lot of it acts like a homing misfile, rolling isn’t always working. 

    For the really Mage-heavy (internal) locations i switched my Taslimans to ones that negate Magic and negate non-physical attack damage. That'll take the edge off. Then i normally just bum-rush them and let my shield take the brunt of it. Once you're up close they're fucked.

  15. 10 hours ago, 5R7 said:

    Jesus titty fucking christ!!!!:huh::blink:


    This Boss!  (late game, @Curtis was this who you were talking about)

      Reveal hidden contents



    fucking hell!!!!! makes Freida look piss easy lol

    I think thats my brick wall lol. Can hardly get a summon either as they go instantly haha

    Yeah, thats the one. 😪


    I tried 4-5 times last night but was kinda drunk, so i slept on it and came up with a new strategy which i'll try out later.

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