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  1. Yup same as me. Seems pretty early that!?
  2. Yeah. They will send another within 15 days of receiving the faulty one.
  3. What exactly happened - did they just change what they were selling? I guess the import business changed a lot in the PS3 days with multi region games etc so suspect that killed it off but it was still great to go in and pick up things from Japan (beatmania, densha de go etc) that never got released in the UK.
  4. Shop to have just emailed to say my pre-order is now ready and available for delivery by the 18th! I have confirmed I want it (I have mine so offered to a mate) and payment has been taken. Check your emails if you have a Shopto preorder
  5. 30 mins on hold to Sony about my controller and now waiting for the return forms in the post having provided a little info. Seemed pretty good to me.
  6. Hold down ST and the mode button. And again to turn it back to auto. Seems it may actually best to not do that.
  7. Good to know - thanks! I have also set the fan to be constantly on which seems to be a good move to ensure it doesn't break!
  8. Apologies if this has been answered many times already but I am new to both the game and the T300RS wheel - is there any specific settings I should be looking at to get the best out of it. It seems pretty good out the box but if I can be improved I am all ears
  9. Thanks all - spotted it in the manual as well. Off to the hardware store I go!
  10. Very similar to my issues. I have reset the controller today and just tried it again in Demon Souls and I can't replicate it but I have just called PS Support and they have arranged for a return and replacement within 14 days so I am going to go with that and play it safe. Also I should have it back for Xmas. Back to playing PS4 games for a bit it is then (I may go and get a spare anyway - perhaps this is Sony's plan!!)
  11. Its arrived! I just realized do I need anything special to attach this to a playseat? I think I gave some bolts away with my G29 when I sold it and now I am wondering if they were with the seat and not the wheel!
  12. This was a no show but looks like I am getting my money back. Off to get another set locally that has the conical brake mod - what does this do?
  13. For those with controller issues there is a reset button on the back of the pad that works in the same was as the PS4 did. I will give this a go at lunch and see if anything changes. Mine has been fined until I started playing Worms Rumble which is probably the first game that the pad has had a bit of a workout. Hopefully not a sign of things to come. Even if it fixes itself I am contacting Sony to replace as I don't want to risk it.
  14. Did I see someone mention stick drift here? I have just played Demon Souls and certainly have it . Rebooting to see if anything is resolved. Ahh @cubik. Any particular game it happened in? Captured it. No change after reboot.
  15. Another World in Hanley was my favourite place ever.
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