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  1. I don't know the bounty you mean but is it stasis damage or shatter damage? If the former, a finisher (press and hold R3 when the enemy is flowing with a dot over their head) should do it. If it's the latter, freeze then melee to finish them.
  2. Controller is the same for both Series. I have been thinking the same about its feel but hoping it's only an illusion because of the textured surfaces.
  3. Cheers for the games @mikeyl, great fun.
  4. Oh Xbox, didn't think about that. I'm in the Muk Overlords clan. Gamertag is SwallowFM. Anyone else want to join?
  5. Hey mikey, it'll be my first character but happy to team up tonight from 7.30 if that suits you?
  6. Mida Mini-Tool (the SMG) does not have the sunset cap, interestingly. It can be infused all the way up to 1410.
  7. For those who don't know, if you sign up for Bungie Rewards through the Destiny 2 app you can claim a powerful engram.
  8. You cant turn music off fully which is annoying. I play Spotify in the background but it's an annoyance having to cycle the radio to off every time I start an event.
  9. @BeeJay re Destiny 2. Yup my One S would regularly drop as low as that or worse during public events. It's one of the reasons I stopped playing it. Making games I like playable again for a reasonable amount of money is the reason I went for the Series S, even though I agree with whoever posted that the X is better value for money really.
  10. Yes I am, and coming from a One S. Even with HDR enabled I'm not getting the 'OMG my eyes!' reaction that others have posted about the Series X version but it does look noticeably better than before. It's quite obviously running at a less than native resolution but it's not offensively bad at all. for the display but not in an offensive way at all.
  11. I used this, thanks very much @BarryL85.
  12. Doing some digging and this article seems to suggest it should at least get double the frame rate with a seemingly trivial developer update: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2020-this-is-how-xbox-series-s-back-compat-really-works So 720/60 as the worst case scenario plus the standard Series additions of Auto HDR and faster loading times. I can't see any reason the Series S wouldn't be capable of 1080/60. I found the One S version (klaxon sound) literally unplayable.
  13. Sorry if this has been covered, but how is Jedi Fallen Order expected to run on the Series S? Reading this article implies it will have the One X enhancements of 4K/30 or 1080/60 even on Series S, but I thought games wouldn't necessarily have access to the One X performance modes. Has anyone else confirmed this? https://www.windowscentral.com/ea-details-various-next-gen-xbox-series-x-series-s-enhancements?amp
  14. It had no credit to dial out. They probably couldn't work out the settings, the phone looked pretty old. This is the first series I have properly watched ad absolutely loving it.
  15. Yes it's a licensing issue I believe. Only a couple of minor (but noticeable, obviously) changes.
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