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  1. Gong Li is an awesome actress when speaking Chinese. Any film with her in it, apart from Miami Vice, is well worth watching. Try The Emperor and the Assassin. I'd love to get hold of Farewell my concubine, but can't find an R2 DVD
  2. X-box for me - stupidly I assumed that the backwards compatibility on the 360 would be up and running in no time.
  3. Absolutely appalling - thank God they saw sense in time. No urgency or intensity whatsover - towards the end she says "Red Alert" and "Brace for impact" as if she's just waking up. She'd probably be excellent in a Florence Nightingale role, but I don't think I'd have bothered watching Voyager after a few minutes had she been Janeway. She could have been Kes, I suppose, with her softly spoken voice, but she's about 30 years too old and not as pretty as Jennifer Lien anyway. Says on wiki that Bujold requested that the captain's name be changed in Nicole Janeway. Even that sounds terrible, although I suppose I'm put off that name for ever by the hideous BB9 contestant.
  4. The twins were at least nice to look at. Kat is a hideous fat pig.
  5. Linda Blair fucking herself with the crucifix in the Exorcist?
  6. Agree completely with all the dislike of Kat - she hasn't been anything other than nauseating since the COOKIES and HAPPY HOUSE HAPPY HOUSE HAPPY HAPPY HOUSE HAPPY HOUSE shit got boring in the first day she was there. Who the hell is engaged to her?
  7. Did nobody finish the first mission in the original Tenchu? "Your greed sickens me. I hope your death will be a lesson to others".
  8. Oh, I see. I didn't realise it was just a rumour. That makes more sense
  9. I agree it was obvious, but I think it does the show's credibility no favours at all. Had it for some bizarre reason been Lisa who came out on top of the vote, I reckon they would have had to fix it to spare their blushes.
  10. But Lisa could be evicted before then. Unless it's fixed.
  11. Yep - she's just as bad. I hope she isn't voted out. I've really enjoyed watching her dissolve into a totally paranoid, sick wreck. I hope Sara stays. Get rid of Lisa.
  12. I agree - it has been as good as such toilet telly gets. They wasted no time - the tormenting of Lisa and Stephanie from the outset with the horrible (for them) marriage task was a great start. The scowls on the hell housemates' faces when the heavenly ones got their feast / fish and chips. Now watching Rex and Nicole make each other miserable every single day. It has been great if you're into reality TV. Loved it today when he actually said she stuck too close to him, when she can't move without his permission (until he slept in the shit bedroom last night). WHat a cunt
  13. Good God. Rex is trying to stop Nicole wearing high heels, on the grounds that it's wrong for the girl in a couple to be taller than her man, and then calls her selfish - a selfish bitch, no less - when she won't have it.
  14. Right, I'm with you now. I didn't know anything about BB7. I assumed you were talking about the very dull Nicky from Big Brother 8. I didn't watch any of BB2 - BB7.
  15. Can't remember anything about Nikki - I can remember Charley throwing tantrums. But I considered Chanelle to be the one saving grace of last year's series. Apart from her it was ridiculous. It was won by a guy so false he went as far as to pretend he hadn't heard of Shakespeare. At least the twins were nice looking. There's only Maysoon now this year who's particularly attractive. IMO Two funny Chanelle moments http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=u93reixuDN0&...feature=related http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=cB5LM6fOXlg
  16. I think it has been a very good series of Big Brother so far. The only thing it has lacked is a complete dimbo going crazy in the diary room every so often. By far and away the best parts of last year's series were the times when Chanelle was in the diary room. The violin tantrum was great. There's nothing similar in the present group.
  17. Agree with this, although I have nothing against Sara on the Hell side. It's also been a good couple of days because Luke has been sick, and so less airtime than usual has been showing his scrawny, weedy, effeminite attempts to be funny.
  18. We should get some Russian housemates in. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=_lJyBq9nKso&...feature=related
  19. Some of the recent footage showed how big her breasts really are, but that hasn't made up for the footage I saw yesterday of her shaving her moustache.
  20. Very strange. BBC commentators seem staggered by the decision. HBO seemed to have a wide decision for Clazaghe.
  21. Good. Always good to see aggressive punching getting the better of feigning injury, clinching and head-butting.
  22. One of the contributors to 606 called him Cristiano Hopkins
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