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  1. Perhaps put a time limit on this for when @Valvergets back from hols?
  2. Yeah RE4 seems to be amazing and certainly not a half arsed port if the first 15 20 mins are anything to go by!
  3. Cannot wait! - is it PCVR?
  4. This works great - but you have to pay. https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/2017050365004772/
  5. Yup this. Exactly what I thought this morning when having a quick spin against my ghost. Beat it and the time was then wrong. I don't think it clears penalties properly when you reset to track.
  6. Thanks - they dont seem to do a smaller one sadly so I will just have to get a bigger TV
  7. Its changed a fair bit since I last fired it up. Impressed!
  8. did you get the one quoted above? - it seems to be for 55" and over Tv's however mine is about a 49" I think - would this be a problem?
  9. Count me in for this - currently 32.319 after a couple of practice laps
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