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  1. Where the fuck is the Google earth app for this? I had it on Gear vr day 1. What's the problem?
  2. Wem? Ah right get you now (I live near Buxton so was just wondering if it was close and I had not heard of it )
  3. Just seen the Switch Direct - brilliant!
  4. Are you playing with pad or wheel? My wheel is broken so I don't know whether to bother or not.
  5. Can you elaborate on this a bit please? - It still needs (i assume) a monster PC so why is it such great value?
  6. Certainly was - what can you use to embed pictures on here? this will do for now.
  7. Do you need to visit other peoples islands to play this? - I have no friends and my Switch is banned (I may have mentioned this before ). Don't make me buy the Mrs a Switch please - she has just started playing it and loves it despite playing nothing but Critter Crunch for the past 10 years.
  8. Maybe one of the races with pit stops etc - the rest sprint racers? Otherwise 4 racers may take up some time?
  9. I should be there - I may have someone else who wants to join but I will see if there is room first.
  10. Pretty good in the end but you have to sort out the starts.
  11. Yeah back to COD I think - shame, was looking forward to that.
  12. Down to 25% due to technical difficulties - you could not make this up . Fair play to them for trying though.
  13. I am going to assume you need internet for this? Stupid banned Switch!
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