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  1. bum

    Nintendo Switch

    Nintendolife say Black Flag is a great port, and Rogue is OK. http://www.nintendolife.com/reviews/nintendo-switch/assassins_creed_the_rebel_collection Good enough for me. Snapped it up today.
  2. bum

    Nintendo Switch

    Anyone picking up Ass Creed Rebel Collection, which is out today? Seems Black Flag is on the cart, but Rogue is a download.
  3. bum

    Nintendo Switch

    I think my favourite was the Okinawa one. I didn't realise this Kyoto one was so cheap in the UK. Did they all get UK eshop releases?
  4. bum

    Nintendo Switch

    Played a bit more of train journey now, and I'm getting better at it. Got a few A grades (no S yet). There isn't much chance to enjoy the scenery, as I have to concentrate so hard on my speed. Hopefully I can look around more when I unlock free mode.
  5. Check the retro folder - it was the Retro Game Club choice for June. But nobody except me seemed to play it. I like it. It has a certain charm.
  6. bum

    Nintendo Switch

    Indeed. It's cool to see the actual route. I bought all of them on 3DS. They're difficult, but this seems even harder after a quick go. I kept increasing the throttle / brake when I wanted to decrease, and vice versa. It's going to take some practice.
  7. bum

    Nintendo Switch

    I hope the whole lot will be ported.
  8. bum

    Nintendo Switch

    Like trains? Like the Japanese countryside? This train sim Journey to Kyoto is all in English if you like.
  9. bum

    Forza Horizon

    I like 2 best. I like the simplicity of just choosing which city to drive to and then choosing a four-race championship. Couldn't be bothered with needing fans to expand festival sites in 3. I prefer the DLC in 3 and 4 to that of 2, however.
  10. And indeed on home consoles - Wii played Gamecube and Wii U played Wii. They let Wii owners transfer all their eshop purchases to the Wii U.
  11. I'll leave Star Wars in as my choice, but honestly I've got enough to play at the moment, so I'll likely sit out the next few months, unless Star Wars is picked, because I'll be playing that anyway, as I've picked up a few versions of it recently.
  12. Anyone remember Freddy Adu, once thought of as the next Pele? He's been at 14 clubs. Now 30, there's surely time to go on and be the most widely travelled journeyman footballer of all time.
  13. The first Shinobi is better than any of its Megadrive sequels.
  14. bum

    Nintendo Switch

    A carry case is essential if you want to take it places. What sort of games do you like? There are loads of great Switch games. Mario Kart, Splatoon 2, Mario Maker 2, Arms and Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze are great, and if you haven't had a Wii, Wii U or GC, you won't have played them. Katamari Damashi, Skyrim, Capcom Belt Collection, The Witcher 3, Spyro, Raiden 5, River City Girls and Streetfighter Collection are also not to be missed, depending on whether you like those sorts of games. But you may have already played them on other consoles, although for me it's worth double dipping for the portability.
  15. After all that, it arrived yesterday. It looks fine so far, although there are better looking Switch games. I went for the water-based Pokemon
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