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  1. Yeah think I will do the same in the morning.
  2. It will still be going when I am long gone.
  3. You will be fine - get on the live chat for refunds and they sorted mine out that day. Amazing how they take £100 out for auto renew when its £75 on their website like but there you go..
  4. Good timing to bring this thread back - sequel has just been announced for next year! https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/new-isle-of-man-tt-video-game-to-release-next-year/ As a many time visitor to the TT this sounds great!
  5. Can you get Duckstation running on it? If so that could be great.
  6. My pre order has timed out!!!!! FFS!
  7. Not for me. Got one for a 200 quid controller though
  8. We are getting a sequel! Woo!
  9. What great news! A few things to iron out but this should be the next step
  10. Has anyone played that Atari mini game game that came out a while ago. It's like an RPG. I had a quick go and it seems great!
  11. Intersting . Might be worth another try with this version then. 10 with a pad was pretty great on PS5 mind.
  12. Anyone play this (or WRC 10) on a wheel. I tried it and it was nigh on impossible! Also no handbrake doesn't help.
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