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  1. was going to suggest one of these but a review siad that the analolue triggers have been removed!
  2. I did actually basically go through exactly that sequence of emotions. ITT: people who are slvess to Nintendo.
  3. in handheld mode, no less. I'm one of the few peons who doesn't get Zelda. but a 4k 60fps handheld Zelda? That I'd try.
  4. OMFG it actually works!!! It's an official US sequel to one of my favourite games from literally 3 decades ago! So many memories of that game, those gorgeous B&W gfx and that time of my life. What a time to be alive EDIT: Does anyone have a copy of Gargoyle's Quest 2 Jpn that they want to sell?
  5. omg official GQ2 GB official Eng!! I was obsessed with the original. time to whip out the everdrive
  6. yes, yes - yes we will. I preordered both 3d allstars and world the moment i heard about them and i regret nothing goddamit.
  7. hate to say it. but snes jnrs to me are the zika babies of the snes line.
  8. Apparently they had to change the name due to copyright stuffs https://stoneagegamer.com/fxpak-sd2snes-downloads.html
  9. This trailer pleases me immensely
  10. That would explain the lower than exchange rate price....
  11. a site called g2a has a really rather too-cheap 5kY card on offer. am assuming it's too good to be true: https://www.g2a.com/nintendo-eshop-card-5-000-yen-nintendo-japan-i10000006097030
  12. Not sure if this is the best place to ask - please let me know if I should move my questions. I want to buy ESP Ra.De. Psi digitally as I prefer not having to change carts. I'm not sure what the best way to get it is. I've already got my Switch set up with a Japanese account ready to go. My problem is that the Japanese eShop won't accept my credit cards, Revolut or UK paypal. The only option I can think if is to buy a Japanese eShop card. But I haven't found anywhere that sells them without a big markup. So I guess my questions are: (1) Is there a way to buy
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