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  1. My collector's edition has just arrived. It's lovely.
  2. Mario Galaxy 2 coming to eshop.
  3. I used to love fruit machines, but stopped playing completely when they went up to 30p per play. For whatever reason the fact that you could put a pound in and have 10p left over really pissed me off. I occasionally play them on the pier near my UK house, at 2p or 10p a go. I've been lucky in that I've only ever seen it as entertainment rather that a way to win money. Would love to have emulated versions.
  4. I think the rapid rate of release - we got a new Forza or Horizon every year for six years on the Bone is making the wait seem longer. I'm certainly ready for a new one. Right now I'm playing the 360 version of Horizon 2. Already rinsed the Bone version.
  5. We got three releases of it on each of the last two generations. It's hardly "utterly neglected for such a long time".
  6. Same. None of the Bone ones had multi-class races, which was a shame. I love playing as the slower class cars and causing havoc to the CPU faster cars by trying not to let them pass
  7. That really is beautiful. My collection is up to 20 now, but I'm resigned to the fact that I'll never own Dark Arms or Faselei western version.
  8. The problem is not whether or not I'm online. The problem is that in a few years Sony can and probably will turn the servers off, and the game can no longer be played. That probably isn't a problem for most players, who will just move onto the next one, but I've played GT2,4 and 5 in the last month, and love going back to old racers.
  9. Discussion on resetera that the single player campaign might be online only. https://www.resetera.com/threads/gran-turismo-7-campaign-mode-requires-internet-connection.485359/page-5#post-73209790 Fuck this then.
  10. Any good tennis games on the Megadrive?
  11. I always try to make a stunning brunette woman. If an Arsene Wenger style coat is available to buy or find, I'll make her wear that.
  12. I'll get the Xbox version and the Switch version if the latter is released.
  13. I've come to my senses and cancelled PS4. Switch will be enough.
  14. Even the graphics are amazing. Well, the water anyway. Still looks gorgeous.
  15. It was very expensive, but I picked up Metal Slug 2nd Mission on NGPC. Also got Densha De Go 2.
  16. I got the 14k one for both PS4 and switch.
  17. For me, the ease of the crafting is a huge part of Skyrim's appeal. The crafting is dead easy because there are forges and enchanting tables all over the place, there's no tedious reactions minigame to do it, the ingredients aren't that hard to find, apart from perhaps daedra hearts, and mostly sold in every town and village anyway. It also makes you shitloads of money. Perfect for players like me who just want to get on with the rest of the game. Also, there's no maintenance for armour and very little for weapons (recharging) which can be done anywhere.
  18. Just done the same. Thanks
  19. Never knew there was an Aussie Rules game on Switch. Anyone played AFL? Any good?
  20. I got my bare game from PlayAsia. In another six weeks or so, Amazon Japan plan to be shipping my clamshell collector's edition. Here's a link to the latter. https://www.amazon.co.jp/-/en/gp/aw/d/B092ZPPX81?ref=ppx_pt2_mob_b_prod_image
  21. NGPC collection, physical edition, is now out. Got mine today. Collector's pack has not yet been dispatched.
  22. I hope they make the AI cars actually race each other, rather than just driving in a procession in FM8. I've enjoyed 7 very much, but it always felt as if it was me versus everyone else. The racing in FH always feels more like an actual race.
  23. Super Hang On is the best game on that Sega Arcade Gallery. Out Run and Space Harrier are fine. Unfortunately Afterburner is unplayable.
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