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  1. SwitchU. Comes with an innovative clamshell design and THREE screens.
  2. yeah, there should be a law against retroactively forcing a different launcher to the one the customer paid for. I would never, ever have paid for any game that forced me to use the 2K launcher, so I feel cheated out of the Bioshock experiences that I paid for.
  3. Wait it’s free?? It’s coming up as £12.49 for me on epic.
  4. Benny I'm so sorry. I had no idea. This is why I should never make any posts for clearly, I am a troll, even if I am an involuntary one.
  5. TIL a simple text post can cause me physical pain.
  6. i mean. a /s would help. sarcasm and text are well known to exclude.
  7. like a toothache, I just can't help but poke it. even if know it's gonna hurt.
  8. OK then are you thinking of Super Mario RPG? Because that's actually an RPG.
  9. i'd say it's safe to say that SMW, widely considered to be the best game of all time, is a platformer. not sure how world or galaxy could be seen as JRPGs. surely noone really thinks this.
  10. What have I started?? I take it all back. I just wanted to know how many shmups and platformers made it into the top100. I didn't mean to start some categorisation challenge. Although, now the genie is out, I was wondering whether instead of exclusive categories, maybe tags would be more suited. A game can have any number of tags, e.g. Isaac could be tagged as both Roguelike and Shmup. That way, there's no need to decide which category a game fits into.
  11. i think in the steam deck thread there was a link to something outrun related that you might find useful...
  12. Benny did you do a breakdown by game genre? I'd be curious to see how many e.g. shmups made it in to the list
  13. I could never finish this as a kid because I had a PAL SNES and an imported US copy of the game running off an adapter. at random times a new form of copy protection would kick in and it would give an anti-import message, and delete my save game I think if I ever go back to it - I'd need the to use the patch to stop the crying... can't have that in my life |-:
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