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  1. Our Price, Eldon Square. July 22, 1994. Yes I'm linking to my own classic threads.
  2. chris on the moon


    What an old thread. And evidence of my embarrassed embarrassing post cull. I've just texted anewman to see what he thinks of pixies now.
  3. I'm sure they accepted "that" and "they" and "them" as 3 letter words
  4. Thanks! Stellaris sounds like it might be a good idea. Not sure you can gift game pass!
  5. Hey handsome, I'm thinking about getting my brother a game for his birthday. I've put a list of his games he's spent over a hundred hours with below, can anyone give any suggestions? I've previously got him war for the overworld and prey (the good one) which he liked.
  6. I think people would be bothered by it being a 15 year old girl if the actor playing her looked remotely like a 15 year old girl. I thought she looked like she was in her early 20s - turns out she's 24. Not sure where the first period stuff is coming from. Anyway I was moderately entertained but can't imagine that the world is a better place for having this film in it. The borat character probably isn't really justifiable at this point, and I doubt the film is going to be remembered..
  7. I don't like Rebecca. It's one that makes me want to read the book again, because it feels as though either I've misremembered it, or that the film has really not captured the spirit of the book at all.
  8. What's an action game? Are mario and zelda not action games?
  9. The word "crime" feels very appropriate.
  10. I bought persona 4 in the sega sale last night (had no idea they were involved, but OK). Logged in this morning to resume the download and was surprised to find I had bought the mega drive version! So I looked through my library. It seems that for the sale they're putting everything in a classic sega box. Seemingly at random. And, in the case of games that originally came out on sega systems... uhm Sega go home you're drunk
  11. I think it gets a bit better once the later levels unlock and you don't just play 1-1 a thousand times in a row. I find it satisfying when I get more enemies than I can count on screen and run through them with a star, sending them to my opponent who will probably do the same thing.
  12. I've been listening to Gathering Swans by Choir Boy a lot lately. It was released this May. It's sort of 80s revival pop made by goths. The singer is ridiculous. Bits of it remind me of treasure era cocteaus and disintegration era cure. spotify link https://open.spotify.com/album/3VO4Fu1NTkAadM3usPlXnW?si=Z4YYlHbpQbqB3hKgCtvpeQ
  13. Nowadays I try really hard not to go on to the internet and post comments on topics that I don't care about, saying things like "this seems really irrelevant, why does anyone care?" But in this case I'm finding it hard to resist!
  14. It's ok for a game to have its own thread! Info : trailer with English accent - https://youtu.be/4K-sVdynEf0 trailer with American accent - https://youtu.be/PhnZiJHFwUE It's out now, free for nintendo switch online members, and is available until 31/03/2021. my opinion: it's not that good but I keep playing it. I don't think it works that well as a battle royale. I don't understand how the course select works.
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