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  1. Playing this game for 14 hours straight clearly takes it out of ya. Thats the best sleep I've had in ages! I did dream about my build though, and what direction i want to take. So today we realise that dream...after coffee.
  2. I found him, but this early in the game he's only got the Mage starting spells plus one extra. I assume he's there (like other NPC vendors) for players who want to dabble, not those dedicated to one specific trait. I know because my second build is a pure Caster. I was hoping my discoveries on my main might propel my second, but it seems not.
  3. Thank you FashionGods! I finally discovered a decent set of armour where my female Vagabond actually looks like a woman. Its not the prettiest set in the world, but i managed to grind all the pieces, and the colour scheme matches her hair perfectly. Now the real Elden Ring begins...
  4. I just came back to post how wrong i was.
  5. Had to take a break because my eyeballs are falling out my head. Also, i need to eat. I've been doing nothing but exploring all day (maybe 8 hours on my main build) and i've uncovered (but only seen a tiny fraction of) the entire map. To say its massive is an understatement! The amount of crazy looking monstrosities i've bumped into, then hastily galloped away from is almost comical. There's soooooo much content here its hard to comprehend! Only now, as i'm resting and thinking about it, its dawning on me how immense this game actually is. Not gonna say anymore for now. Hope you lot are enjoying yourself.
  6. Long time no coop Mike. Catch up soon!
  7. I never stay up for midnight launches, but the next 3 hours i spend in the character customisation and stat deliberation (before i pass out) will save me valuable time tomorrow.
  8. Are you drunk? Because i am. If you're not joking, then the last thing you should do on the Eve of a new FromSoftware game, is play the old ones. Clean slate etc.
  9. I've been contemplating that too - fully RP'ing the exploration aspect - you equip as you gather and upgrade your stats accordingly. But, I'm worried it'll turn into a mish-mash of a build like i always have first go-around. The actual plan is to be OP by Sunday, then Monday coop!
  10. I swear this is the longest day in human existence.
  11. Didn't sleep very well last night. Dreams of starting classes and builds.
  12. I'm typing this quick & fast on my phone so i don't see any of the posts above, and as much as I'd like to avoid the hype, the internet has literally exploded with praise for this game. Soooooooo excited!!! See you on the other side. I'm not gonna be posting while I'm playing. Once I'm happy and confident with my game knowledge and build we should discuss a Discord group for jolly coop, only for those that need/want it.
  13. We can officially say that we'll be playing Elden Ring, NEXT WEEK!!!
  14. I have watched the first trailer and thats it... black out!!! Its been nightmarish recently, trying to avoid opinions on the beta, and now the full build teaser they let the influencers play. My favourite part of all Souls/From games is figuring it out for myself. And given that this is an open world it may take longer than usual. But, there's no rush! The current trend of players bee-lining through content like its some sort of race, makes no sense to me whatsoever. Relax. Enjoy. Soak it up!
  15. I should probably stop playing this in the run-up to Elden Ring, because: A). Its without a doubt the best looking game on PS5. B). The character models are soooooo good! I went back to DS3 on PC and laughed at the awkward fugliness of the character creator. I love my main build oh-so-much! Pure Mage with 52 Magic and 52 Faith, which means the Talisman of Beasts out-performs the Insanity Catalyst (with none of the detriment). Whenever i join other players games (my favourite drunked past time) i'm hitting nearly 800 damage with just a Soul Ray. Firestorm will 1-shot all of their bosses. Its jolly coop at its OP finest! My own game is past the plateau of NG+7 difficulty, but i keep speed-running through it just for shits & giggles. It helps that i know this game like the back of my hand. The quadruple Platinum was nice. But the remake trophies are a breeze compared to back in 2009. Gonna have a final playthrough this evening, and say goodbye (for now). Elden Ring is so close i can almost taste it....
  16. Yeah, i've seen all the seasons to date. I really like it, but it does follow a similar pattern each season. 1883 is very different to Yellowstone, but good in its own right.
  17. I love Alex Garland's work. Currently re-watching Devs. Excited for this!
  18. Preload is now available on Steam.
  19. Soak them in Isopropyl Alcohol and then scrub them with a toothbrush.
  20. Given that this is a proper open world game, it's doubtful i'll be jolly co-oping as soon as i normally would. I need to scour every inch of the map, and delve deep into every single dungeon so that i can figure out whats-what. And on the way make a semi-useful Quality build like i always do first time around. But the thrill of exploration, not knowing where you're headed, and if its too soon for your Soul Level (hello Catacombs), is what i'm looking forward to the most. Then once i'm comfortable, i'll start dropping tidbits of advice for those asking, and maybe start a second build where i will head straight for the danger zones to get tooled up early game! Thats my favourite part of any open world - being somewhere you "shouldn't be", thats high risk, but the rewards are sooooo worth it! Can we press a 'FFW' button on February please....
  21. As long as they add an equivalent to the Sodden Ring from the Demon's Remake, i have no problem with poison swamps. I mean, i can handle them either way, its just the roll cancel vomiting animation from the OG was a royal pain in the arse! I spent forever in the swamp below Blighttown grinding those slugs for Green Shards. Best way to get a decent weapon early game.
  22. Heh! Sorry. I read your previous post before my morning coffee and didn't know you understood what the soft-lock does. Glad you're enjoying it and branching out into various different weapons. Switch Axe is a beast!!
  23. You need to click the RS and choose which of the 3 active monsters currently roaming the map you want to 'lock on' to (look at the top right of the screen for the 3 boxes with monster icons and cycle between them). Once you've 'locked on' you tap (not hold) LB to re-centre the camera so you're facing the monster. Very useful in combat! You can tinker with how the LB functions in the options but be aware its not a true lock on like Dark Souls or Zelda. Top Tip: i would highly recommend assigning your item slider to be on the d-pad. Its much easier tapping the pad than using the fiddly hold LB + X/A method. Once you become more proficient and figure out which items you're using most often, then you can start using the quick-select wheels.
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