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  1. Wonder who the bog gamer is. (Makes note not to buy Switch things on the forum).
  2. Game room for me, although the Switch will get quite a bit of use when I'm hanging around in coffee shops.
  3. Where will you spend most of your time gaming?
  4. I've never seen it here. Had to bring mine from the UK.
  5. How my tastes have diverged from readers of Eurogamer. I've bought over 400 games this gen, but have only four of that top ten, and couldn't bear one of them - would have traded it in had it been worth doing so.
  6. Same. I have 2 Game and Watches Mario Kart Home Circuit Sega Astro City Mini 3D World All on pre-order. But no next gen consoles.
  7. If anyone has or happens upon a spare Streets of Rage 2 in nice condition, drop me a line.
  8. There was a disk version, yes. Things like this are why I won't be buying any consoles without disk drives.
  9. PS3 also had Motorstorm, which wasn't bad. That was all that grabbed me at launch, and although nothing special I didn't buy any other PS3 games for several months.
  10. It was quite good, but I don't think the 3DS library of games is anything like as good as the DS. My 3DS has more time with DS games in its records than 3DS. Loved Mario 3D Land, Ocarina in portable form, the Airport Hero series, Mario and Luigi and Luigi's Mansion. Hope region-locking dies with the 3DS.
  11. Dive Alert turned up last night. Becky's version. I don't know anything about it. Hope it's not too bad.
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