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  1. 100 runs 75 hours, time to take a break I said. 101 sure let's go! I honestly haven't had the compulsion for years.
  2. I did the final boss after 50-60 runs having been beaten by him 3 or 4 times. I got him with pixels left on my last health bar, which was a massive relief! I still want to play it to unlock more titan blood. The blitz disc is interesting but I just love the magnetic cutter on the fists. Another GOTY vote right here. Playing on switch but own steam also.
  3. My VR Optician lenses just arrived, what a great upgrade. They don't feel like they click on very tightly bit it's not as if I ever whack myself in the face while in VR, on no sir.
  4. 2320 1479 3992 If anyone would like another fairly regular gift giver please add me, I need a new friend for the special research.
  5. Just played a bit of Vader, damn it's fun with the light sabre! Pleasingly performance seems just fine on my 1070.
  6. I wasn't expecting perfection so I'm not too disappointed. Overall it's a cool thingy.
  7. They are lovely! Rez brings back all those DC memories but better than I remember.
  8. Having only tried my rift s, I will say that the blacks are not that black. However after one evening's play I had a great time, but yeah I can see me looking for an oled headset if I really get into it. I'm amazed at the sense of place I had though and the tracking of the touch controllers is really impressive to this vr noob. I went for rift s because I had a pc to power it, it only has one cable and no external base stations. Plus the price, about 2/3 of a Vive here in Australia. I'll have a look at these gamma tweaks and consider an index down the track if I'm spending time with my r
  9. My Rift s is waiting for me at home after work, I've never tried VR but I already own a bunch of games to try. Rez, Tetris, everspace and elite will be the first. My pc has a gtx1070, is that going to be ok for those games in vr? It's still a great card for my 1080p monitor. I'm very hyped to try it out, last time I tried VR was when they had the virtuality machines at the trocadero!
  10. I think I need this thing. Remember Switch year one with all the big games month by month? It's that but little and yellow.
  11. No worries! Thanks to all the regular gift givers and receivers in my friends list
  12. I bought this on switch and have hit the stadium wall. I played Trials HD to death and a bit of evolution too, only just briefly playing fusion. I played of those games with a 360 pad and analogue triggers, do you think that the switch digital triggers are a big disadvantage?
  13. Nice! Also thanks for all the gifts to everyone sending them, I'm trying to keep up with it daily. (Petrolbreath)
  14. I had the misfortune to purchase and therefore play the GameBoy version of Dragon's Lair, it has nothing to do with the proper versions. Really bad platforming, it stank.
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