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  1. I think I am going to cancel my subscription when it's up for renewal. I just can't handle watching anybody that isn't Vinny playing any video games. Watching Alex try to play Mass Effect is making me dumber. How the flying fuck can you play video games for decades, and still keep trying to use a goddamn SHOTGUN at range. It boggles the mind. At least Vinny and even Jeff can make being crap at games still kinda fun. Everybody else just makes these games look so goddamn hard. I just don't get it. It's like Vinny has to hold his hand through everything, and if Vinny isn't telling him exactly what to do, he's a lost puppy. Me watching Giant Bomb play almost anything...
  2. I haven't played COD for a very long time. But hey, nice try I guess. I'm more on board with C4 (I assume there will be some sort of audible beep, or light on its) than I am claymores. Like you said, you've at least got to be active with a C4 kill compared to just littering claymores in decent spots. Having given C4 much more thought, I think I'm going to have a lot of fun using it. If they're sensible and put it on somewhat short range then it could be alright. If they just let you trigger it from anywhere, there's going to be a lot of shenanigans. You'd think so, but this PUBG, where bullets still leave the weapon a couple of inches under the actual barrel, and chainlink fences can't always be shot through. With that said, they've been pretty damn good when it comes to balanced weapons, so fingers crossed.
  3. Vehicles, bridges, inside the doorway of a house inside the circle as you camp in a bush waiting for somebody to enter. Underneath that mint Level 2 vest you spotted, to merk the people running for the circle behind you. Like I said, another tool for the camping arseholes.
  4. C4? This makes me extremely happy but also extremely likely to stop playing the game. It's another tool in the campers arsenal. I love C4 on stuff like Vegas/Vegas 2 and Battlefield, but C4 on PUBG? I'm going to really enjoy using it, but I'm going to hate it being used against me.
  5. I am down for that. Got it on the PC and Xbox and always happy to have new people to play the game with.
  6. This Metal Gear thing has been hilarious, I wish Dan or anybody else at Giant Bomb East had the awareness to call out the massive double standards. Ghost Babel has the same dumb Metal Gear bullshit that the 'proper' Kojima games have, but because Dan loves Kojima, all the other stuff is "genius". But all the dumb Metal Gear bullshit in Ghost Babel is "senseless", "why would they do that?!". If it was a Kojima game with the same shit, he'd be praising it for being so unexpected. There's one boss where there are lasers, but unlike the rest of the game, when the lasers are visible you can go through them, when they're invisible they hurt you. So going on previous knowledge, it's hard as hell because you feel like you're totally confined at all times. But when you figure out that trick, it's piss easy. Kinda like how Psycho Mantis is hard as nails until you realise you can use the other controller port, and then it's a pretty simple and easy fight. One of those is so dumb and terrible, according to Dan & Co. The other is a work of sheer genius. At least at the end of the boss battle he realises that he should have used the codec, and maybe somebody on the codec could have told him the trick. So hey, he's getting better!
  7. The one that's already gone or the one that's coming up?! Also, watching Dan play Ghost Babel is cracking me up. "Urgh, this is tedious!" Well yeah, it's a Metal Gear game, most of them are pretty tedious!
  8. Does Battlefield 1 take ages to load into and out of games for anybody else?
  9. Giant Bomb West might have just made some Ben-free content!
  10. I've done Ancient Isles and Shores A Plenty. I still need to do the one in The Wilds (East of Marauders). That Treacherous Bounty one is a fantastic curse, I had no idea what the curse would be until it hit us. Will happily hop on and help people with Ancient Isles and Shores A Plenty if they need one more piratey pirate.
  11. Ryan and Vinny were pretty damn special too.
  12. Forts being back is an interesting move, so far the forts have been a fantastic resource for gathering supplies en-route to battle the skeleton crews.
  13. Finished off all the commendations for this week now. Hopped onto for the Shores A Plenty battle in the sloop since that's the easiest. On the way there we could see a galleon and a brig battling the skeleton ships. As we got closer, the galleon sank. Just the brig left. Sloop to the rescue. Captain ship is the only one left by the time we arrive, we rip it a new one. Commendations pop, brig crew boards us to sink our ship to protect their own loot as we just chuckle to ourselves (didn't care about the loot, just wanted the sloop commendation).
  14. Second attempt at the dancing twats, first time was the first night on the Brig. This time, 4 man crew on the galleon. 2 hours IRL time before the crews switched over. We spawned on the other corner of the map. Hit up some forts and islands, ended up with 100 planks, 100 bananas, 12 gunpowder barrels, and 220 cannon balls. No other ships in sight. No other ships in sight as we approach either. Bollocks, looks like we're doing this with one ship against the dancing mofos. 9 gunpowder barrels, 95 planks, 200 cannonballs and 1 hour 45 minutes later, we finish off the captains ship, load up all the loot and GTFO before the enemies respawn. Job done, all three crews for this week sent back to the bottom of the ocean. An absolutely epic encounter. The dancing isn't anywhere near as bad on the galleon, because quite often a couple of you aren't hit with it. We did have one moment where we got hit with 8 on the trot. Bonus from an earlier voyage. Almost IRL shat myself. https://streamable.com/ir8yx Megal Gear Solid.
  15. Chest of Sorrows is pure fire and forget. Drop it on the deck of one ship, and just wait a few minutes. It'll sink by itself. Pick it back up in the water, drop it onto the next ship, repeat until done.
  16. Tom Hardy is the British Sam Worthington, only with less range.
  17. Yeah, this update is absolutely insane. But that Dancing Cursed Cannonball needs to be nerfed, it's not fun to fight against when they just keep firing it at you and there seems to be absolutely nothing you can do. You're stuck in the dance for too long, it wouldn't be so bad if they were few and far between but we were just getting pelted with them one after the other. It was the first and only time where I was thinking "F**k this game, this is some bullshit." Other than that, it's absolutely mental. https://streamable.com/7xvxm https://streamable.com/hi6fi
  18. Pretty sure a large of part of that is due to the game being kinda shit to watch. Also, having Ben involved means it's automatically going to be a shit stream. Definitely going to let my GB Premium subscription lapse, but for now, I'm happily watching lots of their old content.
  19. Human Fall Flat is pretty fun, especially in co-op.
  20. Chow


    Yup! I've blitzed through all of My Hero Academia over the last week or so, such a great show. That entire scene had me grinning like a loon. Same with All Might and his United States of Smash. Just absolute madness.
  21. I see you waving to a megalodon in the distance, and I raise you this... https://streamable.com/4ds1o Sword always beats shark.
  22. New series on Giant Bomb! Jason playing God Hand? Oh hell yes! Featuring Ben.
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