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  1. rylee

    Illustration Club

    Cheers for that. Here's my latest pic:
  2. rylee

    Illustration Club

    Haven't been posting anything for quite some time, so here are a few vector illustrations:
  3. rylee

    Illustration Club

    Haven't posted anything at all for a quite a while – so here's an animal friend:
  4. Not a bad race in the end with Ferrari giving themselves a chance of upsetting the RedBull machines. McLaren missed their pit opportunity to get on new tyres and that gave Webber the break he needed. Pure racing incident with Hamilton – Lewis needs to understand that Mark will do ANYTHING to stay in title contention, as this year is his only realistic chance at ultimate glory. Lewis never owned that corner and should have set Mark up for a pass later on, as he was always going to keep that inside line. Surely game over for a McLaren win now. Really surprised that Mark's car continued on with good lap times.
  5. Are there realistic radio communications in the game? Quite a few racers have had pit help to adjust the car as you run laps – anything like this?
  6. rylee

    Illustration Club

    Really impressed with all the recent stuff on here - very creative! Here's a sketch in oil pastels of my favourite F1 car/driver combination: Jackie Stewart in the 1972 Tyrrell-Ford.
  7. rylee

    Illustration Club

    Mine above is a quick doodle coloured in Photoshop. I like the feel of your Victorian gentlemen c-cat114 – that's groovy too! Here's a preparatory sketch for a project I'm currently working on: I want the final impression to be more miserable and cruel, so the final illustrated technique will be important to nail. Again a PS project using my new Wacom.
  8. Yeah the Force does have a similar wing style to McLaren when looking from side on. Not sure about any link.
  9. Well I'm a Chiefs fan - so I know what it's like to be awful. Lucky there's no relegation!
  10. Enjoyed the game - took the day off work to watch. Great effort by the Saints as they looked way out of it in the early stages. Always happy to see a different team win, especially with so many gutsy play calls.
  11. rylee

    Illustration Club

    Hi all - been away for quite some time. Have been learning a few new techniques, both traditional and electronic and thought it about time I did some posting again. Attached is an oil pastel illustration completed for a CD cover for a song written by a friend. This is only the second time I've used pastels - the first was a little test piece before starting this cover. I'm quite happy with the result and the response to the disc artwork was very positive. I hope to develop my style further as I really enjoyed the nature of how the pastels mixed together and created unexpected effects as I worked.
  12. After reading the first three books many years ago, I'm now onto book 4 of 'The Winter of The World: The Castle of The Winds'. Has been strange to go back to a series I've mostly forgotten, but his style is so easy that it's been good so far. Needed a bit of action/fantasy after other recent reads.
  13. rylee

    Illustration Club

    I love that little guy Snaffles - great technique and such a joyous feel!
  14. Regarding the night race - apparently Hamilton's McLaren is to be fitted with a huge floodlight, just to be sure he can see clearly and not gain any advantage by mistakenly overtaking dark liveried cars.
  15. I'll have to post some more illos in the illustration folder to compensate! No use starting something only to let the side down.
  16. I'm in agreement with this - but I guess it isn't the easiest thing to create a game where the tension is in the location and the situation you are faced with. Would most players want a game without a lot of enemies, but rather a select few who moved around a lot and kept you on your toes for a long period? I always liked the way the original Tomb Raider was an exploration game with small periods of combat excitement - can this be transported into something more dynamic in a corridor environment like Dead Space will feature? The videos are looking good at this point and the presentation is nicely worked, so I hope it all comes together well when released.
  17. The UK to AUS and back trip will make the two week turnaround too short for me. I'm sure to slow up the whole process and with the final number of participants getting quite high it looks like a tall order for me now. I think it is better to drop me from the list at this point.
  18. I'd think we need a list with all the addresses on and some sort of timetable to keep us moving it along. Wouldn't we keep the list in each book and simply cross off and send on to the next?
  19. Air mail to Australia is listed as up to 5 days. It will be a little bit expensive for me to do, but the idea really appeals and would also force me to continue to sketch stuff. There would need to be enough time added in for me to comfortably receive a book, do my sketching and then send on to the next person.
  20. Add me in too - if you're happy to send to me in Australia!
  21. rylee

    Illustration Club

    There's a million resources available that cover all the different ways to approach digital art. Have you heard of ImagineFX? Try their site - they have pdf downloads from their magazine that follow through different artists working within different software, so you'll get a handle on how to achieve certain styles and ideas on how to go about learning tools in PS. Quite a few artists work in monotone to develop the structure and balance of forms/lighting first - then apply colour once the main elements are working. There are many ways of working like that in PS - you'd need to investigate and see what works for your style of work.
  22. rylee

    Moto GP

    I really hope Melandri finds that Kawasaki can deliver him a decent bike to ride. After all his troubles at Ducati, those green machines may not be the best move to make for someone on such a downer for so long. Looks like Rossi has the title to keep now. Stoner and possibly Pedrosa can win more races, but that points break is surely too much to make up, unless Rossi has some unfortunate incidents or breakdowns.
  23. I predict Coulthard will hit something or someone very quickly! Quite like the layout for a 'street' course - really does have an Indy feel to it. Drivers should enjoy stringing together various sections, with some nice blasts followed by some critical tight turns and chicanes to cleanly negotiate before the next run down a sort-of-straight bit. A new circuit is always welcome, so I simply hope for an interesting contest. I'd pick Hamilton at this point, as I reckon he'll come to grips with what is required a bit quicker than some of the other leading contenders.
  24. How's this? Combined the text with the head. I think the font works OK, so kept it as is.
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