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  1. Wave Race was the best Nintendo 64 game in its day, and still is. Amazingly, the graphics still look gorgeous (well, the water does, and the riders have a blocky charm).
  2. Yes - damned auto correct. Lode Runner
  3. I've bought Life Runner 3D after seeing it cheap on Amazon. Anyone played it? I've never even seen it.
  4. That looks absolutely fantastic.
  5. Was never that grabbed by Jennifer Hale - found her voice very forgettable. Liked Bayek and Kassandra very much. There are loads of great ones in Yakuza, but my favourite is Bazooka Yamadera, who is Akiyama. He has a very impressive voice acting CV. Worst is probably the western voices in the first Tenchu game.
  6. It has arrived. And it's absolutely rubbish. Very flat. I think a fat bloke must have sat on it on its way here. Also included was a dog tag, the game, what looks like a plastic photo frame and a "soundbox" which I assume is CDs of R-Type music from various games. I haven't opened it yet, but it mentions loads of games on the box, and it's quite substantial. There's also a tea cup. Worst of all, it doesn't come in an R-Type box. It's all separate.
  7. I've got so much buyer's remorse over the collector's edition of this that is apparently arriving tomorrow. It includes a fucking cushion for fucks sake.
  8. Well Turok certainly wasn't. Mind you, in 1993 Daniel's in Windsor had Street fighter 2 for SNES for sale for £90.
  9. The Double Dragon and Metal Slug Advance arrived recently. Really happy to have them. Love both games.
  10. I did yes. I'm in Japan, so no import duties.
  11. Yes, that is what I meant.
  12. Snapped up Cotton, thanks for the heads up.
  13. I'd like to think I won't pay it, but if the next Mario games (Kart, Maker and the platformers, not so much Mario and Sonic or Mario Tennis) are that price, I almost certainly will. I'll also get franchises I know I like - Forza, Forza Horizon etc. But I won't take a chance on many unknowns.
  14. Raiden IV is great fun. Much prefer it to Raiden V. I also picked up Rolling Gunner, but that hasn't clicked with me yet.
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