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  1. Oof, there can't be too many better possibilities than Nani though, especially if you already have Ronaldo. I just packed my first icon, shame it's Shearer.
  2. Thanks, I'm holding onto them for now in case another good player SBC comes out. I'll use Insigne in one of my teams at least.
  3. Insigne and Casemiro as my red picks.
  4. Johnson-Thompson injured and disqualified in the 200m. She was fifth after the first three events. edit: Steve Cram just said she has withdrawn from the competition.
  5. Anyone playing non-FUT single player FIFA should use the community sliders. World class to legendary to competitor mode is bonkers otherwise. https://forums.operationsports.com/forums/ea-sports-fifa-sliders/976734-fifa-21-os-community-sliders.html
  6. Caster Semenya attempted to qualify for both the 200m and 5k (where there is no limit on testosterone levels for women athletes) but couldn't meet the Olympic qualifying time for either, so there are definitely strict entry requirements for most, if not all, events.
  7. New WL+ is 8 Bundesliga players. Feeling a lot more confident. I'll line up 5-2-1-2 with Coman up front with Torres, Kimmich as CAM (he's wasted anywhere else IMO), Atal and Matthäus as CMs and Delaney as middle CB.
  8. Well done, good luck for your rewards. I thought about doing Cruyff but the new Dybala looks so good I've just done him for now.
  9. Managed to get 14 wins to hit gold 3 which I'm pleased with. Was pleasingly grief free.
  10. I spent 100k on FS Saka on Weds as I didn't see there being a better Prem RM for the price. Since then the Adama objectives and now this mental Daniel James card have come out. Saka is currently down to 50k. I'm now switching him to CM in game and to be fair neither of the new cards look like they'll be any good for that, but still.
  11. I'm 10-10 now, but have won my last 4 I think so it's only going to get tougher when I get back to it.
  12. Thanks Timmo, yes the additional player picks for having a PL team is what I'm going for. Just got Tadic as the best of my 7 wins picks. My team I'm struggling through with. Switched from 4-2-3-1 to 4-3-1-2 a few games back and Son has come alive at ST having been anonymous as LAM. https://www.ea.com/fifa/ultimate-team/web-app/?showoffId=dQluDcYodgz8:FFA21GEM Yours looks very good.
  13. No need for that etc, I'm not hitting gold!
  14. Whatever the first five matches are called.
  15. Won my first placement game then lost the rest, some close, some not so close. I've won the next two after those against much easier opponents.
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