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  1. I did that one yesterday. Couldn't work out how to change the fans, so I just carefully dropped the ball on the edge of the hole, then left a bomb nearby. Stood on the platform, detonated the bomb and the ball went in.
  2. You might be able to get it for £50 on Friday, if you live near a Smyths Toys: http://www.smythstoys.com/uk/en-gb/video-games-tablets/c-923/digital-downloads/p-23166/legend-of-zelda-breath-of-the-wild-switch-digital-download/?cmp=cel&trigger=ac (Obviously you could just pick up a physical version instead, but it's the best price I've seen for the download version.)
  3. They've said it'll be done tomorrow, once they know how much stock they've got.
  4. DeNeo

    Nintendo Switch

    Here's a video tutorial of how to move your Mii across:
  5. That sounds like how the entire world of BOTW is structured. Lots of surprises, puzzles and enemies, getting lost - a never-ending endurance that's all leading up to the final boss. This isn't like Wind Waker - the world itself is the game.
  6. I didn't really have any trouble with that skill - you just have to make sure to move your character from the original activation point until you find the start of the trail. I did run into a couple of bits that I had to look up a guide online for. One of which was the laser pad where you have to turn Robin into Nightwing, then press B on the pad to use his sticks to deflect the laser. The game made no mention of him being able to do that. Also a bit disappointed with the amount of content - 6 levels, but each only has one location (unlike the Level Packs). The Arkham Asylum level has at least 3 of its minikits right next to each other, which shows you how small the level is. I completed the story pretty quickly.
  7. You have to play the levels to build the models within the Level Packs. You should be able to go to the Midway Adventure world (or whatever it's called) on the level select screen with the Gamer Kid character on the base. That should start the level pack. It used to ask you if you wanted to jump straight to the level when you first put the character on the base, but I noticed it didn't do this with the Lego Batman Movie characters, so maybe they've changed it. The level packs are more of the same gameplay though, so it won't be much of a change from the main game (apart from the Midway one, as that's mostly arcade games). Try the Adventure worlds if you want something a bit different to break up the game. You have access to Lord of the Rings, DC and The Lego Movie worlds with the starter pack. These are open world areas you can just run around and do side quests to obtain gold bricks. Bit like the New York hub world on Lego Marvel Super Heroes.
  8. DeNeo

    Nintendo Switch

    Stock issues? I ordered on 19th January with them, but not heard anything about my order since then.
  9. DeNeo

    Nintendo Switch

    EDF would be perfect on this.
  10. Did the whistle actually go for them to take the free kick then? Because why was Mignolet still organising his wall if it had?
  11. And that didn't work - we only ended up with a draw against Sunderland. I'm completely fine with Klopp resting players when we've got an important game against Chelsea a couple of days later. It's just unfortunate it happened the same week we lost 2 other games. If the FA want clubs to 'respect the FA Cup', maybe don't have a full round of league fixtures a couple of days after it.
  12. DeNeo

    Nintendo Switch

    And even then, Nintendo admitted they haven't taken full advantage of Switch with Zelda, as it was ported quickly. I'd imagine most games will be able to hit 1080p in docked mode.
  13. DeNeo

    Nintendo Switch

    I'll take it if you still have it? I pre-ordered at Argos a couple of days before they started doing the vouchers, annoyingly.
  14. Amazon have now price matched Argos on the Switch version - so you can get it for £49.99, or £47.99 if you have Prime.
  15. Dock, grip, wrist straps, power adapter, HDMI - take all those out at Christmas and sell for £200. I don't think they'd lose much. I bet that's why they've priced the dock on its own at £80, so that the £280 bundle looks like good value.
  16. I think they're much more likely to take the dock and other accessories out of the box and sell it as a portable/tabletop Switch, rather than redesign it without a screen. It won't cost them a thing and they'll be able to spin it as giving people the option to buy the dock separately later on.
  17. You could still 'switch' between handheld and tabletop modes...
  18. Take out the dock, power adapter, wrist straps and grip and sell it for £199, then drop the 'home' pack to £250 or include a game. The 3DS XL is £180, so that price would be more acceptable for a handheld.
  19. I've got a feeling there's a reason it'll be resting against the palm of your hand for the majority of the time, especially since it measures distance. Some sort of trickery to replicate touchscreen controls on the TV maybe.
  20. I guess the motion sensors in the controllers will be able to replicate the majority of the functionality from Wii games anyway. Only the full-on pointer based games would need more work.
  21. Given that it can detect hand gestures, would it not be able to detect light emitting from a TV? http://m.neogaf.com/showthread.php?t=1195969
  22. Argos are selling it for £50. They also have Mario Kart for £45 and 1, 2, Switch for £35.
  23. Ha. I'm happy buying ports, given the extra functionality.
  24. I've preordered. Zelda, Mario Kart and Lego City will be more than enough for the first few months. Hopefully the likes of Minecraft will release in the summer and then I'll get Mario for Christmas. Plus Nintendo always announce stuff closer to release now, so I'm expecting more first party stuff this year. Even if it's just Pokémon and SSB I'll be happy. Mainly I'm just hyped for the concept - can't wait to play Zelda on my commute and continue on the TV when I get home.
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