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  1. Probably, but not until the summer.
  2. I've got this team ready and was going to buy his NIF today but with this new promo (position changes and boosts) I'm going to hold off just in case someone interesting comes along who I can fit in.
  3. Point and shoot in the box. Don't worry about positioning or what foot it's on. I only have his 85 but he is lethal.
  4. I remember watching you against Napoli away early in the group stage where you struggled against similar shithouse tactics.
  5. Packed Griezmann and MOTM Inaki Williams this weekend. Strengthens what was already the strongest part of my team but does mean I don't regret not doing the Jovic SBC.
  6. Wish his 86 was an LM as I haven't done Trossard and didn't pick Felipe Anderson. Guess it wouldn't be fair on people who've got those guys though.
  7. I've got headliners Pléa so obviously I just packed his 2IF untradeadable. Maybe I should do Jovic.
  8. Your method will let you do all 3 Steely.
  9. There's a 9 first owner Ligue 1 objective, an 11 French players objective and an 11 first owner objective. Doing 11 first owned French Ligue 1 players lets you do all three at the same time. Probably pretty tough though and may end up quicker only attempting 2 of the 3 unless you've relegated yourself.
  10. High rated fodder is low, I've bought a few over the last few days thinking an expensive SBC would be along to bump up prices, but they've continued to slowly sink. I think now and tomorrow is a good time to invest in 87+ cards as I expect at least one expensive Future Stars SBC. Obviously I could end up being completely wrong but I don't see much risk at low 20ks prices.
  11. Man I'm a sucker for SBCs. Did Alphonso Davies immediately. I never got FUTmas Roussillon so it wasn't a hard decision.
  12. Tonali, jackpot! And a Pique hiding behind him.
  13. Packed future stars Martinez... But he's the CB/CDM from Ajax not Lautaro like expected.
  14. Weren't the CL cards last time around +1 from the base cards, making them inherently more valuable then?
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