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  1. I'm so crap at this. Any tips for newbies (to the whole series)?
  2. For a long time Liverpool have been making good keepers into crap ones a few years later. James, Westerweld, Dudek, Reina, Mignolet all suffered a huge loss of confidence and form from which they found it hard to come back.
  3. bum

    Nintendo Switch

    I prefer them on the DS / 3DS. They are easier on the Switch and PS4 when you are examining a scene for clues, as it shows you places you have already questioned. Maybe it was because they were new to me when I played them on the DS, so it you haven't played 2 and 3, they might be just as good.
  4. I know that, but that has already been mentioned - I'm assuming there's some even worse stuff.
  5. What do they do that's bad?
  6. I've never really liked this - played the MD version - and much prefer Shinobi, but I'll give it a whirl on the Switch.
  7. It's brilliant. I've finally finished it thanks to the safety suit and rewind button, Previously had never got to the final boss.
  8. Super Mario Bros: SNES Famicom Super Famicom GBC GBA Wii VC Wii Disk If it hadn't been an ambassador game, I'd probably have got it on 3DS too. Bought Skyrim five times, so I guess it's second.
  9. I played a few games of Mario Kart Wii online - I particularly liked the way the globe showed you where the people you were playing against were from. That's it, except for a few games recently of WRC4 (on PS3), and that was just to get the last couple of trophies. Once I had them, I stopped. I'm only interested in Single Player.
  10. You aren't tempted to see these are you?
  11. bum

    Nintendo Switch

    Picked up Samurai Showdown and MegaAquarium. Looking forward to the latter.
  12. Call of Juarez. Is this the same as the last gen game? Worth ¥2,000?
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