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  1. Thanks. Not for me then.
  2. Is there much single-player content? Happy to play against bots
  3. What's the cross-gen situation with this? Are Series X and Bone versions completely different games, as was the case with FH2? Or is it a game where the same disk works on both consoles? Or something else?
  4. If it has the voices, especially Tony Green doing the prize board numbers, I might be tempted if it goes on sale.
  5. 71,000 copies of this were sold in its first three days in Japan. It's topping the chart for last week. A good start.
  6. I thought I'd tried every button press. Will try the touch screen. Thanks
  7. Thanks people who answered me. Has anyone finished the second lesson in the Alien Blaster tutorial? I came to a bit where it told me to open a nodon's settings but the programming screen was too zoomed in to see it, and it wouldn't let me scroll or zoom out.
  8. I can't work out how to make my character's punch destructive. I can only see how to make his whole body destructive. Either he can't hurt the objects at all, or he may as well not bother punching as he can be just as deadly by merely touching them. Anyone know?
  9. Two of these for me - one for work desk and one for home.
  10. This will be a day-one for me, the Forza Horizon and Motorsport games were, along with Rare Replay, the only games that made the Bone worth purchasing. That won't be the case this generation with the studio acquisitions. Mexico is a great choice.
  11. The tutorial is slow-going, even if it does have plenty of charm. I was glad to see free programming unlocked after making the first tutorial game.
  12. I won't try to guess what the average punter think, but personally I'd rather this succeeds than the next FIFA. I'm going to snap this up as soon as it comes out on console, and if I boycott at all, I'll do it by buying used copies of ea games.
  13. But on the other hand, this is likely to sell much less than FIFA and much less likely to have exploitative microtransactions. It's also a fairly novel take on a much-loved IP. Even if it isn't ground-breaking it's more original than tweaking a graphics engine and updating team rosters. I know that FIFA sometimes introduces a new way of playing, but often it doesn't. I guess my point is that I'd much rather people made their point by boycotting the annual EA sports franchises. I hope this does well.
  14. Sure, but there are lots of threads about EA games, and I've never seen any discussion about this. Maybe it will change now.
  15. Why this game in particular, when he has stakes in other developers too? Or maybe the next FIFA thread will also have people boycotting or yarring it.
  16. That's good enough for me. Ordered. Ikaruga arrived today. I missed it on DC and GC so looking forward to this (on Switch).
  17. Got mine today, but haven't started it yet. It came with some packs of cards. I don't know what they do. ETA - tips to help, apparently.
  18. How is the Shmup Collection on Switch? I'm not very familiar with the games in it. https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/shmup-collection-switch/
  19. He also has stakes in EA, Activision, Blizzard and Take Two.
  20. I read the odd thread on this forum and bordersdown, although I don't find either very interesting these days. Also read resetera and neogaf. I read reviews on GameSpot and IGN. Wish there were other good review sites. I look at Nintendolife for news. I watch YouTube videos if they are reviewing or comparing games, to help me choose. Used to read GamesTM but now that it has died, the only magazine I read is RetroGamer. I have plenty of Collector's Editions of games, but no plushies or anything. The Amiibo I have came with games I bought.
  21. Mine has been dispatched. Arriving tomorrow. It looks super.
  22. Probably because it's not much fun.
  23. I've pre-ordered the main unit. Will take my time and decide on the rest of it.
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