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  1. Outstanding - thats what I'm after. should've been like that from the start
  2. guess you're ahead of the pack on this matey - I'll be getting it the minute I step through the door tonight
  3. ja, im in. Would like different maps though. more city based. Love Mashtuur
  4. any chance we could start a little earlier though. I just know this'll go on v late.
  5. Me too 1. Strawp 2. SpongeManTim 3. Vincenzo 4. Kagemusha 5. baby middle finger 6. mlewis 7. Chawkso 8. SilentBob 9. Olimar Is Down 10.
  6. Ok a few more: The Soul Searchers - Ashleys Roachclip(probably the most sampled break/drum pattern ever is from this). Used in Paid in Full - Eric B and Rakim. King Kurtis - Memphis Soul Stew Larry Youngs Fuel - Turn out the lights and a disco classic or two: Atmosphere - atmosphere Dazz - Brick Brass Construction - Movin' - you'll recognise it straight away
  7. Oh yeah now I see. thats what I get for having no pc for 3 months and not keeping up to date. That looks like just the ticket.
  8. Just struck me that a night-time map with all the tracer shooting around and nightvision business would be classic. And now I wanna play it.
  9. ha - you know I did have a quick look - but I was eating at the time.
  10. BBC TWO at 7pm on Friday 4 November. Might be worth a look.
  11. Some pics from Diving in Cyrus last week. the propeller is from the wreck of the Zenobia.
  12. All taken at a hot rod show thing recently. Except this one. Annoyingly out of focus.
  13. point yes - medels/awards no. ive won 3 basic armour medals now - yet i dont actually have anyone of them on my stats. No fair!!
  14. Thois has happend a few times now - Ive specifically picked a ranked server and got some points, the odd medal etc, go to my stats after playing and no update. Date played hasnt updated and my score certainly hasnt. 3 times this has happened now. Am I doing something here?
  15. Just got back from the Swiss meet of the Caterham 7 Owners club. Here are some of the pics. Clearly need a fast shutter speed on the waterfalls These are the rest. http://www.flickr.com/photos/olimarisdown/
  16. they are really nice. Did we speak about underwater photography a while ago - maybe even in this very thread? Where were they taken? that lionfish is great.
  17. yep - was guided to that last night. Cheers. And a huge thanks to Camps with that manual fix as thats sorted it perfectly. Shocking situation though.
  18. trie dthis twice now, with different d/loads and it seems to work fine - gets to the end of the install and then say patching failed. I click ok and then I get a window saying patch successful. Just tried to join a game with a mate and got a message saying i have an older version running. top right in the game says 1.0.2442.0. I thin kthe new patch should show 1.1.2484.0 Incidently, i didnt install the first patch. Help me...............going mad
  19. Here's an interesting album. Just got hold of this after hearing the current single "If we're in love" which is fab if you don't know it. So, the whole album is a mix of fast and slow tracks - on dance vibe. Anyway, if you get the chance, worth a listen.
  20. Ive got the full game infront of me and im just about to install. Out of curiosity, when I do this - will it remember my sign on and password in the full version?
  21. Just got back from a 6 day tour of France and Switzerland with the lotus 7 owners club. Here are some of the pics so far.
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