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  1. AA3 > AA1 > AA2 > AA4 > AA6 > Miles Edgeworth > GAA > AA5 for me. Haven't played GAA2 yet.
  2. I'm on this day one, mostly for the GameBoy games. Fall of the Foot Clan was one of my first games for the original GB.
  3. Today I purchased Snowboard Kids and Duddy Kong Racing, both of which I'm looking forward to trying. Got Densha De Go a week or two ago.
  4. Marsh, Neighbours, Warne.
  5. Three absolute icons of my youth from Oz all gone in 24 hours.
  6. Is much of the single-player content locked behind license tests?
  7. This thread is good timing for me, with Elden Ring getting such acclaim. The only other game in the same ilk that I have played in Bloodborne. Every time I put it on, I rage quit soon afterwards. Never made much progress, and didn't like the aesthetic at all. Certainly Elden Ring looks much nicer, but I am sure that I won't enjoy the gameplay. However, I do want to see what all the fuss is about. I'll wait for a price drop at the very least.
  8. Is it worth tweeting him with a link to the trading folder here?
  9. I have an internet connection, obviously, but I like playing games years after their release. With this, Sony could switch the server off when the next installment comes out, and I won't be able to do anything except a basic arcade race. If I could see some reason for it being online only I might think differently but I can't see why they can't do an offline single-player campaign.
  10. Online only except for a pokey arcade mode. Oh well. Not spending much on this then.
  11. I was delighted to see the top light up, as the Astro City Mini does. Here's some Arkanoid action. One mildly irritating point is that you have to take the SD card out to play the non-trackball games. With it in, it will only show the menu of those games. The SD card itself has a great picture on it. Rotating the screen is very satisfying. It needs a firm push, and clicks securely into place when done. Here's Elevator Action Returns about to get started.
  12. Had a play on it now. Here it is with its controllers. It's bigger than the Sega Astro City, and the Neo Geo is smaller still.
  13. I'll post more when I've had dinner, but mine is here, except for the arcade stick which will arrive on Friday.
  14. Mine's shipping and arriving today, I'll post a picture when it's unboxed!
  15. You did have him, sorry, you're right.
  16. Quite good, I was very impressed that you got But there are plenty more, including some you'll kick yourself if you don't get.
  17. Quick trivia question - PLEASE SPOILER YOUR ANSWERS Can you name all the Liverpool players with surnames beginning with K since the Premier League began (autumn 1992)?
  18. Playing my Sega Astro City, I learned something today. In Altered Beast, I thought the game went on indefinitely if you never powered up to beast mode. But while Neph will give you a few chances, eventually he'll fight you even if you are still human. It's doable on the first level but thereafter it's pretty much guaranteed death.
  19. Realised I hadn't ordered an arcade stick to go with all the other stuff. Now rectified.
  20. Finally got the rerelease of Mega Man Wily Wars. It has taken ages, but it is a really nice package.
  21. Day one for me. Definitely getting the Switch version. Might get Xbox too if there's difference in performance.
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