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  1. Sale ends tomorrow! I just bought xcom 2 for £16 minus gold points. I think its a really good deal, I don't think I've seen the game plus all the dlc thats on this version for this cheap on a steam sale. Also got doom 64.
  2. There was a bit of video of this in todays pokemon direct and it made me hungry for lentils. Starts at some point and ends at another point.
  3. I've played 3 hours so far (2 battles) and there's more left. Looks like you can save and resume.
  4. Having never played any strategy jrpgs except for fire emblem I'm not sure what to make of the gameplay. Frankly It would be nice if I could play it instead of having to read an endless stream of utter shit. The writing is unbearable and it feels like it will never stop. It did, however, finally teach my how demesne is pronounced, and my mind is blown.
  5. Still a bit perplexed at all the people insisting that Nintendo need to do something to mark the 35th anniversary of a couple of games. Since when is 35 a significant milestone? Maybe 25, 30, 40 or 50 are. What's 35? Halfway to 70? A third of 105? They made a big deal out of Mario 35 last year, but it seems a bit like an arbitrary excuse really. I don't remember them making any sort of big occasion out of the 20th or 25th or 30th anniversaries of zelda, or metroid, or even Mario (their number one main big guy).
  6. Rllmuk's craziest Nintendo fans have all whipped themselves into a frenzy in anticipation. I'll be watching live just to see them all lose their shit in real time.
  7. Warioware Gold came out in 2018, thats fairly recent. I bet nobody bought it.
  8. What about the fierce deity mask in majora's mask? Your reward was basically to not fight the boss. Which I didn't for about a decade.
  9. This isn't true. The attack will kill weaker enemies but not stronger ones. Its also one enemy at a time and gas limited range, so while it's powerful, it isn't game breaking.
  10. The lunar new year sale has started. Just in case you've finished all the games you bought in the winter sale.
  11. I think its pretty helpful for people like me who also don't own a ps4 and came into the thread wondering if there was anything they missed too. Its a thread about PlayStation exclusives, so looks to me like that's the most reasonable criteria. I think it would be pretty weird to assume that the op has only ever owned a ps2 and an xbox s and no other consoles in his life, or to assume that he definitely has a switch, or to assume that he definitely wouldn't have a pc.
  12. Just in case anyone was using this thread as a reference for playstation exclusives, here's a quick list of games that are mentioned in this thread, but aren't playstation exclusive games - Journey rez infinite horizon zero dawn Flower DariusBurst Chronicle Saviours Nex Machina street fighter V Death stranding everybody's gone to the rapture Detroit Nioh, Nioh2
  13. yeah but it's photo mode! I thought that would be different to taking a screenshot of everything that's on the screen! Why would anyone want to take a photo of the ui?
  14. I'm enjoying this on PC. But I've just found out that in photo mode, when the game takes the screenshot it includes the UI. That's pretty stupid. And it has spoiled the great shots I spent a long time setting up. Like this one.
  15. My uncle works for Nintendo and has told me that the next switch is going to be made entirely from tedious speculation about what the next switch is going to be like.
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