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  1. I read somewhere it was slightly delayed because of the Australian captain's currently tribulations.
  2. Double Dragon 3 is a bit crap, isn't it? I've tried it on the Famicom, and didnt get far, and the Gameboy version was even worse. Felt like the enemies could block my attacks at will, and the whole thing felt very lightweight. Anyone like it?
  3. I suppose the idea is that the more new stuff there is, the more likely people are to upgrade from a previous version. Career mode in these games is a big time sink, and it's likely that some people (I'm one) are still in the middle of the first career they ever started in Cricket 19. That said, the additions are annoying rather than interesting to me. I miss the old days of F1 games which didn't have practice sessions before each race. Now you have to do them or fall behind. Hope the same doesn't happen with shitty weight training mini games here. Just let me bat, for fuck's sake.
  4. Indeed, there is plenty that needs improving in the game. Graphics, commentary, smoothness for starters. Talking to the press and farting around in the gym is not playing cricket. The last fomula one game I played really pissed me off with the interviewer coming up to me and asking questions from a tiny list of them after qualifying and racing. I'll still buy it though - probably double-dipping on Bone / PS and Switch. Hope Switch gets a physical game this time.
  5. Poll is buggered - won't let me vote in just the top one. Can't find them anywhere here in Japan.
  6. Mine has arrived, although it's being wrapped up as a Christmas present.
  7. Anyone played Illvelo Swamp?
  8. Excellent. I have some of those OG Xbox games but have never had the console itself. I'll have a Dead or Alive session tonight.
  9. There's also the Egret Mini to look forward to.
  10. Far too soon to be thinking about 2022. Let's get Christmas out the way first. But yes, it is shaping up to be a great year. Forza, Kirby, Splatoon, Triangle Strategy, Advance Wars, Dead Space and Hogwarts are all on my shopping list.
  11. Can you use drones to smash the reward boards?
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