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  1. This is now on the Switch eshop for a release later this month. Great.
  2. Sega Manx TT is light on content but fun to play and cheap to pick up.
  3. Mine is arriving tomorrow but I won't play on it for a month.
  4. I've never played Destiny, Halo, Rayman, Ratchet and Clank, Silent Hill or Ace Combat. I have a couple of Ace Combat and Halo games, which seemed to be forever on my pile of shame. Have barely touched Souls games, but I did play a bit of Bloodborne. Not my thing.
  5. There are more than 4,000 games on the Switch. Many of those will be shovelware, but that still leaves a load of very good entries in just about every genre of game. The only type of game I can think of that isn't well represented is realistic driving simulator.
  6. I've never played on an OG X-box, a Jaguar, a 3DO, PC Engine CD or Neo Geo CD. Only had a Saturn, Neo Geo AES, and PC Engine when they were years past their actual days in the shops. Apart from that, I've had just about every console except for a few from hallowed antiquity. The first console we ever had was the Phillips Videopac. I've never used an Intellivision or an Atari 2600 / 5200 or 7800. Our computer of choice was a Spectrum 48k, but I frequently played on other people's C64s and BBCs.
  7. And no fuckin puzzles in the way. Some games, like Zelda, I can take puzzles, but I hated the way the action paused in Skyrim while I had to solve those stupid rotating statue puzzles.
  8. Interesting figures from this page. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Video_game_lists_by_platform I was astounded to see that there are nearly 3,000 Xbox One games. The Switch is higher than all the other consoles I checked, although only very marginally ahead of PS2.
  9. There are many legitimate criticisms of the Switch, but to say it has a poor range of games is absurd. Anyone saying that is just making themselves look daft.
  10. Plenty - I have a huge Switch collection. Even if you delete the shovelware, you'll still looking at a huge range of games. It's only driving simulators that are poorly catered for on the Switch. Every other type of game has plenty of options.
  11. I get that it's only wikipedia, but according to its entry for list of Switch games
  12. I'm another who doesn't really care about stories. In Skyrim, for example, I never really knew why Alduin was trying to take over the world. I just turned up, grabbed whatever item I was told to get / spoke to or murdered whomever the game said was important, and then went on the next place. I played Ass Creed, Yakuza / Judgment etc in the same way. It doesn't work for Phoenix Wright games, of course, but in those games figuring out the story literally is the gameplay. Otherwise, stories need a tldr summary of where are we going, who are we killing and what are we looking for.
  13. It's much slower than in the previous games because you no longer get weekly credits from Forza Hub.
  14. Doors which can't be opened when you're looking for a way in / out. It's particularly annoying when you're carrying more than enough dynamite, grenades, C4, rocket launchers blah blah blah to blow the bloody door off its hinges and into splinters. But the game insists that you have to get out through the designated exit.
  15. Sega Manx TT Superbike is great fun, despite its tiny selection of tracks. Cheap as Saturn games get as well. Slipstream has provided me with quite a few hours of fun. I've never played an Asphalt game that I didn't think was shite.
  16. yeah, that was just about low enough to tempt me to bite.
  17. My local Surugaya had Cotton Boomerang for a not too bad 15,000 yen. I snapped it up, as it was in nice condition.
  18. Theme Brother / Two Point Brothel. Build rooms, hire reception staff and hookers to satisfy the punters. Do you scrimp on advertising and stick leaflets under windscreen wipers, or do you hire a programmer to design a website? Will you splash out on that fully equipped S&M dungeon for premium-rate paying customers, or just beds for vanilla ones who pay less? Work your one up from one Essex streetwalker trying to fund her next fix of crack all the way to luxurious premises catering for wealthy (but perverted) tycoons and politicians. I've long thought this would be fun.
  19. Fabulous. Amazing. Brilliant. Magic. Finally, after years of fruitless and frustrating searching, I've found a nice copy of Shinobi II. Happy as a pig in very deep shit.
  20. It's actually about thirteen exclusive games. https://gamicus.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_New_Nintendo_3DS-exclusive_video_games#:~:text=The following table contains 13,the New Nintendo 2DS XL.
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