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  1. The Takeover - 90s side-scrolling brawler set in a town called Steel Haven - is out next week, in Japan anyway. Seems worth a look if you enjoyed SoR4 as it appears to have copied SoR4 to quite an extent. The eshop video also shows a few seconds of shooting and driving.
  2. I do have time, but there has been a run of games I'm not very interested in. I like the concept of this, and really enjoyed the first few threads which ran to four pages (sometimes more, but the last was usually suggestions for the next month). I agree that it will be a shame if it ends. But I also think it's a shame if we don't get threads on other games because they didn't make it as chosen game. I'd like to play and talk about both Layer Section and Doctor Mario, although I can't see the latter prompting a month of discussion. It feels like we're limiting discussion a bit.
  3. Is there any point in these any more? Why not just start threads on games we want to play and talk about it. This month we ended up with a thread with about three comments about the gameplay. The OP, who suggested Legend Of The Mystical Ninja, didn't ever get round to playing it. Hindsight and all that, but it seems ridiculous that we missed out on starting a thread about a game a number of people wanted to play and instead got a thread that barely anyone replied it and even fewer actually played the game. How about starting a Dr Mario thread, a Layer Section thread, a Galaga thread and whatever else people want to play?
  4. It's much better than the PS360 games in one essential way. When you go through a door, the loading time is infinitely less than it was.
  5. Early PS2 game, I think. When the credits were rolling, you fought several people at once. One of them got bigger and bigger every time he was knocked over.
  6. I wonder if GTAV will ever come out on the Switch. I'll pick it up if it does. That will be the third time.
  7. Picked up Dirty Larry. It's far from great, but the graphics are nice.
  8. The arcade game of Double Dragon is available as an Arcade Archive on eshop.
  9. Tomcat

    Nintendo Switch

    If you haven't played it elsewhere, Raiden V is good fun.
  10. That's not really "it for that gen" anymore. It might have been once, but this gen you'd forever be stuck with worse battery life on your switch and consoles which are twice the size but half the power of later models on your PS4 and Bone. Mid gen upgrades and changes have meant that it's financially unwise to buy in to several consoles at the start of the lifecycle.
  11. It is, especially the birdman mode. Can't believe this never came to the VC.
  12. I'm only playing relaxing games at the moment. Tend to start off by playing though either of Kung Fu Master or Golden Axe. After that, I have my hour on Animal Crossing. Then I usually play some of: GTA V - just causing mayhem. Dynasty Warrior. Pilot wings 64. Theme Park. Tinkering with RPG Maker Projects. Forza Horizon (any of them)
  13. Yes, I was talking about the Vega, but are any of the other ones legit?
  14. On a related note, what's the best modern Spectrum portable emulator thingy to get? I know one was years in the making and a skirt tale of fraud and broken promises but are any of them any good?
  15. Tournament Cyberball arrived today. I'm now up to 55 Lynx games.
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