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  1. For you Magic users, don't give up hope:


    i've found a couple of high level Sages/teachers who offer some tasty bits! But more importantly, be on the look out for Scrolls when you're exploring/looting, and hand them in to the NPC for even more spells.

     I also jolly coop'd with some randoms last night (as a phantom) and i saw some outlandish shit being thrown out there. Made me jealous at the spectacle of it all. :wub:

  2. 15 minutes ago, Sexton Hardcastle said:

    Great Runes

      Reveal hidden contents

    Once you have it powered from the tower, you can just enable it in the menu whilst resting at a Grace. The first one seems to give a boost to your stats. The old woman at Roundtable will trade the bosses soul in for 1 of 2 weapons  


    Thank you! I was confusing the


    consumable with the actual rune. How do i "power it", as you say?


  3. 50 minutes ago, ChewMagma said:

    Question on Great Runes:


      Reveal hidden contents

    Do you have to equip them in some way to get their benefits or do they just need to be in your inventory?


    I don't really undertand how to


    equip the soul and use the Rune Arc to activate. I do know there's a new NPC at the Round Table who trades Great Runes for boss weapons.  ;)


  4. 3 minutes ago, Cosmic_Guru said:

    Also I need a magic vendor if such exists, magic missile is tedious if effective so something different would be cool.

    I found him, but this early in the game he's only got the Mage starting spells plus one extra. I assume he's there (like other NPC vendors) for players who want to dabble, not those dedicated to one specific trait.


    I know because my second build is a pure Caster. I was hoping my discoveries on my main might propel my second, but it seems not.

  5. Thank you FashionGods! 😄


    I finally discovered a decent set of armour where my female Vagabond actually looks like a woman. Its not the prettiest set in the world, but i managed to grind all the pieces, and the colour scheme matches her hair perfectly.


    Now the real Elden Ring begins...

  6. Had to take a break because my eyeballs are falling out my head. Also, i need to eat. 😅


    I've been doing nothing but exploring all day (maybe 8 hours on my main build) and i've uncovered (but only seen a tiny fraction of) the entire map. To say its massive is an understatement! The amount of crazy looking monstrosities i've bumped into, then hastily galloped away from is almost comical. There's soooooo much content here its hard to comprehend! Only now, as i'm resting and thinking about it, its dawning on me how immense this game actually is.


    Not gonna say anymore for now. Hope you lot are enjoying yourself. 

  7. 6 minutes ago, amc said:

    Just spent the last hour trying to beat Owl Father's second fight in Sekiro. Yeah, no go. Not only that fail, but I threw a glass of Coke over my computer in frustration and it blew up, so no Elden for me.


    Ok, that's bullshit but after my tenth try I almost launched my Elite 2 controller at the screen.


    Bad idea to try and wrap up some late stage bosses in my Souls games before 11pm, pure stress, managed Old King Allant in Remake but failed dismally at Darkeater Midir in DS3 and to top it off the pure gnashing of teeth hour with Owl Father.


    Should have played Bubble Bobble or some other chill shite.


    20 mins to go.

    Are you drunk? Because i am. 🤣


    If you're not joking, then the last thing you should do on the Eve of a new FromSoftware game, is play the old ones. Clean slate etc.



  8. 15 minutes ago, robdood said:

    PS am defo going deprived / loincloth / naked guy as my first character.  I want to feel scared and terrified and stealth around looking for my first gear :D


    I've been contemplating that too - fully RP'ing the exploration aspect - you equip as you gather and upgrade your stats accordingly. But, I'm worried it'll turn into a mish-mash of a build like i always have first go-around.


    The actual plan is to be OP by Sunday, then Monday coop!

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