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  1. Couple more recent purchases. Will be interesting to compare Battlewheels with Cyber Virus.
  2. Loved stealth in the first and second Tenchu games. Now the only games I can bear it in are Assassin's Creed.
  3. Just got it. Very impressed so far. Much more accessible than California Games, in which I could only ever do anything right in the surfing. Going to write a full review on here soon.
  4. My sister-in-law allows her son's, now 12 and 9, an hour of game time a week, and yells at them when it's time to stop. They're desperate for more, and also for more games - they've only got Fortnight and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. I lent them Arms some time ago, and was told off by sister-in-law when they started pestering her to buy it. They lived with us until a couple of weeks ago. I gave the boys a quick tour of all the games that had been in the house, right under their noses, for many years.
  5. It's been great fun reading Man United forums today. Many of them are mature enough to give credit where credit is due. But some of them are in agony. Ironically, the only thing that could cheer them up would be a Klopp hug.
  6. No. I also posted it after last year's Champions' League Final.
  7. Tomcat

    Nintendo Switch

    Ah, good, another fan. Yes, as soon as it was announced it went straight on my Day One list. Had about an hour on it last night. Great fun.
  8. Then Japan, presumably. It came out here today.
  9. I wasn't in for the deliver of Mr.Driller, but it's being redelivered in the next hour and three quarters. Can't wait - loved this on PS and DS.
  10. Tomcat

    Nintendo Switch

    Mr Driller is released today. Anyone picking it up?
  11. Crafting, unless it's really easy to find what you need, like in Skyrim where everybody sells it. Hunger - can't be arsed with a constant need to find food. Customizable weapons - played Outer World's and enjoyed it but was anxious about selling anything and never sure what upgrades to apply. Too many skills to choose from at the very start. How the fuck am I supposed to know whether a slight increase in hacking is going to be more useful than a slight increase in intimidating people. I don't know whether playing as an archer will be better than playing as a two-handed hammer wielding meathead. Fortunately Skyrim improved that last one over Oblivion. Stunt races / drift races and challenges, car bowling, cone challenges etc. Just let me race.
  12. Skool Daze was my favourite game at home in those days. In the arcade, loved Skykid, Kung Fu Master and Out Run.
  13. No. Mind you, no game has ever caused that reaction in me. The nearest I come is buying some games used because I don't want to support the developers.
  14. I increased it and found it difficult to beat the AI, but still found they didn't really try to pass each other. Maybe it depends on the cars. I usually did all truck races - LMP1 cars might be different. This is free play - I finished the campaign ages ago. I still enjoy the game very much. Just hoping for better from the next game. Forza Horizon cars race each other properly.
  15. Really hope the next Forza has AI cars which race each other. Too many races with this had them just driving in procession unless they were overtaking or being overtaken by me.
  16. In Gran Turismo 5, the GT Formula 1 car occasionally comes up as a second hand car. Very rarely.
  17. At launch, PS5. Later, the updated versions of both of them.
  18. It looks fine to me. In any event, I'll only own it for a few years - the inevitable Pro or Slim version will be what eventually takes permanent root around my TV.
  19. I don't so much as abandon games as put the on the pile of shame. Like the friend zone, it's hard to get out of it. Borderlands 3 is the latest game to go that way. I played about 8 hours of it, which is more than usual for a game I give up on. Jedi Fallen Order got about 6 hours. More often than not it's not a conscious choice to abandon a game. I come to a bit I struggle with, so I take a break, start playing something else and never get round to going back to the first one.
  20. Some games have really shit AI in 1 player mode. Twice now I've beaten the CPU at connect four on impossible difficulty, in four moves (five from him). At chess, he was so bad it was off-putting and distracting. I kept thinking I was missing some trap when he ignored my putting his rooks, knights and bishops under pressure.
  21. I bought this on Switch, and have played about 25 minutes. It certainly is much worse graphically. Lots of pop up, lack of detail, and a bit of smeering on the cheeks of the lieutenant you meet soon after landing. But the combat was fine, even for ranged combat. So far I haven't been frustrated by the long loading times. I finished it on PS4 Pro earlier this year, for comparison.
  22. Had a play on The Takeover. It's excellent
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