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  1. Turrican finally shipped from SLG. Only a year and five months after I ordered it.
  2. They could make it so that the CPU cars in single player actually race each other, instead of driving round in a procession. They could also make it online only, which would make my jaw drop with disappointment and frustration, as was the case with Gran Turismo.
  3. Anyone got a ballpark figure for a rough value for this little lot? After two years of not playing a single second on them, I'm considering getting rid of my Vita Collection. Red OLED Vita, JP. Used but very nice. Boxed. Black Call of Duty OLED Vita EU. Used but very nice. Not boxed. Red LCD Vita JP. Boxed. Never used except for periodically charging the battery. 32 and 64 GB cards. White PS Vita TV. Boxed. The following games, mostly UK but some JP. All boxed. Akiba's Trip Asphalt Assassin's Creed Chronicles. JP Assassin's Creed Liberation Borderlands 2 Bullet Girls Child of Light Civilization Revolution 2 Criminal Girls Danganrompa Darius Burst Dead or Alive 5 Disgaea 4 DoA X. JP Dragon's Crown Dungeon Explorer 2 Dynasty Warriors 8 Extreme Legends Dynasty Warriors Next Earth Defence Force. JP Earth Defence Force 2. JP Fifa 13 Final Fantasy Fishing. JP Formula 1 2011 Freedom Wars God of War Collection Gravity Rush Hatsune Miku Project Diva f. JP Hideboh Tap Dancing. JP History Legends of War Hotline Miami Jonah Lomu Rugby Katamari Killzone Little Big Planet Marvel v Capcom Metal Gear Solid Collection Minecraft Minna no Golf 6 MLB The Show 14 Modnation Racers Mortal Kombat Moto GP Need For Speed Operation Abyss Persona 4 Dancing All Night. JP Persona 4 Golden Puyo Tetris Ridge Racers Sengoku Muso Chronicle 3 Senguko Muso 4 II Senran Kagura. Senran Kagura Festival Versus. JP Spy Hunter Streetfighter x Tekken Super Robot Taisen. JP Taiko no Tatsujin Tearaway Toukiden Unchartered Uppers Virtua Tennis Virtue's Last Reward Wipeout WRC 3 WRC 4 WRC 5 Muso All Stars. JP Reco Love Ocean View. JP Hyper Dimension Neptunia U Action. Unleashed. JP Furaiki 3. JP Gal Gun Any thoughts?
  4. My local Surugaya has one - priced at ¥32,000. Glad I got one back in the day.
  5. It's coming to Switch soon. I will be double dipping.
  6. I'll be astonished if it doesn't. That will definitely rule it out for me.
  7. Only played the Switch version so far, but it's fine. I've put about three hours in and had a great time, particularly with the games I'd never played before. Haven't tried PS4 yet, so if that's unplayable, I'll see what all the fuss is about then. That said, I have ignored Pac-in-time so far because it looks rubbish.
  8. The handling never clicked for me, the graphics were bland compared to its predecessor, the voice sounded totally bored, the track design was worse - it's one of the most disappointing sequels ever.
  9. Games where you can just enjoy the scenery. Forza Horizon games, Pilotwings 64. #Drive on Switch is an excellent chillout game too.
  10. I love killing things in games. Better still of they're people. That said, I did think during AC Odyssey that if my character had been strangled at birth, it would have saved the lives of probably over a thousand people later.
  11. The swimming pools in Pac-Land get me every fucking time.
  12. That explains why not then. I don't have Game pass so not sure.
  13. Anyone played this on Gamepass yet? My copies (Switch and PS4) are in transit - I'll have a bash on them tonight.
  14. I "plan" to get a PS5, but they make rocking horse shit look like sand in the Sahara, so I'm not confident that I'll get one in the next year even if I'd like to.
  15. The previous result was two weeks aggregated, because of Golden Week. It wasn't 50k in a single week.
  16. The PS5? That's nothing to do with the low sales figures in Japan. They sell out the very instant they're available. It's a lack of stock and nothing else.
  17. The resetera mods went berserk even by their own standards, which were already as low as crocodile piss.
  18. Even my city has X-boxes on shelves at the moment - Series S, the Series X is still very rare. No PS5s anywhere except for outrageous sums in Surugaya.
  19. I'm with you. Two piles of absolute shite.
  20. That's what I thought. It was fun for a while, but very forgettable. I would probably never had thought of it again had it not been for its recent mentions on here. But at three quid it's a no-brainer.
  21. Had a play on the Switch version this evening. The graphics and load times unsurprisingly are worse than on the Series X. The former is fine, but the wait to start an actual match seemed to go on for ages. I'm a male player this time, and I'm really struggling with timing the fast bowlers. Whether that's because the men bowl faster or because of some technical difference between Switch and Series, I don't know. There are some poor frame rates as the camera pans around the stadium, but it's nowhere near as bad as in the last game. Looks like it will be fine for a portable cricket game.
  22. I assume the barging someone over on the touchline in that gif.
  23. It's fun enough. Hated those races where you are driving at tick or cross gates.
  24. First team ever to lose three consecutive FA Cup finals according to the Beeb.
  25. It's all right. I much preferred the PSP games personally. This was the game I got with my 3DS at launch, and I don't think I ever played it again after getting a second game later. The DS game is a total shit stain. Almost as bad as Burnout DS.
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